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Wedding Hairstyles

Your Bridal Hair Trial: What You Need to Know

bridal hair trialYour bridal hair trial is an exciting time, you’ll get to meet with your hairstylist and plan out your wedding day hair! But before you book that appointment, read this guide on what you should know so you’re bridal hair trial is nothing but smooth sailing.

Bring Your Hair Accessories

At your hair trial, you’ll want to recreate the exact look you want for your wedding day so be sure to bring all of your hair accessories with you. Yes, this includes your veil and any bridal hair adornments you may have purchased. After all, you may not end up liking that hair piece once it’s in your hair, so it’s better to try your complete look when it’s not your wedding day.

Bring Visuals

Telling your stylist what you want is one thing, but showing him or her is always better. Bring magazine clips, your Pinterest board and whatever other inspiration you have for your bridal hair. The more ideas you can bring to visually show your stylist what you want, the better!

Speak up!

Many hairstylists mention that one of the primary reasons a bride is unsatisfied with her ‘do is her lack of speaking up and telling the truth. If it isn’t perfect or exactly what you had in mind, tell your stylist! You should also pay careful attention to how your hair reacts after it has been styled. Did your curls last or did they fall out quickly? Did you lose any volume? These are all things you’ll want to pay attention to and communicate with your stylist.

Make Plans

What’s the point in getting gussied up if you have nowhere to show off your beautiful locks? Make sure to schedule a date with your beau, or maybe a special event like your bridal shower the day of your hair trial. This way you’ll get the most out of the look! It’s also a great way to test drive how long your hairstyle stays in pristine condition.

A Trial Costs Money

A big misconception about bridal hair trials is that they’re free…well, they’re not! Many salons will charge a the partial- or full-price of a bridal hair updo on the day of your trial. If a salon is only partially charging you, be sure to ask if they will be doing your entire hair or just a portion of the look. You’ll also want to come into the salon with your hair already washed and dried so that the stylist can spend more time experimenting with looks than shampooing and drying your hair.

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