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Katy Perry Pink Hair: Katy’s Pink Fringedril…A New Hair Trend?

The press was all over the pretty-in-pink Katy Perry earlier this week as the sweet superstar was seen out and about spending quality time with her mother-in-law. We love Katy Perry for so many reasons, but primarily for the retro glam hairstyles she always seems to bring new light to. This week it was no different as Katy sported a sleek, voluminous updo with a thick, side swept fringedril of hair in the front. Now we’ve all heard of the hair tendril trend which has come and gone over the years. Hair tendrils are small pieces or wisps of hair that are pulled or fall out of an updo to frame both sides of the face. A fringedril is a thicker, more deliberate piece of hair left loose and swept to one side of the face, just like our favorite pink-haired singer is wearing below.

We really like the retro glam hairstyle that Katy has brought back here. It is classic updo style with a modern twist on the tendril/fringedril trend. And seriously, who else can make pink hair with dark roots look so pretty? While we think Katy looks positively stunning in this style, it will be interesting to see if the tendril/fringedril trend makes yet another comeback.

katy perry pink hair

Do you like Katy’s fringedril? Do you think the tendril/fringedril trend will make a comeback?

What's your reaction?

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