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Rihanna Hairstyle Tutorial: Rihanna’s “Come-Hither” Tousled Mane

Tousled, disheveled, breezy, relaxed, free. These are just a few words that come to mind in regard to this fabulous hairstyle donned by Rihanna at an NBA game sometime in 2012. Even her oversized sweater, au naturel makeup and matchy-matchy gold jewelry read “laid back and cool.”

Julianne Bryce, stylist at George the Salon in Chicago, is a fan of this look, as well. “I love the soft and natural finish to the blow dry. I also love the deep textured and grown out look of the bang,” she says. “The cut has a lot of texture, and the face framing layering works well with this look.”

If you’ve got a head full of long layers, this look can very easily become yours. If you want a little extra length, consider clipped in or permanent extensions.

How to Get This Rihanna Hairstyle:

rihanna hairstyle

Before we get started, you’ll want to gather a few products.

“I would recommend lightweight products that won’t weigh the hair down,” notes Bryce. She advocates a very lightweight serum to add smoothness and shine, a moisturizing mousse and a densifying spray at the root to create lift and volume. Bryce suggests Kérastase products, which she says are “incredibly nourishing and work well to add weightless volume to naturally textured hair.” Try Kérastase’s Serum Oleo-Relax and their Power Duo: Sensuous Volume package, which includes a collagen-infused mousse and densifying spray.

Once you’ve got your products rounded up, apply your conditioning mousse to damp locks and make sure the product is dispersed evenly.

Next: “Blow dry starting at the front hair line,” says Bryce. “Section hair off with clips as you work your way back, using a large, round brush.” Try Brush Love’s Thermal Round Hair Brush, which has a thermal ceramic coated barrel that helps evenly distribute heat, thereby preventing hair damage.

As you blow dry and brush, make sure each section is smooth before moving on to the next.

Once you’ve finished drying, apply your lightweight serum throughout. Also apply a root lifter or densifying product at the root and slightly tease to maximize volume.

If you loved learning how to recreate this tousled Rihanna hairstyle, then you’ll really love channeling her perfect bouncy curls!

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