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Blonde Hairstyles

Bye Bye Brassy Blonde – 3 Ways To Battle Brassy Blonde Hair!

brassy blonde hair color

1. Be selective of your shampoo. Use a blue or violet hued shampoo to immediately reduce brassiness and boost your blonde locks.

Depending upon your hair texture and needs, alternate with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color treated hair to hydrate and nourish your hair and give added shine.

2. Check your water type. The water coming out of your showerhead can have drastic effects on your hair, especially blonde hair. Chlorine deposits in the water can fade hair color and dry out your strands. Iron deposits can cause and even enhance brassiness in blondes.

The combination of these two things equals a blonde disaster! Look into purchasing a water filter for your shower and at the very least, use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

3. Head to the salon for a toner. Toners are applied to blonde colored or highlighted hair at the last step of the coloring process to literally “tone down” the blonde and escape brassiness.

If you have fallen victim to a bad blonde color job or your blonde is suddenly turning brassy, simply make an appointment with a trusted colorist for this fix.

**TIP** Blonde out of a box is rather tricky and it can be quite difficult to choose a shade of blonde that will work on your hair. Always remember, hair is your crowning glory and an investment in your personal beauty. Trust a professional hair colorist to help you achieve your blonde goals and advise you through the maintenance process.

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