Stylish Bang Trimming 101 From A Professional Stylist

Gorgeous bangs continue to be a hot hair trend leading into the fall season.  Fringe bangs, blunt cut bangs, side swept bangs – they are all fabulous and very “in style”.  If you are considering cutting bangs but worry about the maintenance, then this tutorial is for you!  Christi Thomas, acclaimed Santa Monica stylist and CEO of Purrrfect Bangs – The Bang Trimming Kit by ChristiCat, was generous enough to share her expert tips for trimming your own bangs at home between salon visits.  Enjoy!

You will need:

hair clips a hair tie sharp shears or scissors a barbering comb a mirror a sheet or towel for the floor for easy clean up – if you let the hair clippings fall into the sink you will be calling a plumber soon thereafter…

bang trimmingStep #1 – Wash and blow-dry your hair into the desired shape for your bang trim. If you are cutting straight across or blunt bangs, blow-dry them straight down, using your hands so they fall naturally. Always trim or cut your bangs when the hair is dry. If you don’t, when you do dry them they will pop up and not only be too short, but potentially crooked as well.

Step #2 – Let your hair growth patterns (aka cowlicks) be free! Section off the area of bangs you would like to cut. This is usually a triangle shape that starts from the outer corner of each eyebrow and ends at a point in the center of your scalp. Its up to you how far back to section, depending on how heavy you want the bangs or fringe.  A section ending farther back for heavier bangs, and a section closer to the hairline for softer bangs or fringe.

Step #3 – Pull back and secure any hair that is not to be trimmed with either clips or a hair tie. Always use very sharp shears or scissors. You can pick a pair up at most drug stores and all beauty supply stores for fairly cheap.

Step #4 – Comb your dry bangs so that they fall naturally.  As you comb, stop at the desired length and hold the hair loosely with the large teeth of the comb and trim. Cut straight across softly and slowly, checking as you go. When you get to your desired length you can vertically chip into the bangs with the end of your shears. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO POKE YOUR EYES! Chip away with the shears as the comb holds your bangs softly and allows for them to move with your natural growth patterns. In doing so, you are allowing the hair to be as it is and form the perfect shape you desire. If you pull on the hair while trimming, the bangs will pop up and be uneven and you will end up cutting and cutting until its too late. The secret is to cut slowly and not use any tension on the bangs. This secret applies to ALL bang trims. trimming your bangs

For side swept bangs or fringe, follow the same steps as you did for the straight across bangs, but you blow-dry them to the side they want to naturally fall to. Once they are dried into the desired side swept shape, take your comb to hold the bangs softly at an angle while you chip away or slide cut with your shears.  Move slowly, cutting a little at a time. Shake your head around to see how the bangs lay. If needed, you can go in and vertically chip into the bangs to break them up so they are not too solid and or heavy.

In closing, I must stress the importance of not pulling on your bangs or fringe while cutting any shape. Always cut your hair when it is completely dry. Do not fight your growth patterns but work with them.  They will always win! Try different styles and touch them up as they grow out into new designs by just chipping into bangs or changing the angle they lay in. If you have a strong growth pattern (cowlick)
or curly hair, bangs may not work for you. I suggest consulting a professional stylist and or hairdresser for the best results. Remember to always start by trimming only a little because you can always cut more.

Most importantly, have fun with your bangs and fringe! There are so many different design variations, so you can really get creative with the look. Bangs are the ultimate frame for your face.

christi trimming bangs

About The Author: Christi Thomas is a professional and licensed hair and makeup artist currently located in Santa Monica, California.  She has 17 years of hairstyling and hairdressing experience with extensive Vidal Sassoon and Bumble&Bumble training and has recently been featured as Santa Monica’s best hairdresser on  Christi is also the creator and CEO of Purrrfect Bangs, the Bang Trimming Kit by ChristiCat. She created this kit to assist women in trimming their own bangs safely at home between salon visits.

For more information about Christi and her work, please visit  You can also find her on Facebook at and Twitter @PurrrfectBangs.

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