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Rihanna Hair: Punk it Up With Rihanna’s New Edgy Hairstyle to Try

When it comes to fashion, beauty and hair, miss Rihanna is full of surprises. She oscillates between ultra elegant, super casual and extra edgy, but nobody knows what to expect on any given day of the week. Today we’re dishing on her lattermost style: punky/edgy hair that’s more hard than it is soft.

Pravana Artistic Educator Joseph Bogart says that Rihanna has a “fashion forward attitude of rebellion against boundaries and trends,” and that her embracement of short lengths, contrasting colors and hard styling “has really been instrumental in bringing hard disconnection back to haircuts.”

If you’re digging the Rihanna look featured here and have a cropped cut that’s ready to be manipulated, you’ve happened upon the right hair website. Below, Bogart walks you through the basic styling steps to help you achieve hair as bold as this trend-setter’s own coiffure.

How to Get Punk-Inspired Rihanna Hair:

rihanna hair

Step 1: “Begin by applying a cocktail of NEVO Model Behavior Styling Cream and two NEVO Hydra Pearls to towel dried hair,” says Bogart. The Hydro Pearls are tiny packets  you break open. They contain various nourishing oils that seal moisture into the shaft and leave hair looking shiny, healthy and hydrated.

Step 2: With a flat brush in hand, blow dry hair. Bogart says to press the hair around your head in a wrapping technique, which will help keep hair flattened. Use a flat iron on any misbehaving pieces, if necessary. Try Chi’s Ultra Chi Red 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron, which allows for maximum control on short hair.

Step 3: Distribute Pravana’s DETAIL Shine & Define Serum, which will help you mold hair, emphasize the straight texture and add shine. Then, using a blow dryer, manipulate hair in an upward, forward motion. “Your fingers are your best styling tool,” says Bogart. “Work the hair by roughing the texture up at the root and twisting through the ends.”

Step 4: Finish with Pravana Super Shape Hairspray for all day hold. A little goes a long way with this product, so use sparingly. The end result will be lightweight hair with long-lasting body, lift, fullness and hold.

If edgy Rihanna hair is what you crave, then you”ll definitely want to try this red hot Rihanna style.

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