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Medium Hairstyles

Top 50 Medium-Short Haircuts for Women Trending in 2023

Medium-short haircuts fall between neck length and shoulder length. If you’re having a hard time choosing a new length, short to mid-length hairstyles might be for you! Perhaps you know you don’t want something too short or long. If so, then you’re in the right place!

Whether your hair density is thick, thin, or fine, short-medium hair will work for you. Fortunately, you have lots of cut options with this length. Below, I’ll show you some trendy bobs, shags, layered cuts, and bangs that could work perfectly for you.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring pictures of medium-short haircuts.

Short to Medium Blonde Wispy Layered Lob

Short to Medium Blonde Wispy Layered Lob

Instagram @sarahatthehairlounge

If you’re looking for a modern yet classic style, opt for the wispy layered lob. This mid-length hairstyle is flattering on all hair types and face shapes. Ask your stylist to create levels of texture with strategic layering techniques. All while leaving some length throughout the front tapered areas. The piecey layers will give dimension when styling curly or straight textures. So don’t be shy about experimenting! Add Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Cream Contour to maintain volume during wash days. Add it through damp lengths from roots to ends before blow drying and finishing.

Straight Mullet with Angled Layers and Blunt Bangs

Medium-Short Straight Mullet with Angled Layers and Blunt Bangs

Instagram @stanleyman001

Not all hairstyles are created equal. Take the straight mullet with angled layers and blunt bangs, for example. It’s a modern take on the classic cut that will turn heads and give you an effortless, cool-girl look. This style is excellent for women who want to keep their hair mid-length but still have some fun with it. The angled layers bring movement to the style. Layers also add volume to the crown, while the blunt bangs provide a polished finish. Try to angle your irons towards the face for added texture and hold. It will give more shape and finish with a medium-hold hairspray.

Shaggy Bob with Light Bangs

Medium-to-Short Shaggy Bob with Light Bangs

Instagram @haircomesandy

I recommend getting the shaggy bob with light feathery bangs for a chic yet versatile look. This cut works well on all face shapes and is ideal for updating their appearance instantly! It adds texture throughout the hair creating lots of movement that can be styled easily. This would benefit anyone that has natural movement in their hair. It also helps women who desire minimal styling time each morning. For best results, create texture in your hair with high-quality heat-protecting products. ‘L’oreal Mythic Oil is perfect before blow drying. Or, use heated rollers. It will reduce any damage caused due to thermal action when prepping your style.

Silver Blonde Layered Hair on Older Ladies

Silver Blonde Layered Medium-Short Hair on Older Ladies

Instagram @mykaylasmagictouch

Now here’s a silver-blonde layered hairstyle that is perfect for older ladies. This look will frame the face, making it appear more youthful and vibrant. The layers add gorgeous texture, which you can further enhance with styling products. Plus, this medium-length haircut is easy to maintain and requires minimal effort. Just run your fingers through your locks to give it some volume! Whether you’re looking for an elegant or flirty look, this hairstyle is it.

Center Part Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Medium-Short Center Part Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @kattyalonso_kapzone_

You should wear a center part when styling your wolf cut with curtain bangs. A wolf cut is a timeless way to get fullness if you have a natural curl texture. Cutting your hair with a lot of layers is the best to have natural volume.

Dark Ash Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Medium-Short Dark Ash Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Instagram @christiandomingos

Try dark ash blonde haircut with face-framing bangs. To add depth to your dark hair, it’s best to add a fine highlight. This will create movement when you want to style your hair with a curl. Face-framing bangs are on trend now, creating a way to bring shape to your haircut.

Textured Fluffy Curly Hair

Short-Medium Textured Fluffy Curly Hair

Instagram @clicscolors

When the right haircut and formation come together, it can create a textured, fluffy style. Specialized layers in curly hair can help give height and volume. Diffusing and styling products like root lifters and foam can complement this look. When in the salon, please ask how this look can be recreated throughout wear.

Sharp Graduated Bob Haircut

Short to Medium Sharp Graduated Bob Haircut

Instagram @kelly_k_hair

From sharp to chic, a graduated bob haircut is an elevated way to wear straight to wavy hair. It best fits fine to thick densities, and maintenance can range from 4-6-8 weeks.

Bronde Medium-Short Layered Hair

Bronde Medium-Short Layered Hair

Instagram @jennythehairdoctor

Try a bronde medium short layered haircut at your next appointment. Wearing your hair at a medium length with wispy layers allows for an easy-to-style look. This haircut is excellent for any woman with thick hair who likes to wear it straight.

Rooted Blonde Bob with Textured Ends

Short-Medium Rooted Blonde Bob with Textured Ends

Instagram @jennaleecorteshair

Go for a low-maintenance style with a rooted blonde bob with textured ends. Cutting off dead ends will make your hair look thicker and fuller instantly. A bob is versatile and works on many different hair types and textures. Texturizing the ends will add movement and give a piece-y look. Use a curling iron to add a wave for a beachy vibe.

Sleek Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob

Shorter Sleek Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob

Instagram @anaritapereiravega

When wanting a short medium haircut, a sleek shoulder-length inverted bob is a great choice. It offers volume and movement with a longer length in front and shorter layers throughout. It looks effortless yet polished. The softness of the cut makes it suitable for all hair types and face shapes. Add some smoothing serum to damp hair to get a sleek look, then blow dry with a round brush. Finish with some light hairspray or mousse for added texture.

Wispy Shagged Layers on Medium Hair

Wispy Shagged Layers on Short to Medium Hair

Instagram @rachaelellishair

If you want a light and airy hairstyle, try wispy shagged layers on medium hair. To ensure you have a ton of volume, have lots of layers throughout the crown and face-framing. Give your hair a bit of a tease and spray some texture products, and you will be good to go!

Caramel Balayage and Medium Feathery Layers

Caramel Balayage and Short to Medium Feathery Layers

Instagram @janacabeleireira

Can a caramel balayage and medium feathery layers make you look stylish? Absolutely! This trend is perfect for women who want to keep their hair short but still keep a bit of length. The ends are lightened with subtle highlights, creating an effortless yet stunning look. To keep this hairstyle looking its best, use a heat protectant before styling. And be sure to get regular trims every 6-8 weeks.

Wavy Shagged Cut and Bangs on Black Hair

Wavy Short-Medium Shagged Cut and Bangs on Black Hair

Instagram @thebangsbabe

Are you looking for a modern and edgy cut? This wavy shagged cut, and bangs on black hair is an eye-catching style that will turn heads. Its choppy layers give your hair texture and movement, while the long bangs add a touch of drama. It’s easy to maintain with regular trims every six weeks or so and is very versatile regarding styling options. This look is flattering on all face shapes!

’90s Shag with Razored Layers

'90s Shag with Razored Layers for Short Medium Hair

Instagram @spellbound_manes

If you like a more &ldquovintage&rdquo and tousled look, a shag with razored layers is for you! Razoring the layers will give your hair a more edgy, textured look. A spray wax or texture spray is ideal for creating a more messy look.

Short Messy Mullet Shag with Full Blonde Highlights

Short-Medium Messy Mullet Shag with Full Blonde Highlights

Instagram @sheilazellhair

Be a rocker girl in a short messy mullet shag with full blonde highlights. Have your stylist layer your hair with a short angle around the face and maintain the length. Heavy highlights are the perfect accent to add texture and a messy vibe to your urban mullet. Not only does this cut look cool, but it’s easy to style with a texture cream and your hands. Either air dry or blow dry. It’s your choice.

Side-Parted Choppy Layered Cut

Medium-Short Side-Parted Choppy Layered Cut

Instagram @brentdanielbasore

Give your fine locks a boost with a side parted choppy layered cut. Choppy layers are great for fine hair and will add texture and volume. To get an effortless look, use a curling iron to add a loose wave and some texture paste.

Piece-y Curls on Medium-Short Hair

Piece-y Curls on Medium-Short Hair

Instagram @gennydauria

Try a wash-and-go style with piece-y curls on medium to short hair. Easy to manage at home, a fresh and trendy cut always stays in style. Use curl cream and texture paste to get a piece-y look with no blow dryer necessary.

Short-to-Medium Feathered Layers

Short-to-Medium Feathered Layers

Instagram @khoolhair_sunnybankhills

Have full and voluminous locks with short to medium feathered layers. Cutting light feathery layers will make your hair look fuller. It will also create soft movement and texture. To style, use a large round brush to make the layers curl at the ends and make your hair bounce.

Short-Medium Haircut with a Face Frame

Short-Medium Haircut with a Face Frame

Instagram @christiandomingos

You will be gorgeous in a short-medium haircut with a face frame. You don’t need long hair to be sexy, and a short-medium cut is much easier to manage. Try maintaining the length at the collarbone. Ask your stylist for shaggy layers all around. The bangs should be curtain shaped and styled down and away from your face. For more dimension, face-framing layers can be highlighted. This will make your cut more dramatic.

Face-Framing Mullet with Short Bangs on Dark Hair

Instagram <a href=

Go for a unique style with a face-framing mullet with short bangs on dark hair. A trendy mullet looks effortless, but all the soft-moving layers require some styling. Layers at the crown will give fine hair volume and body. Face-framing bangs will add a personal touch but do require frequent upkeep.

Heavy Layers and Bangs on Medium-Length Copper Hair

Heavy Layers and Bangs on Short Medium-Length Copper Hair

Instagram @evavykopalova

You should consider heavy layers and bangs on medium-length copper hair if you need a change. You’ll enjoy the length of the style, and added layers and bangs would give your shape movement and texture. This is a good choice for women who want to add body and interest to one-length hair. Try blow drying with your hands and finishing with a large round brush for smoothness. Ask your stylist if a copper color will work with your skin tone for an extra pop.

Swoop Side Bangs and Layers

Medium Swoop Side Bangs and Short Layers

Instagram @beautybyskyee

Glamorize your hair with swoop side bangs and layers. You’ll enhance your style by adding a side bang and face-framing layers. Both will brush away from the face beautifully. This is a great choice for women with narrow or oval face shapes and will open up your features. Try blow-drying your hair with a smoothing cream for a satiny feel, and curl the sides away from your face.

Layered Curls for Medium-Length Cut

Layered Curls for Short Medium-Length Cut

Instagram @foximusdoeshair_pdx

Change your image with layered curls for a medium-length cut. If you have curly hair and are afraid of trying a different style, don’t be. Layered curls are definitely on trend. They will enhance your shape into a beautiful halo of voluminous ringlets. Ask your stylist to cut the top straight from the head at a 90-degree angle. Ask for over-directing at the bottom to maintain weight on the length. Don’t forget the face-framing bang your cut will take on a new and fluffy shape.

Medium Textured Cut with Curly Bangs

Short to Medium Textured Cut with Curly Bangs

Instagram @stephaniekerr_hair

Look like a natural beauty with a medium-length textured cut with curly bangs. A medium-length cut is perfect for curly hair to bring the bounce back into your locks. Curly hair can be dry naturally. So make sure you are using moisturizing products to keep your curls healthy and soft.

Blowout Shag with Thin Bangs

Medium-Short Blowout Shag with Thin Bangs

Instagram @hairbyjessica_rose

A casual blowout shag with thin bangs is a luxury service to add to your monthly (or even weekly) hair regimen. What a great way to try and give that flat hair some body with a nice bend to it. Give this medium hair a boost with the Redken root lifter volumizing spray. Spray into the root and bang area, massaging it into the scalp. Then use your round brush, take small sections straight up while drying and lift away.

Textured Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

Short Medium Textured Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @yukistylist

A look in the beauty industry right now is a modern textured shag. Choose this if you love layers and a raw edge finish. Add curtain bangs for a full-impact face frame that creates the perfect shape to show off your eyes. Pro tip: stay away from gloss-heavy finishing products. Opt for dryer textures like powders and hairspray. This will keep the look airy and less weighed down.

Choppy Multi-Layered Cut on Short Silver Hair

Choppy Multi-Layered Cut on Medium Short Silver Hair

Instagram @orriginalhairstudio

You’ll love how your hair moves with a choppy multi-layered cut on short silver hair. Consider layering your hair to increase movement and softness. Naturally greying hair can be beautifully cut, and you’ll love the absence of touch-ups. If you are tired of your hair laying limp, ask your stylist for brushed-back layers. They should follow the shape of your head. The wispy style can be dried with your hands.

Full Bangs and Wispy Layers for Straight Hair

Full Bangs and Wispy Layers for Medium-Short Straight Hair

Instagram @cavaliero_e_c

Bangs are a great way to update your look. Keep them soft and full for a sophisticated look that adds a touch of glamour. Ask for the sides to be shaped into the length for a youthful feel. Keep the rest of your hair simple by drying smooth to let the bangs center stage. Top tip: use a large round brush when drying, turning at the root to give volume.

Brunette Baby Shag with Layered Bangs

Medium-Short Brunette Baby Shag with Layered Bangs

Instagram @bareeminimum

Are you looking to spice up your medium-length haircut? Check out this brunette baby shag with layered bangs. It’s the right amount of change to keep you up to date! Brunettes don’t have to be boring with this edgy haircut.

Medium Curly Hair with Straight Side-Swept Bangs

Short Medium Curly Hair with Straight Side-Swept Bangs

Instagram @sabrayna_

For ladies with curly hair, adding layers will help enhance your natural movement. If you like the idea of bangs, then a soft side-swept shape works well. This could be worn naturally or straight. Just remember that your hair will jump shorter when natural.

Tousled Wolf Cut with Middle Part Bangs

Medium Short Tousled Wolf Cut with Middle Part Bangs

Instagram @sabrayna_

For women with natural hair movement, an on-trend tousled wolf cut is perfect for you. No strict parting and allowing the hair to fall where it likes lets you celebrate its beauty. Talk to your stylist about the correct products to recreate the look and reduce styling time. I find a spay volume product and a diffuser work well.

Golden Blonde on a Short Straight Shag

Golden Blonde on a Short to Medium Straight Shag

Instagram @hairystyles_71

Modernize your appearance with golden blonde on a short straight shag. Shorter pieces will frame your face and minimize fuller features. Plus, they complement the shape with shaggy lengths in the back. A trendy shag is best styled with a middle part and a flatter profile, making it easy to blow dry. Try using a round brush around the front, keeping the roots flat, and tousling the rest with your hands.

Shaggy Bob with Razor Cut Layers and Bangs

Short to Medium Shaggy Bob with Razor Cut Layers and Bangs

Instagram @jikaiahstylist

Fun, easily dried hairstyles for women right now are shaggy layered long bobs. Ask for shorter lengths at the crown working forward. It will give you a versatile soft curtain bang. Don’t over-style. For a lived-in feel, a texture spray in wet hair and dried with a diffuser gives that rocky edgy feel.

Thin Bangs and Soft Perm on Medium Layered Hair

Thin Bangs and Soft Perm on Short Medium Layered Hair

Instagram @hee_kimdo

Opt for a classic mid-length layered shape if you like a polished look. These hairstyles suit everyone as they can be tweaked to the individual. Add a feathery bang for softness. Shapes with layers can be dried around a brush to give movement and fullness. Perfect if you prefer an undone look rather than poker straight.

Natural Beach Curls with a Fringe

Natural Beach Curls with a Fringe on Medium Short Hair

Instagram @fairygoddaddyhair

If you have lovely natural curls and want a ready-to-go look, a mid-length layered shape is your hairstyle. The layers remove weight, so will enhance natural movement. Don’t go too short; remember, they will bounce up. Add a curl cream to wet hair and allow hair to dry if possible. If you must, use heat a low-speed, low-heat setting is recommended to avoid frizz, and use a diffuser.

Fluffy Shag with Feathered Layers

Medium-Short Fluffy Shag with Feathered Layers

Instagram @miamihairmel

A fluffy shag with layers is so on trend now. How about giving it a retro vibe with flicked-back sides to give a fabulous 1970s diva-inspired feel? Top tip: dry the front of your hair away from your face using a round brush to encourage height and fullness. If using irons, flick the ends out and use hairspray to give hold. This will also show off your eyes.

Blonde Messy Layers with a Soft Shadow Root

Medium Short Blonde Messy Layers with a Soft Shadow Root

Instagram @brentdanielbasore

Are you looking for a lived-in feel with a statement color? Ask for a textured, layered cut to create volume and movement. Shadow roots are a great way to give that softer, grown-out, darker feel that melts into a strong ash tone. Texture sprays work well to give hold while also being of a dryer nature rather than a glossy finish.

Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Layers and Short Bangs

Short-Medium Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Layers and Short Bangs

Instagram @adriankohnenkampf

One of the most popular haircuts is the shaggy mullet with choppy layers and short bangs. The combination of short layers on the top and sides with the length maintained along the back is modern. It’s also edgy and gives you the best of both worlds – short and long! A touch of salt spray and a styling cream after a wash, and you’re good to go!

Face-Framing Medium Haircut with Round Layers and Bangs

Face-Framing Short to Medium Haircut with Round Layers and Bangs

Instagram @seonasam

You want a style that will give you lots of options when styling. A face-framing shape with different levels of layers will provide you with versatility. The longer curtain bangs can be worn in the center or pushed to one side. And the layers will give body and movement to be worn straight for a raw texture or wavy for a softer bouncy feel.

Edgy Medium-Length Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Edgy Medium-Length Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Instagram @blessedhands_03

Consider an edgy medium-length pixie cut for your fine hair. It’s modern, versatile, and sexy. The medium short pixie cut is for women who want to transition between cute styles.

For short to medium styles like this, it’s best to have straight hair with minimal cowlicks or curly hair. Wavy hair also works, too. Use mousse, heat protectant, hairspray, and other products to style. Texturizing powder works well to achieve this short medium hair.

Shaggy Medium-to-Short Cut with Bangs for Older Women

shaggy medium-to-short cut with bangs for older women

Instagram @harehopped

Older women should try out a shaggy, medium-to-short cut with bangs. This style softens your face and is extremely flattering. Make sure to use a volumizing mousse on your root area before blowdrying to get some extra oomph.

Trendy Medium-Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Trendy Medium Length to Short Length Haircut for Thick Hair

Instagram @natureblossombeauty

Go for a trendy medium-short haircut for thick hair. It features undone, deep, loose waves. A medium-short cut is a simple yet classy and elegant style. The medium short length is a hairstyle that fits any face shape, such as oval. Because it’s an undone short to medium layered hairdo, you’ll be able to create this style on most hair textures.

The Best Medium, Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut

chin-length shaggy haircut with curtain bangs

Instagram @joelhiatt_hair

Make your straight brown hair more fashionable by getting this blunt medium-short shag haircut with cute curtain bangs. Short to medium hairstyles cut at the chin-length look fantastic if you want to soften a sharp jawline and add volume to the side of your head.

Chic Medium-Short A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

Chic Medium-Short A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram @_diondriamarie_

Consider a super chic medium-short a-line bob if you have thin hair. Medium short haircuts for women are universal and can make natural hair color look vibrant.

This short to mid-length haircut needs maintenance from the salon and home. Plan on getting your medium short hair cut every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape of the cut. For short medium hairstyles, try products from Bumble and Bumble line to style and texture your bob before and after blow drying.

Stylish Medium-Short Haircut for Curly Hair

Stylish Medium-Short Haircut for Curly Hair

Instagram @hairbychristinediaz

You should go for a stylish medium-short haircut for curly hair. The girl in the photo had virgin hair and wanted to keep the integrity intact. Balayage will help with that. Ask your stylist to use your natural texture to create your signature haircut.

When you get to the salon, I recommend you ask your stylist to cut one inch in length to refresh your ends, then proceed to cut your nape to simulate an A-line bob. Then, ask her to cut a vertical line, almost like a ‘C’ pattern, along with the shape of your head. To avoid the ‘triangle’ or ‘bell’ shape, I gathered hair at the top of the crown area, sectioning a U, and cut about an inch.

Modern Short to Medium Angled Bob

Modern Short to Medium Angled Bob

Instagram @hirohair

This natural-looking medium-short hairstyle is a real eye-catcher! Keep your bob angled and straight with a subtle waved end if you want to focus on a balayage color that perfectly suits fair skins. Most medium to short hairstyles looks great when layers and balayage are added.

Cute Short-Shoulder Length Haircut for Wavy Hair

short-shoulder length haircut for wavy hair

Instagram @ksorianohair

This is a cute short shoulder-length haircut for wavy hair. Achieve it by opting for a medium-short haircut, a super versatile length. Parting your locks in the middle offers this classic cut a more modern and trendier finish. You can use a flat iron or a curling wand if the waves need a little enhancement.

Sassy Short to Medium Stacked Bob with Layers

Sassy Short to Medium Stacked Bob with Layers

Instagram @nacirsomera

Try a sassy short to medium stacked bob with layers. The finish appears dramatic with a combo of brown and platinum blonde streaks. Medium short hairstyles like this stacked bob are better with subtle layers. This gives you the flexibility to flaunt your sleek or voluminous mane.

Popular Choppy Cut

medium ear length choppy cut

Instagram @frankandradehair

Take advantage of a popular choppy cut. Want some medium-short layers cut out around your hairline? Then this is the chopped haircut for you. All the pieces around the hairline and face continue to make this chop look current. The right short to medium cut can expose your chin and jawline without appearing awkward.

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