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Best Long Hairstyles for Your Face Shapes

If you are searching the internet for women’s hairstyles for a round face but cannot find a clear answer, this article is for you. You can choose models that will make your face look longer, shoulder-length layered models, and haircuts with bangs.

Women with a square face shape should prefer wavy hair or models with curls to have a softer expression. Let’s also mention that these people are lucky with long hair.

Women with a heart-shaped face are recommended to use long hair with bangs and layered cuts starting from the top. You can choose dished hair from the nape that extends up to the chin level, which is called the lob hairstyle.

Women with a rectangular face shape should use shabby wavy women’s hairstyles and bangs.

Women with a triangular face shape should use voluminous and plump models to show their facial features more rounded. Instead of short hair as a cut, they should use wavy models from the chin level.

It is recommended that women with long face shapes use bangs or bangs to make their faces appear shorter.

If you are wondering how the haircut of women with oval face shape should be, my answer is briefly as follows; You have the ideal face type, you can carry any haircut.



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