Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair: 26 Gorgeous Ways to Get It

Caramel balayage on brown hair creates a warm dimension with luscious, golden tones. The balayage highlighting technique is used to achieve an easy-maintenance and natural-looking color.

Stylist Jaycee Rodriguez of Mount Dora, FL shares tips and bits of her knowledge about this trend.

When considering a brown balayage, always consult an expert. Inquire whether the shade suits you based on your skin tone and eye color. Talk about how bright or dark you want the caramel tone to appear.

“If you have warmer or neutral undertones in your skin or eye color, a caramel balayage might be a great fit for you,” Rodriquez states.

Don’t forget to ask your colorist if the balayage is a good choice based on your lifestyle. Choose your color treatment with maintenance requirements that you’ll be comfortable with.

At home, using a color-protecting shampoo and nourishing conditioner is highly recommended.

Rodriguez loves the combination of L’Oréal Professional Vitamino Color Shampoo and OI conditioner by Davines.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez warns about overusing these products. These can counteract the warmth coming from the fades, but an excessive amount of these can also create buildups.

She rather suggests scheduling a toner or gloss service at the salon. “It will last longer over time and will 100% be worth it,” Rodriguez points out.

Images here will show you the most popular shades and styles for caramel balayage on brown hair. Check them out!

Middle-Parted Long Caramel Balayage Hair

Long Caramel Balayage Brown Hair

Instagram @lisa_createdtocreate

A caramel balayage is best for ladies who want highlights and lowlights in their locks. It’s a great way to lighten your mane without making drastic changes. The color will grow naturally if desired. For a high-contrast look, ask your colorist to blend shades of blonde and honey into the dimension. As with any balayage technique, it’ll require upkeep maintenance every eight weeks. Keep your new hue looking its best between salon visits. I suggest products like Pulp Riot’s Color-Safe Bangkok shampoo and Tokyo conditioner.

Glossy Caramel Hair with a Money Piece

Glossy Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair with a Money Piece

Instagram @stijl_salon

Go for a shiny caramel balayage with a brighter money piece. A darker ash base color will tone down red undertones in your hair. And, it will give a nice contrast with the golden balayage ends. A caramel balayage compliments darker hair tones. Remember, you will get a lower maintenance color staying within a few levels of your base color.

Dark Hair with Deep Caramel Balayage

Dark Brown Hair with Deep Caramel Balayage

Instagram @lolashairandbeauty

A dark brown and caramel balayage is a perfect way for you to add some dimension to your hair color. Because balayage hair is strategically painted, your stylist will determine the best placement. That way it shows the contrast between the light and dark colors. A subtle placement gives more of a natural look. It can also give a more ribboned look when curled or waved.

Medium Layered Cut with Caramel Highlights

Brunette Medium Layered Cut with Caramel Balayage Highlights

Instagram @joyahairdesign

Freshening your look can be as simple as warming up your color and getting a good trim. Adding a rich tone will give your hair shine without damage. In fact, it will seal your cuticle down for a beautiful shine. Top it off with a layered cut to remove any split ends and your hair will be the healthiest it’s felt in a long time! Always style with a heat protectant to keep hair in its best state.

Brunette Hair with Subtle Bright Caramel Highlights

Brunette Hair with Subtle Bright Caramel Balayage Highlights

Instagram @dyesignsalon_roma

Caramel swirls are a soft touch to change up your clients. In my opinion, brunette’s always look best with lightness around the face. Try adding lighter framing pieces by adding a triangle section. Start with a point at the part line. Then, work back through the balance point on the head. Lighten underneath that section. You’ll then wear the best brown hair with caramel highlights.

Warm Caramel and Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair

Balayage Warm Caramel and Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair

Instagram @cryshairlab_

Warm caramel and blonde highlights are great for women with darker hair. Oftentimes it can be difficult to get a lift or lighten darker brunettes. So, in that case, copper tones are ideal. Ask your stylist to keep your natural base. That way the blonde-copper tones can have more contrast.

Mid-Length Hair with Auburn Caramel Highlights

Brown Mid-Length Hair with Auburn Caramel Balayage Highlights

Instagram @created_by_chlo

The season is calling for rich dimensional brunettes. Toning down highlights to be more tone-on-tone will ensure a subtle look. It will be long-lasting with the fade out! This color is great for any length from short, mid, and long, so don’t wait any longer to try it.

Caramel Accents and Shadow Roots

Caramel Balayage Accents and Shadow Roots for Brown Hair

Instagram @estelle_hair_studio

One of the most popular, always trending colors is a caramel balayage. This is a very universal color that would look great on anyone in any season. Ask your stylist to apply a moisturizing oil for a stunning, glossy finish.

Caramel Balayage Ombre on Long Hair

Caramel Balayage Ombre on Long Brown Hair

Instagram @bibihairdresser

Go for the gold with caramel balayage ombré on your long hair. Brown hair with caramel balayage will look multi-dimensional and is extremely low maintenance. Warm golden caramel will give your hair a glossy shine for a beautiful-looking mane.

Mocha Brown Balayage with Long Waves

Mocha Caramel Brown Balayage with Long Waves

Instagram @beautylaunchpad

A luxurious caramel mocha balayage that hits all the right notes is perfect for autumn. Start with a full head of balayage and tone down with a rich and creamy warmth that will add both depth and shine. Style these long lengths with some big waves to finish things off right and don’t forget the shine spray!

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Streaks

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Streaks Balayage

Instagram @hairbykellan

If your natural hair color is dark, try caramel streaks with a chocolate brown base. Chocolate caramel balayage will accent you beautifully. Plus, the warm tones create a nice glow.

Dark Brown Balayage with Honey Tones

Caramel Dark Brown Balayage with Honey Tones


A dark brown balayage with honey tones is a gorgeous brunette. It’s perfect for adding some dimension to any flat brown tone. Adding warmth, or golden honey tones gives brightness and contrast. Ask your stylist for a caramel brown balayage to compliment your dark brown base color.

Full Balayage with Caramel Shades

Full Balayage with Caramel Shades on Brown Hair

Instagram @haiier_hair

A full balayage with caramel shades looks amazing on most women. Try a caramel balayage melt that fades from dark to light, starting at the root. This creates a gradient effect on brown hair and shows dimension at the same time.

Bright Caramel Hair with Dark Roots

Bright Caramel Balayage Hair with Dark Roots for Brown Hair

Instagram @chstylehair

Dark roots melting into a bright caramel are the perfect hair transition for girls. As your stylist to color melt a cool dark tone matching your natural hair, into a lighter honey tone. You will love playing with all the possible shades!

Creamy Blonde Caramel Ombre

Creamy Blonde Caramel Balayage Ombre for Brown Hair

Instagram @hairbychloewarriner

A dreamy caramel ombre that will have you dying to dip into a color change. Ombré is such a versatile and low-maintenance color that it’s a perfect fit for everyone. Blending from dark roots to a perfect soft caramel is one of my personal favorites, as it’s so rich and beautiful!

Autumn Partial Balayage with Caramel Accents

Brown Autumn Partial Balayage with Caramel Accents

Instagram @molliemilton_

Try a partial balayage with autumn-colored caramel accents. A partial is a quick way to add gorgeous honey-toned highlights, without spending all day in the chair. Ten foils or less and your hair will shimmer.

Caramel Ash Brown Balayage

Caramel Ash Brown Balayage on Brown Hair

Instagram @melhairdresserdublin

Consider a caramel ashy brown balayage if your want to be a dimensional brunette! Search for medium-length caramel brunette balayage highlights if you’re looking for hair inspiration. You will love the subtle hues of color.

Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Caramel Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Instagram @wild_and_free_hair_studio

Bring some joy to your deep brown hair and add some caramel balayage highlights. Caramel balayage on dark hair will give a multi-dimensional color and extraordinary shine.

Golden Caramel Balayage Highlights

Golden Caramel Balayage Highlights for Brown Hair

Instagram @estelle_hair_studio

If you have balayage highlights, you have to try a golden caramel glaze! Caramel balayage on dark brown hair will make you look like you just stepped off the beach. Sun-kissed waves will really show off the caramel blonde and honey tones. The warm tones reflect the light, which makes your hair look healthy and ultra-shiny.

Subtle Caramel on Brown Balayage Hair

Subtle Caramel on Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram @bariskaraman

Add some glitz to your hair with subtle caramel balayage on brown hair. A subtle balayage will give your medium brown locks some natural-looking dimension. Swirling hues of caramel will warm up your locks for low-maintenance color.

Warm Caramel Blonde Streaks on Brown Hair

Balayage Warm Caramel Blonde Streaks on Brown Hair

Instagram @msales3

Brown hair looks great with warm caramel blonde streaks. If you have dark brown hair, your stylist will treat you with foil highlights. Teasing at the root and applying a lightener in a deep V is the way to go. This stunning shade complements most skin tones.

Deep Balayage with Lighter Caramel Ends

Deep Caramel Balayage with Lighter Caramel Brown Ends


Consider a deep smudge root balayage with lighter reflective ends. For a color that compliments hair color levels 3-6, try a dark caramel balayage with a golden red hue. A low-maintenance color will need salon visits every 3-6 months.

Light Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage

Light Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage

Instagram @oportolook

A rich caramel balayage on light brown hair is just what every brunette needs. Tone on tone is one of my personal favorites, it looks so natural as though the sun brought out the lightness. Try changing the tone at each appointment. Go from a warm caramel to an ashier color if you’re looking for a change.

Hazelnut Balayage with Subtle Caramel Tones

Caramel Hazelnut Balayage with Subtle Caramel Tones on Brown Hair

Instagram @omorfia.beautysalon

Autumn is a brunette’s time to shine and bring out all the luxurious deep tones from hazelnut to mocha. I suggest playing up the dimension with a balayage within a few shades of difference. Then, adding money pieces to make hair pop in all the right places. Be sure to see where that hair lives before you lift it out. This will help you to make sure it’s sitting in the exact spot you intend to highlight.

Dimensional Caramel Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

Dimensional Caramel Balayage Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

Instagram @otaviolameiro

Turn your dull strands into dimensional caramel highlights on your medium-brown hair. Balayage hair painting gives a soft and subtle lift and the outcome is stunning. Swirling warm pigment will give your locks a glow for a natural sun-kissed look.

Warm-Toned Caramel Hair with Loose Waves

Brown Warm-Toned Caramel Balayage Hair with Loose Waves

Instagram @pmtseastbay

Warm-toned caramel hair with loose waves is gorgeous and rich! Pairing these coppery tones in the right season can add the perfect amount of light to your hair. Ask your stylist to keep warmth or reflect. This will ensure the overall tone doesn’t t look to ashy or dull.

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