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HOT Hair List: The Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles Right Now

Say it with color


“Popular celebrity hair as seen on Katy Perry, Tori Spelling and Joan Rivers have bright colors like pink streaks in the hair,” says David Armedariz of Tre Spa “You can get clip-on colors if you don’t want to commit to permanent color. For pink extensions, I suggest hothead extensions!”

Textured bob as seen on Jennifer Aniston, Dianna Agron from Glee

hot hair

“Textured short bobs are very popular for the summer because everyone loves the beachy or slept-in look. A bob with a blunt cut and shorter razored layers to add to the texture is helpful to achieve the look. When styling, you can use KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray,” says Ashley Stone, Founder of Beauty Entourage.

Heavy bang as seen on Heidi Klum, Rihanna, Taylor Swift

hot hair 2

“A very sleek heavy bang that frames the face is super hot right now. To keep this look fresh and clean, flat iron and curve the ends to keep the hair smooth and the perimeter prominent,” says Stone.

Asymmetrical cuts as seen on Gwyneth Paltrow, Maggie Gyllenhaal

“Unevenness and disconnection is right on trend. Messy hair is in! It’s a great look for summer because it is no fuss and low maintenance but at the same time, looks stylish. A cut with short hair underneath and long strands that lay on top give the hair more movement along with removing the bulk, leaving your hair weightless in the summer heat,” says Stone.

The sleek high pony

hair golden globe

There were some interesting ponytails sported at the 2012 Golden Globes. The ultimate sleek ponytail was worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar, while Nicole Richie looked amazing in a bouffant high pony with bangs. Side ponytails which are curled and loosely pinned give a truly elegant yet unstructured look as worn by Charlize Theron, Sarah Hyland and Emily Stone. Let’s not forget a simple bun which is pretty much timeless like the ponytail,” says Steven Jackson of the Green Room Salon in south Florida.

Celebrity Summer Hair Secrets


Yusel Sahin, owner of the Sanat Hair Salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, says that year-round (and especially during the summer), celebrities say “no” to frizz by getting keratin treatments for sleeker and elegant hair.  “Additionally, just like the rest of us, celebrities like to lighten their hair in the summer,” says UK.  “Everyone goes blonder, wanting the desirable “sunkissed” image. For brunettes like Angelina Jolie, her dark brown hair tends to be lowlighted only one level lighter than her normal hue. This is a very natural and sexy color for her that goes perfect with her skin tone.”

HOT color tip

If you color hair, you must wash it with-sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate is a cheap detergent and will make the hair dry and the color fade fast. Use of a UV protection conditioner is best as well.

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