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To Cut Bangs or Not to Cut Bangs: That is The Question!

One of the hottest celebrity hair trends for 2011 is the return of the bang! From Nicole Kidman’s wispy bangs to Sandra Bullock’s blunt cut bangs, you have seen the look walk the red carpet time and time again this year.

cut bangs

Although they can be risky, fringe bangs can conceal certain flaws like a broad forehead and frown lines as well as enhance your natural features if done correctly.  It is most important to consider your face shape and consult with a good and trusted stylist before making the cut.  Consider these styles and tips before adding a fringe to your look:

Blunt cut bangs are typically cut thick and straight across the forehead right at the browline.  They can also be cut with a rounded edge, making a slight arch across the forehead from one side of your face to the other.  Longer blunt bangs are usually cut just below the brow but can be worn even longer to brush the lashline.  While this look can beautifully frame a face, full bangs typically do not work well with round, square or heart shaped faces.  The full, blunt bangs are quite versatile however and can be worn with a short bob, a medium length cut as well as with long hair.  Some celebs that have recently rocked the blunt look are Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes and Olivia Wilde Sideswept bangs are a great option for round and heart shaped faces as well as square faces.  If properly styled and cut, these bangs can make the face look thinner and really balance the look of your haircut.  Sideswept bags can be cut super short or super long and everywhere in between, but all are tapered to one side of the face.  These bangs look great with all lengths of locks and can be worn with wavy or straight hair.  Nicole Richie looks great wearing sideswept bangs as do Cameron Diaz and the Olsen twins! Wispy bangs are simply a thinner cut of bang that can be worn a variety of ways.  You can rock a wispier blunt bang as well as a wispier sideswept bang.  A typical wispy look is a soft bang that starts at the middle of the forehead and softly folds into a mid-length cut.  A cut like this can work well with both oval and heart shaped faces because it takes attention away from the forehead and draws it to the cheekbones instead.  Naomi Campbell and Reese Witherspoon both look amazing in a deep wispy bang and we love Nicole Kidman’s recent wispy debut!

Question: What about you? … Bangs or no bangs?

What's your reaction?

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