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Rihanna Hairstyles: A Step By Step Guide to Rihanna’s Sultry Fringe 

Rihanna knows how to rock some serious fringe, ladies. There’s no question about that. This particular look is perfectly wispy and face-framing, which helps to soften her (already feminine) features while still giving her that glammed up visage we’re used to. I wouldn’t be surprised if this picture alone inspired you to run to your salon requesting bangs akin to hers.

“Bangs are always a great way to change up your look in an instant without making a huge commitment,” notes Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Hair Products. “For this bang, soft, piece-y fringe gives off a sultry, peekaboo feel. The style is young and carefree since her bang is more on the playful side.”

Want to re-create this Rihanna hairstyle? First, head to your salon. If you want textured fringe like this  — as opposed to a straight blunt cut — you’ll definitely want a pro to help you out. Show this picture to your stylist and she’ll create a similar look that complements your face. Salas says your stylist will most likely “chip in with the tips of their shears, followed by using texturizing scissors to soften the initial cut.”

Note that for thicker or courser hair, this look will require a little extra work, but it can certainly be done.

rihanna hairstyles

Styling Your Rihanna-Inspired Fringe

Styling your bangs from wet to dry will give you better results, allowing you to make your fringe fall exactly how you want it to. So, starting with wet hair, follow these steps. Or, if your hair is already dry, start with step one.

Step 1: “Section off and use a spray bottle to gently mist the area,” says Salas.

Step 2: Using a paddle brush and blow dryer on medium heat/low fan, Salas recommends brushing your bangs as you dry in the direction you wish them to fall. “Using a paddle brush as opposed to a round brush will also make sure the bang doesn’t get too puffy or look bubble like,” he notes. We don’t need a recreation of the 90s, ladies. That was one decade too many full of poofy bubble bangs (and I’m guilty of them, too).

Step 3: “Use a flat iron, if needed, to straighten any pieces that need more shine,” he says. The thicker/courser your hair is, the more helpful you’ll find a flat iron. “Finally, mist with White Sands Infinity Hairspray for a flexible hold with extra sheen.”

Step 4: Revel in your perfect, Rihanna-inspired fringe.

To learn how to recreate one of our favorite Rihanna hairstyles (and one of her sexiest looks to date), click here.

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