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Pigtails For Little Girls: Pigtail Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls

Pigtails are the staple hairstyle of young girls because there are so many cute looks created by braiding the hair up on two sides. There are so many ways to create pigtails for little girls by changing the texture, location, or by adding braids. This essentially creates a totally different hairstyle which can be combined with various styling in the front as well, including fringes and plaiting.

Lots of styles; quick to create and fix; flattering with hair accessories

Braided pigtails require more work; high pigtails can get caught in objects

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Celebrity Look

Bindi Irwin is the celebrity example wearing pigtails. She looks very cute with the fringe and
the pigtails tied at the sides for a very simple hairstyle.

pigtails on bindi irwin

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