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21 Flattering Pixie Shag Haircuts for Older Women Who Want a Modern Style

Pixie shag haircuts for older women are short hairstyles layered cuts with tons of texture and volume. If you’re looking for an edgy look that never goes out of style, here’s the real deal!

A cropped cut is a fantastic way to eliminate chemically or naturally damaged parts of your hair. It’s also great for welcoming gray strands if they start to grow out.

A pixie shag must be done over a series of appointments, says stylist Alana Downey of Iwakuni, Japan. Having two haircuts with 2-3 months between sessions is advisable. Downey explains, “This will make you more comfortable with the realities of short hair. Eventually, you can decide whether to leave your hair at its current length or go on with your pixie journey.”

Take your time to decide, and make sure it’s what you want because once your hair is gone, it’s gone. Chopping your hair short is a commitment, and so is growing it back. “We’re talking 2-3 years of growth to get any real, “stylable” length. There’ll be an awkward in-between stage where it’s not short nor too long enough,” says Downey about the cuts drawback.

This might be the sign to revamp your hairstyle. Check out these inspiring images of the best and trendiest pixie shag haircuts for older women!

Sassy Platinum Blonde

Sassy Platinum Blonde Pixie Shag for Old Women

Instagram @1051salonandspa

Consider doing a sassy platinum blonde pixie. As your aging hair becomes grayer, one of the best ways to camouflage those pesky gray hairs is to do a light platinum blonde color. The lighter color will help blend with your new growth. Topping this color off with a short and sassy pixie haircut will keep you in style.

Salt and Pepper Short Shaggy Pixie

Salt and Pepper Short Shaggy Pixie for Old Ladies

Instagram @acertainvintage

Consider a salt and hairstyles pepper short shaggy pixie if you want to embrace your natural color. Wear your hair proudly and love your hair! Finishing your hair off with a texture spray helps show off that texture.

Short Pixie Shag with Asymmetrical Bangs

Short Pixie Shag with Asymmetrical Bangs

Instagram @edosalonandgallery

Have fun with a short pixie shag with asymmetrical bangs. Tons of layers are great for your aging hair and will give your hair some movement and body. Don’t be afraid to change it up and try an asymmetrical bang. Piece it out and give your hair some style and have fun with it.

Grey Razor Cut Mixie Style

Grey Razor Cut Shaggy Mixie Style for Old Ladies

Instagram @megancultonhair

Try a grey razor cut mixie style if you want to keep some length but have a shorter cut. A mixie is a shorter cut, however, unlike a pixie, the hairstyle has some length in the back. You can have fun styling this hairstyle!

Mini Shullet for Ladies Over 50

Mini Shullet for Older Ladies Over 50

Instagram @meredithsmithhair

The mini shullet is a trendy hairstyle great for ladies over 50 who are growing their hair from pixie style to a longer cut. The shullet is one of the coolest haircuts for older women lately because it’s classy but with an edgy twist to it.

Baby Mullet with Short Bangs

Baby Mullet with Short Bangs for Older Ladies

Instagram @yosuke_kimura6

Consider a baby mullet with short bangs. Styles for older women who have medium hairstyles to fine hair texture would love a pixie haircut. You can create a lot of texture and lift with the right style and keep it a little longer in the back to maintain some length to play with. This is a medium-maintenance cut. With short bangs, sides, and crown trims you’re looking at 4-8 weeks of salon visits to keep it looking fresh.

Pixie Shag with Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

Pixie Shag with Curtain Bangs for Older Women with Round Faces

Instagram @nataliejosephhair

The pixie shag with curtain bangs is a good option for ladies with round faces. It’s an edgy and trendy short hairstyle that suits older women. It’s easy to wear and style and for a bigger impact, you can ask your colorist to place some lighter accent pieces around your face frame.

Short Shaggy Layers on Pixie Hair

Short Shaggy Layers on Pixie Hair for Older Ladies


Short shaggy layers on pixie hair are perfect for older ladies wanting an edgy new cut. Perfect for any hair type, even thin or fine, a shag hairstyle adds texture and shape.

Razor Cut Shaggy Pixie for Thin Hair

Razor Cut Shaggy Pixie for Older Ladies with Thin Hair


A razor cut shaggy pixie is the trendiest shag cut for a woman wanting to look 10 years younger. This haircut has been one of the highest requested cuts lately because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look younger!? This heavily layered cut, hairstyles creates the illusion of thicker hair, with lots of movement and spunk! The feathery, wispy ends create a soft feathered look around your face, which in turn creates a youthful look!

Very Short Curly Shag

Very Short Curly Shag for an Older Woman

Instagram @curlpowersalon

Try a very short curly shag for a younger-looking, easy style. Great for women who want to style and go, a short haircut like the shag can be created using little to no curl or texture product.

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Shaggy Pixie Bob on Straight Hair

Shaggy Pixie Bob on Straight Hair for Old Women

Instagram @sierrabarbourhair

Opt for a shaggy pixie bob if you have straight hair. For fine and thin hair textures, you can create the illusion of more hair with bangs starting from the top of the head forward to create achieve the most fullness. Ask your stylist to use a razor for softness and a beautiful low-maintenance grow-out.

Tousled Pixie Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Tousled Pixie Shag with Side-Swept Bangs for an Old Woman

Instagram @jenncassadyhair

Short/pixie shag haircuts for older women, is a very edgy short style created to help one look youthful! This is a very short cut with textured layers, which create extreme movement in your hair. If you are a woman with really thin hair, this look is a great way to get a fuller effect. On the contrary, women with thick/fuller hair can use this cut to debulk their ends and take off major length. Anytime older women remove bulk, and major length, it instantly helps them to look younger, and who doesn’t like to look younger!?

Long Pixie Wolf Cut with Subtle Layers

Long Pixie Wolf Cut with Subtle Layers for an Old Lady

Instagram @carlihassanhair

A long pixie wolf cut with subtle layers is a modern style with a shaggy perimeter. If you’re searching for a new and easy-to-manage shape, this is it. This cut should be styled forward and closer to the head with some texture cream so blow drying is optional. Short pixies compliment most face shapes and age groups, so you should give it a go.

Fluffy Pixie with Feathered Layers for Thick Hair

Fluffy Pixie with Feathered Layers for Older Women with Thick Hair

Instagram @maria_avaro_urban_cdb_salon

Try a fluffy pixie with feathered layers if you have thick hair and want to enhance your natural texture. Because a shag haircut is fun and youthful, the pixie style is great for older women cuts. Ask your stylist if a shag will work for you.

Shagged Pixie Cut on Wavy Hair

Shagged Pixie Cut on Wavy Hair for Old Women

Instagram @nadia.cutshair

A shagged pixie cut is great for women with curly or textured, wavy hair. Shags and pixies are perfect short cuts that give a fun, edgy look and can reduce unwanted bulk in some areas of the head.

Shaggy Pixie for Women Over 60

Shaggy Pixie for Older Women Over 60

Instagram @hairbynicole.thecarrotinn

A shaggy pixie is a perfect choice for edgy and stylish women over 60 who like to keep their hair short and effortless. The shaggy crop sits well on old ladies with finer hair because it creates more texture. Use Super Dust by L’Oréal and mess up with fingers for a more undone and messy style.

Messy Pixie with Jagged Layers

Messy Pixie with Jagged Layers for Old Ladies


For an androgynous cut, go for a pixie with jagged layers. Short shaggy pixies give lots of texture and make locks look messy and undone. Step out of your comfort zone and try a unisex style you’ve been craving.

Long Layered Pixie Shag for Women Over 70

Long Layered Pixie Shag for Old Women Over 70

Instagram @stylist_lia_c

Go for a long-layered pixie shag if you’re a woman over 70. A pixie hairstyle is great for old women with long and inverted triangle face shapes with added volume around the temples to create balance. For older women, a hairstyle with easy wash-and-go capabilities is a must.

Pixie Cut with Razored Layers for Fine Hair

Pixie Cut with Razored Layers for Fine Hair for an Older Lady

Instagram @lindseybridgeshair

A pixie cut with razored layers is great for women who want a soft yet piecey texture in their fine hair. Great for adding shape, a shag style is a perfect cut to add shape without the length. Older women hairstyles don’t have to be boring with a fun, fierce shag!

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Choppy Pixie Shag Cut

Choppy Pixie Shag Cut for Old Ladies

Instagram @midgmakeovers

If you’re searching for a soft short shape, try a choppy pixie shag cut. Longer lengths around the ears and back give this cut a softer feel. Ask your stylist for lots of layers and point cutting for texture and you’ll enjoy a spiky style that is easy to manage. Pixies and shags take seconds to dry and you’ll want to apply a texture paste for a fabulous finish.

Textured Pixie Mullet with Wispy Bangs

Textured Pixie Mullet with Wispy Bangs for Older Women

Instagram @maggie.cuts

Try a textured pixie mullet with wispy bangs if you love low-maintenance hair. This cut suits almost all face shapes. Pixie shags are one of the easiest looks to style, so give it a try!

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