Hair Bangs Pros & Cons You Need To Know (Before The Cut)…

The thought of cutting bangs is both scary and exciting at the same time. On the one hand, it’s a chance to switch up your look and try something totally new, but on the other hand, if you hate it, you’re stuck with your fringe for a while. To help you make the most informed decision, we put together this handy dandy list of pros and cons. Happy snipping (if that’s what you do decide)!

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PRO: Your Hair Looks Way Cuter Up!

I remember cutting bangs my senior year of college and thinking my hair looked way cuter worn up in a high bun. Bangs just give your updo that extra pizzazz that a bare forehead can’’t. 

CON: They Can Be High Maintenance.

If you’re more the “let your hair dry naturally” kind of girl, bangs are probably not for you. They have to be styled and fixed daily and if left wet can look like a hot mess. If you have curly hair, you’ll have to spend a whole lot of extra time not only straightening your bangs, but your whole head.   

PRO: They Camouflage Imperfections.

Acne? Wrinkles or fine lines? Unruly eyebrows? Bangs do a great job of hiding those little imperfections on your forehead that you wouldn’t want other people to see. In other words, they make you look younger! They can however contribute to your acne problem too, as they tend to trap sweat, which can cause breakouts.

CON: Growing Bangs Back Out Sucks.

If you cut bangs and don’t like them, or even if you do adore them and sport them for a while, when you do want to grow them back out, it can be a pain in the rear. I used to have to clip mine back or get creative and do little side braids to keep them away from my face. The upside? It gives you a chance to experiment with funky, fun new hairstyles you wouldn’t otherwise try.

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