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Solution Suggestions for Oily Hair

Sometimes, this problem can arise especially during seasonal changes and hormonal conditions, or when we use certain products that disrupt the oil balance on our scalp. When it comes out, we can’t help feeling like our hair isn’t always clean. You are in the right place for solutions for oily hair.

When we look at the solution suggestions for Oily Hair, we often encounter suggestions such as using dry shampoo and pouring talcum powder on the hair. However, powder may prevent the scalp from breathing and may clog the hair follicles.

What causes oily hair?

The oil glands in our hair follicles provide the softness and elasticity of our hair. However, for some reasons, the amount of oil produced in excess can cause a shiny and oily appearance in our hair. Especially during adolescence, our hair looks more oily and therefore shiny, as our body secretes more oil.

Environmental factors

Among the causes of hair oiliness are excessive sweating during the day, air pollution and being in closed areas where cigarettes are smoked. A healthy life, drinking plenty of water, taking B vitamins will reduce the oiliness of your hair.

How to Prevent Hair Oily?

If you are wondering how to get rid of oily hair, you should pay attention to your lifestyle. After paying attention to your lifestyle and the products you use, you can say goodbye to the problem of excessive Oily Hair! Preventing oily hair may seem difficult, but we are confident that it will succeed.

Solution Suggestions for Oily Hair

So, What is Food for Oily Hair? Washing your hair twice in the same day, washing your hair every day because your hair gets greasy quickly and you always feel dirty will do more harm than good for your hair. In this way, you can disrupt the oil balance of the natural oil that is found in the scalp and is beneficial for the hair, and you can cause your hair to become even more oily. That’s why you should wash your hair every 2 days with shampoo for oily hair.

Leave Your Hair Natural

The answer to the question of What is Good for Oily Hair is hidden in taking a break from the heat. Have you noticed that when you don’t heat your hair, it tends to get oily a little later? We recommend that you take a break from styling with tongs, straighteners, and blow-drying during this process. Due to the intense heat deep in the hair, it can produce more oil to prevent the skin from drying out. This can cause your hair to become more heavy and oily. Don’t worry about oily hair falling out, the problem of Oily Hair falling out is not common.

We recommend that you try leaving your hair natural instead of heat styling. Let your hair dry by itself, let your natural waves form! While there is a natural hair trend, the best thing is to leave your hair alone!

Review your Shampooing Routine

We also recommend that you review how you shampoo and rinse your hair to prevent Oily Hair. It is very important how much time you spend rinsing your hair, especially after shampooing. You need to take a minimum of 30 seconds to rinse your hair. When rinsing your hair, you need to rinse until the running water is clear and there is no foam.

Likewise, the temperature of the water you use while rinsing your hair is also very important. Washing hair with extremely hot water can also cause increased oil production. For this reason, we recommend that you use warm water when washing your hair, and even wash it with cold water as much as you can withstand, using the last rinse water to increase blood circulation in the scalp and make your hair much brighter.

Try to Avoid Fatty Foods

Have you thought that whichever foods you consume, the same nutrients reach your hair? Fast-food style, if you consume fatty foods too often, it will come back to you as acne on your skin and Oily Hair on your hair! Of course, we’re not even counting the weight gain!

In order to protect both body health and skin and hair health, you should stay away from oily foods and consume foods containing vitamins and protein.

Don’t Leave Your Hair Waiting too Long with a Towel

Most of us can spend hours wrapping our hair in a towel after a bath.



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