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Clip-On Bangs & More: The Hottest Celebrity Hair Secrets

Celebrities have the most gorgeous hair, don’t they? I mean it always seems to be so perfect! Thick, shiny, healthy, heavenly…the list goes on and on. Before feeling awful about yourself and your thin blah hair, let’s remember that celebs are people just like us. If you’re thinking they must have a secret to this perfection, then you are correct my friend.

As a hairstylist in Los Angeles I see and hear it all. I learn lots of fun beauty secrets and I love sharing them with you as well. For starters, every celebrity usually has some form of hair extensions in their hair helping to create their beautiful look. Whether they have a permanent method, a whole set of clip in’s, or maybe even a little weft strategically placed to fool us all, they usually always have some sort of enhancement in there. This is what gives the illusion of that goddess-like hair, and you’re in luck because you too can get your hands on this stuff.

One of the best-kept secrets I’ve heard of for celebrities who like to change their look without the commitment of cutting their hair is clip-on bangs. Same as clip-in hair extensions, but they are cut and shaped to fit in your fringe. Bangs can be an incredible way to vamp up your look, add some thickness to your hairline, and can often times be the change one needs when they are bored with their style. Celebs wear clip-on bangs all the time; even to add fullness to their existing bangs if they have fine hair. Yes, celebrities have fine hair too!

When choosing your bangs, the most important thing is to be certain the color matches your own hair perfectly. The last thing you want is the color to be off and your clip-on bangs looking obvious. Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson have a great line of affordable synthetic bangs that you can check out here.

Since the hair is synthetic you can’t put hot tools to the bangs or they will melt. If you want a set that’s human hair you can shop around at most wig stores, but know they will be much more expensive. Learn more about the Ken Paves/Jessica Simpson product line by watching this video.

You can also check out this short video where I discuss and showcase celebrity extension trends. This is a great and fun way to change your look without the commitment. Now you know the secrets, so get the looks!

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