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Thin Hair, Celebrity-Inspired! Hairstyles For Extremely Thin Hair

We all want full, gorgeous hair — but many of us weren’t granted luscious locks that agree! Want to make your hair look it’s poofy best? We consulted the experts!

Go Short

thin hair diaz

“Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron have thin hair and when they have their hair cut in a shorter style or a blunt bob, their hair looks luxuriously thick,” says celebrity hairstylist Pasquale Caselle. “This kind of cut keeps the hair from getting weighed down and emphasizing the lack of volume.”

Add Lights

thin hair Emma Roberts

“Highlights and lowlights are a great way to add body to fine hair,” says Scott Fontana, owner of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach. “Emma Roberts gets highlights to brighten her hair as well as giving her hair tons of lift and volume. The product that is usually used for highlights actually changes the texture of the hair and that is what gives the hair more volume. Gwyneth Paltrow is another that benefits from highlights. Her fine hair has more body from them.”

Try Extensions

“Nowadays, extensions are widely used. If you have very thin hair and want length, correctly placed REAL hair extensions will do the trick,” says Caselle. “You want to make sure the extensions are good quality as they can be reused. You want to research the fusing as some methods can cause damage to the hair and put too much stress on the scalp and actually making the hair thinner.”

Victoria Beckham thin hair

“Victoria Beckham is a perfect example of this,” says Fontana. “She is constantly changing her look and is a big fan of individual extensions. Extensions can be used to thicken hair up and to add length as well. You can use either permanent extensions or for a quick fix, add some clip in extensions.”

Tasty Tips

Caselle also recommends his clients take Silica which is a great mineral to feed hair growth. Additionally, try to eat a handful of Brazil nuts or walnuts every day. They are high in Selenium which makes hair grow fast. Many women make the mistake of skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast will cause hair loss and thinning. It is important to eat include protein in your breakfast for shiny, healthy hair. You can also add 30 drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo and conditioner. This feeds the scalp and will stimulate hair growth.

Go Bold

Celebrity hair stylist, Matthew Morris (former star of Bravo’sShear Genius), shares “…a haircut with strong shape to make the hair look thicker, just enough layers to let the hair move without being heavy, avoid shaggy over layered cuts, keep color lighter as darker colors will contrast with the scalp, exposing thin hair,” citing Kate Bosworth as an example.

thin hair Bosworth

Morris adds that “the number one product anyone with fine, thin or limp hair should own is the new Kerastase Bain Stimuliste, Stimuliste Intensive Scalp Treatment and Lotion Denistive GL. The Stimuliste line stimulates the scalp using gluco-impulsion technology that acts as a cooling agent, revitalizing the scalp adding body and texture to fine, thinning hair. It works!”

Kerastase Stimuliste thin

Crimp It

“Crimped hair holds back combing really well,” shares Lori Riviere of “You can take a comb and create a “V” with the front section of your hair and clip it to the side. Then, you take the next row of hair, spray it with a holding spray and crimp it at the root. I would only crimp about a one or two inch section from the root. Then you back comb it and release the hair that you have clipped to the side. Instant volume! You can combine this with hot rollers for bouncy curls with volume or pull your hair into a higher volume updo. I would recommend that you use a salon quality crimper for best results.”

The Donut Bun

“A sock can be used to ‘bulk up’ the size of your bun if you have thin hair,” offers Allison Tyson, author of The Lush Long Hair Care Guide.  “Kim’s (Kardashian) recent ‘tiny bun’ hair extension faux pas could’ve been avoided with a simple sock bun.”
Kim Kardashian hair

**Photo courtesy of UK Daily Mail**

How to create the sock/donut bun:

1. Cut the foot off a long sock and roll it into a donut shape.

2. Comb your hair into a not-too-tight ponytail on top of your head. Either use a band you do not mind snipping off or wrap a finger-width strand of hair around your tail and pin into place.

3. Lightly moisturize the ponytail using your favorite oil

4. Put the end of your ponytail into the donut opening.

5. Tuck the end of your tail up into the outside of the sock donut.

6. Now roll the donut up your ponytail until it’s flush against your scalp. Try and spread the hair evenly over the donut ensuring it doesn’t show through

7. You may want to secure the sock in place with a bobby pin or spice it up with funky hair sticks

TIP: A messy bun can also be created using this style by pulling out random strands.

You can find for more hairstyle ideas for thin hair here.

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