Go From Dull To Fab: 15 Gorgeous Medium Blonde Balayage Ideas

Searching for an eye-catching hair color makeover that will give you a boost in confidence? A medium blonde balayage is the perfect way to add depth and interest to dark tresses or create an entirely new phase for blondes. Take your look from lackluster to luminescent with these stunning ideas! Whether you opt for an ombré or a soft blend, one thing is sure; you’ll be trading in your dull ‘do today for fabulously sun-kissed locks tomorrow.

First, what is this balayage color? is a technique used to subtly lighten dark hair by hand-painting color onto the hair. The gradual transition of tones gives the hair dimension and depth. At the same time, it provides a softer and more natural look than traditional highlighting. It can also be used on blondes who want an update to their usual highlights but don’t want an excessively drastic change.

Hairstylist Emily Jones of Edwardsville, Illinois, offered the following tips for ladies interested in attempting this style.

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