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Modern Shag Haircut

The Women Haircut of the 70s, with a slightly rebellious, very cool appearance, is rapidly progressing on the path of popularity that it started in 2015. In the New Fashion Women’s Hairstyles, we can say that Shag Haircuts applied to shoulder-length or slightly longer hair dominate. The reason why this model, which is more known as a Short Hairstyle, is described as more modern is that it is applied to slightly longer hair. In addition, leaving the cut layers longer to reveal the Shag Hairstyle is another element that adds modernity to the cut.
If you have thick hair and want to cut this model, you can ask your hairdresser to take a lot of layers and thin the ends.
When styling this cut, blow dry the ends straight, whether it’s wavy or straight, to bring out the Woman’s Haircut and give you the right look. In addition, a spray or dry shampoo can be used to add some volume to the scalp.



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