54 Cute Ways to Get Long Hair With Bangs

Keep scrolling down to see pictures of the best ideas for getting long haircuts with bangs. If you need a little more information about getting bangs with long hair, then keep reading.

Long hair with bangs can flatter almost any woman’s face shape and hair texture. Yet, if you have very fine or thin hair, you might want to consider getting a long bob with bangs instead.

Adding bangs to long hair is a great way to cover up larger foreheads. And, it helps to balance out the appearance of oblong face shapes. If you have a more rounded face, then talk to your stylist about adding layers.

There are lots of ways to add bangs to long locks, so below you’ll see tons of great examples. So before your next haircut, check out these pictures of long hairstyles with bangs.

Choppy Bangs on Long Thick Dark Hair

Choppy Bangs on Long Thick Dark Hair

Instagram @sarabotsfordhair

Choppy bangs on long thick dark hair are stunning and soften your overall appearance. Who says you have to chop off your locks in order to change your style? Sometimes to transform your hairstyle, all it takes is adding a few layers and bangs. It helps to wear your hair in a lived-in wavy style. This will give your hair sexy volume and natural-looking texture.

Full Thick Bangs for Long Balayage Hair

Full Thick Bangs for Long Balayage Hair on women with long faces

Instagram @hair_salon_by_hadis

Full thick bangs for long balayage hair are a beautiful way to add dimension to your limp locks. Aim to add brightness on the ends and keep the color on the roots a bit darker for dimension. Ask your stylist for a foilayage technique to achieve this. This is a technique that can be used to mimic an ombre. However, this allows optimum lift for that gorgeous soft blonde.

Amazing Thick Long Hair with Wispy Fringe

Amazing Thick Long Hair with Wispy Fringe for fine-haired ladies

Instagram @salsalhair

Try amazing thick long hair with wispy fringe for your next fun haircut. If you plan to style your hair, bangs are a gorgeous way to frame your face. I suggest using a blow dryer and round brush to dry your bangs, and if needed, a flat iron to tame frizz is great too.

Stunning Long Thick Hair with Fringe

Stunning Long Thick Hair with Fringe

Instagram @glamourbycee

Frame your face beautifully with stunning long thick hair. Having a fringe can slim your face and balance out your facial features. Don’t thin out your thick hair too much when keeping it long. You will lose all structure and it will fall flat. If you care about the health of your hair, make sure you upkeep your trims every few months.

Short to Long Hair Makeover

Short to Long Hair Makeover with Bangs

Instagram @slickback_buttahtoast

Transform your short locks into a beautiful, long, and luscious mane with bangs. It will flatter your face shape and some tied-in wefts! Work with your natural face shape when selecting the type of fringe. For square-shaped faces, try soft layers or asymmetric bangs. To keep long hair glossy, I recommend Oway’s & “Glossy Nectar” and a gentle brush to keep wefts tangle-free.

Gold-Mahogany Long Hair with Bangs

Gold-Mahogany Long Hair with Bangs

Instagram @cassiskovic

The long style of the season is gold-mahogany long hair with bangs. To keep this hue, wash with color-safe, conditioning products.

Extra Long Wavy Hair with Fringe

Extra Long Wavy Hair with Fringe

Instagram @salsalhair

Consider pairing a fringe with extra long wavy hair for a super natural and sexy appearance. You can wear this hairstyle both straight or curly, but it’s best to style in loose curly waves for a lived-in feel. With this in mind, don’t forget to buy a texturizing spray or sea salt spray. It’s helpful to use a sea salt spray when your hair is still damp from washing. Then, use a texture spray once your hair has dried as the perfect finishing touch.

Long Blonde Balayage with Curled Ends

Long Blonde Balayage with Curled Ends and Fringe

Instagram @hair_salon_by_hadis

A long blonde balayage with curled ends looks amazing on women with different skin tones. To understand which blonde tones will look like against your skin tone, your stylist may try putting color swatches next to your face. When curling your hair, I prefer to choose my iron according to the size of curls the guest wants. The bigger the iron, the bigger the curl.

Thin Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long Thin Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @anhcotran

Revitalize your long, thin blonde hair with curtain bangs for an edgy but timeless look. Be prepared to style your curtain bangs daily. A round brush blowout can do wonders for them, creating lift and a full, swept finish. If you’re blonde, the styling will add dimension and take your hair to a whole new level. To keep your bangs fabulous and fresh, don’t forget to book a trim every few weeks.

Cool Long Dark Hair with Fuller Choppy Fringe

Cool Long Dark Hair with Fuller Choppy Fringe

Instagram @hirohair

Cool longer dark hair with a full textured fringe will add some spice to your hair. Natural long dark tresses are most girls’ dream. Its shine and luscious waves will have others complimenting your hair.

Trendy Dark Copper Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

Trendy Dark Copper Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

Instagram @populationsalon

Go for hair that’s always on-trend with dark copper long hair with curtain fringe. Curtain bangs are nicer than regular bangs with much less maintenance. Also, they frame your face perfectly for instant cheekbones. Warm copper tones warm up any complexion.

Gorgeous Long Copper Hair with Full Bangs

Gorgeous Long Copper Hair with Full Bangs

Instagram @jhonyveiga

Long hair with bangs is extremely flattering to the eye. And, looks great on women with a touch of warmth on their faces. Copper hair looks great on all skin tones. But, it contrasts best against lighter, warmer skin tones. Adding a full bang to your longer tresses will add a bold punch to your hairstyle.

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs and Short Layers

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs and Short Layers

Instagram @dane_edwardsandco

Long blonde hair with bangs and short layers is a great hairstyle for women. Curtain bangs, to be specific, are a chic option. Choose blonde highlights for this long hairstyle with bangs to create dimension. These are sure to help the layers stand out, as well. Style your hair with a 1 ¼ inch curling iron for a messy beachy style.

Flattering for a Round Face Shape

Long hair with bangs for a round face shape

Instagram @nataliarok

Bangs can be flattering for a round face shape, especially if your hair is long. Keeping the bangs angled and not straight across will help to soften the silhouette of your face.

Long Hair with Subtle Highlights and Arched Bangs

Long hair with subtle highlights and arched bangs

Instagram @cole_coilhairstudio

Long hair with subtle highlights and arched bangs gives a lot of dimension and movement. Subtle highlights help break up the monotony of having all one color on long hair. Arching the bangs area gives shape all around your face versus just across the forehead. Adding highlights and an arched bang to long hair is a great option to achieve a dimensional color and cut.

Fresh Long Layers with Front Bangs

Fresh Long layers with front bangs

Instagram @stebunovhair

Adding full bangs to long layers is a great way to give a lengthy style, a fresh new look. If you’re looking for a new style without losing a lot of length, add full bangs that go past your eyebrows. Bangs give you a classy style without much effort!

Perfect Shaggy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Perfect Shaggy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @jude_toniandguyperth

A shaggy long lob with curtain bangs is perfect if you want to add shape and movement to your mid-length hair. This lob with curtain bangs works great if your hair’s length is at an awkward stage and needs to be reshaped. Ask for a fringe below the eyebrow – it’s a great starting point to create the curtain-like flow.

Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for Women

Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs for Women

Instagram @kslush716

Long straight hair with blunt bangs offers a playful, stylish hairstyle. The fringe gives the long straight hair a youthful touch. Any type of bangs will need some sort of styling each day like blow-drying and flat ironing. A blunt fringe can change your entire look dramatically, so take your face shape into account.

An Easy Long Hairstyle with a Heavy Fringe

An Easy Long Hairstyle with a Heavy Fringe

Instagram @coralvilleblazesalon

Here’s an easy hairstyle with a heavy fringe that most women with any skin tone will love! Achieve a voluminous effect by adding waves to your long strands. A fringe like this will likely fall into your face sometimes. As these bangs may not reach a simple ponytail, pins or clips may be needed when tying up the locks. Longer bangs often highlight the cheekbone or the jawline, so they’re much ideal on a round face shape.

Chic Long Black Hair with Wispy Bangs

Chic Long Black Hair with Wispy Bangs

Instagram @naydene.salonkiin

Long black hair with wispy bangs prevents a style that’s looking humdrum and lifeless. Wispy bangs on long hair can give an instant facelift. These also add movement, which can help when wanting to create different types of looks. When styling bangs, blow them dry in a low heat setting while brushing your hair from right to left. The ideal woman for hair with bangs would be someone who wants to hide a prominent forehead.

Layered Long Brunette Hair with Straight Bangs

Layered Long Hair with Straight Bangs

Instagram @kayla.hardcorehair

Layered long hair with straight bangs creates a youthful, stunning appearance. What’s best about layers is that they can be customized depending on your face shape. This long layered hair is fashionable and won’t get out of the trend. The secret to making the layers really stand out lies in hairstyle. Long layered haircuts with bangs are best with volume and subtle waves.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Long Tapered Bangs

Platinum Blonde Hair with Long Tapered Bangs

Instagram @rachelwstylist

Platinum blonde hair with long tapered bangs is a great combo to add softness to a striking color. Longer hair can feel like it drags your face down. Adding tapered bangs can draw the focus back to your face with a feathery feel. Long hair with bangs can completely change up your look without removing length.

Swoop Bangs on Long Golden Brown Hair

Swoop Bangs on Long Golden Brown Hair

Instagram @renzizgheib

Swoop bangs on long golden brown hair layer your face with shape, unlike shorter bangs. Long hair with bangs is a style that adds movement without layering your hair. A great look for long-haired women who want to change up their style without a drastic length change.

Modern Curls, Short Bangs with Long Hair

Short Bangs with Long Hair and Curls

Instagram @salonvnyc

Lovin’ these short bangs with long hair? If your locks are dense and with natural texture in them, just go for this one. These type of bangs is perfect on an oval face shape while it gives the whole appearance an edginess. Style your short bangs on long hair with curls to see extra texture and movement, too.

Balayage Long, Light Brown Hair with Soft Bangs

Balayage Long Hair with Soft Bangs

Instagram @nat.aiman

Pair long hair with soft bangs with blonde highlights and lowlights for a beachy look. Incorporating some waves makes this one of the best hairstyles for long hair with bangs. To carry out a little shine around your face, a blonde balayage does a great job of doing so.

Copper Shag with Heavy Bangs for Thick Hair

copper shag with heavy fringe for thick hair

Instagram @jomcintyrehair

Heavy bangs for thick hair look great on the long shag. This long shaggy cut is all about keeping the length but creating lots of layers in the crown. These are also called halo layers. These are great for women that want to preserve length but want a little more than long layers with bangs. Use a flat brush for pushing the fringe back and forth to increase movement, as well as a dry texture spray. Try Davines Dry Texture Spray to help lift those layers and add some ooopmf to your hair.

Dark Long Hair with Cute Hair Bangs

dark long hair with cute hair bangs


The girl-next-door look is one snip away! Get into style with wispy cute bangs and layered tresses on long black hair.

Feminine Long Wavy Hair with Thick Bangs

Feminine Long Wavy Hair with Thick Bangs

Instagram @ericagcuts

Long wavy hair with thick bangs is achievable if tresses have a lot of density. Complimentary trims of the fringe between haircuts are crucial to staying fresh-looking. These long hair bangs look good on pretty much all women. Plus, they’re flattering if you’re trying to cover a long or a square forehead.

Romantic Medium-Long Hair with Tousled Bangs

Romantic Medium long hair with tousled bangs

Instagram @hirohair

If you adore bangs but don’t like how flat they can make your tresses look, try tousled bangs for a boost in volume. This will add more personality to your mid-length hair.

Long Blonde Ombre with Long Side Bangs

Long Blonde Ombre with Long Side Bangs

Instagram @diogo.migli

A long blonde ombre with long side bangs is a good choice for women wanting blonde hairstyles. The deep root needs to be touched up far less often than your typical highlight, making it easier on your hair. The long hair with bangs allows for dimensional colors, making them look very trendy and modern.

Easy Wavy Long Hair with Baby Bangs

Easy wavy long hair with baby bangs

Instagram @heyykeiraa

This wavy long hair with baby bangs is fresh and easy to wear. It has texture, which helps it look natural and gives movement to your hair. If you’re looking to achieve this look, you need to talk with your stylist. They need to understand your lifestyle, face shape, and your normal daily hair care. It’s very important to check the density and the texture of hair to create the fringe area. This will help the final result look more natural.

Incredible Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Incredible Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Instagram @hairxian

This long layered hair with bangs is an incredible masterpiece! It has a shattered fringe, complementing the layers and waves around your face. Having a long, thick length is an edgy way to pull off a long cut with bangs like this. Such a length is what gives hair versatility. When styling it with waves, apply a texturizing spray for a more polished result.

Feathered Bangs for Long, Thin Hair

feathered bangs for long, thin hair

Instagram @nothingobvious

These feathered bangs for long, thin hair are so flattering! It’s the type of long bangs that can show off both eyes and cheekbones. Having the bangs a little longer allows you not to have to worry as much about maintenance, too.

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70s Long Shag with Extra Long Bangs

70s Shag Haircut with Extra Long Bangs

Instagram @timpascoe_hair

This 70s shag with extra-long bangs is quite fascinating. This is the result when the classic haircut merges with the textured beachy waves. It’s a style that’s perfect for medium and thick hair texture. The fringe needs weight to it to have that flare style and not the “mom” fringe style. When going out, mist sea salt spray to give your hair a better shape and texture. The 70s shag with extra long fringe is a modern version of a shag cut. It’s an effortlessly relaxed cut with a flow that enhances your hair’s natural texture. It generally works best with minimal styling.

Textured Center Bangs for Long Fine Hair

textured center bangs for long fine hair

Instagram @brianaguilarhair

These textured center bangs for long fine hair make an appealing style. The cut is a combination of a long textured haircut and center bangs. It could pass for a long bob with a textured fringe, which offers a stunning finish.

Eye-Catching, Face-Framing Bangs on Long Hair

face framing bangs for long hair

Instagram @chrisweberhair

Add face-framing bangs to soften your style and for a more modern finish. Sure, these bangs need upkeep, yet it’s still a mid-level maintenance style. If you opt for this chop, you must get regular bang trims to maintain your fringe. After all, bangs add freshness to your haircut without needing to commit to a whole new change.

Parted Bangs on Long Thick Hair with Waves

parted bangs on long thick hair with waves

Instagram @marisacuts

Parted bangs on long thick hair are a nice statement piece to frame your face. Layers just around your face give you more body and movement. It’s the ideal style if you want a layered style without thinning out your ends more. For a long, wavy mane like this, a bright copper shade suits the best to get a mermaid-like effect. These parted bangs on long shaggy hair definitely give off that 70’s vibe. The curtain bangs and the short to long layers throughout give it an elevated shag-type feel.

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Messy Boho Layers For Long Hair With Bangs

messy boho layers for long hair with bangs

Instagram @mardimcdeehairstylist

Get some boho layers with bangs for long hair to enjoy versatility and stylish results! Even as the fringe grows out, the cut is still boho and cute. Hair can be pulled off all the way down with messy waves or wear it up in a pony with some of the framings pulled out. With the right styling product, volume is super easy to achieve.

Versatile Long Hair With Straight Bangs

Versatile long hair with straight bangs

Instagram @timduenashair

This long hair with straight bangs is for ladies who are looking for their next wash-and-go style. The length gives versatility, which makes it one of the easiest to spice up. Combine fringe bangs with shorter layers to frame your face. For women who have higher hairlines, opt for longer fringe bangs.

Long Hairstyle with Full Fringe and Long Layers

Layered long hairstyle with full fringe

Instagram @hirohair

Here’s a full fringe with long layers to create such an elegant style. It’s a timeless cut that works on most hair types except for one. For ladies with a pesky cowlick at the hairline, pulling off full bangs can be troublesome. According to stylists, a heavy side fringe and long layers could still work, though.

Long Choppy Hair with Short Side Bangs

long choppy hair with short side bangs

Instagram @krissy_hearandmane

This long choppy hair with short side bangs looks so soft, which suits a lady with a very innocent face. The chop has messy layers to give hair a tousled-like edge. Deep side-part bangs make the style ultra-chic. It’s the type of fringe that’s perfect for hiding a more prominent forehead.

Retro-Chic Long Brown Hair with Bangs

Retro-Chic Long Brown Hair with Bangs

Instagram @collectivemoscow

This long brown hair with bangs offers a sophisticated, retro-chic vibe! It’s styled with very subtle waves that focus on the edges to show off the layers of a long-length cut. Bangs are added to complement your face shape. Remember that the shape of your face determines the width of the bangs that will suit you. The thinner your face, the wider the bangs (temple to temple) should be. And if your face is fuller, the narrower the bangs (mid eyebrow to mid eyebrow) should be.

Longer Layers and Bangs Cut

Longer Layers and Bangs

Instagram @natalieannehair

Longer layers with bangs are perfect for women with medium to thick hair. Layers are best to frame your face and add movement to your tresses. Meanwhile, long hairstyles with layers and bangs will help balance out facial features. Textured bangs are the type that softens the style, and the grow-out is much easier than a super blunt fringe.

Long Sleek Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

Long Sleek Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Instagram @in.denays.chair

Long sleek hair with side-swept bangs always needs a good blow-dry. That’s the secret to achieving a bouncy, natural-looking hairdo. Opt for a chop with a few layers as they add more movement to your tresses.

Playful Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Playful Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Instagram @rodrigovizu

This long curly hair with bangs looks fun and playful. Those curls and bangs complement one another, creating a perky appearance. When wearing this chop, establish how long you want your bangs with your stylist. Long bangs eventually grow out and land on your face and sometimes your eyes. Curly-haired girls also need to allow for shrinkage as curly and kinky textures can be tricky.

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Fiery Long Hair with Full Bangs

fiery long hair with full bangs

Instagram @tesseghair

Rocking long hair with full bangs and a fiery color is daring, but so satisfying. Red hair color tends to fade faster than most. So make sure you have a conversation with your stylist about the upkeep before getting this cut. Bangs are adorable. But if you’ve never had a fringe before remember that it can take weeks to get used to having hair on your forehead.

Mature Dark Long Hair with Blunt Bangs

Mature dark long hair with blunt bangs

Instagram @yukistylist

Try a blunt fringe on brunette hair and make an impact on your appearance. If you want a change but would like to keep your long hair, adding a strong bang is a great way to do it. Bangs bring out your eyes and can be worn swept over to the side for versatility. A drawback is that they will need to be cut often, about every 4 weeks.

Golden Blonde Long Hair with Fringe

golden blonde long hair with fringe

Instagram @miamihairmel

This golden blonde long hair with fringe screams cuteness! The style and cut work better on lengthy hair with a sleek, straight texture. Softer swept bangs or full-across bangs can make your haircut appear more feminine than it is. If this is the style you’re going for, be mindful of one thing. Women who want bangs need to be ready to style them daily. A fringe can make or break the entire vibe.

Gorgeous Long Straight Hair with Light Bangs

Gorgeous Long Straight Hair with Light Bangs

Instagram @thebangsbabe

This long straight hair with light bangs is one of those sophisticated styles. The cut is perfect for messy beach waves and straight hair alike. It’s paired with bangs that are easy to style and manage. Long layers with light bangs are beautiful and make for a chic, effortless go-to style.

Unique Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Unique Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Instagram @hairbyashleyfillip

The optimal choppy bangs for long hair are those that match the wavy movement of the locks. Take these piece-y textured bangs as an inspiration. Adding this kind of fringe to a cut changes and enhances a whole hairstyle. To create textured bangs, separate some pieces with a fiber paste when styling. These choppy bangs for dark long hair were cut with both shears and razor. You might also call it a long-haired shag.

These choppy bangs are great for women with a good amount of hair that has a natural texture. There’s lots of versatility when wearing it in its natural state. Blow it out sleek and straight, or use texture spray-type products. It’s also super sexy if you pull it up with the face-framing fringe.

Light Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre with Fringe

light brown to golden blonde ombre with fringe

Instagram @antonio_espinal1984

This ombre with a fringe is a fearless boho, yet urban chic. This is a perfect summer hair color blend of natural root to light honey hues. The best thing about this long hair is how it transforms fine hair into a style that’s versatile.

This particular long hairstyle with fringe works well with any hair type. But only as long as the attention to dry detail cutting is there. This long haircut is ideal for long face shapes. The fringe will shorten the length of your face and soften strong cheekbones.

Polished Side Bangs with Long Hair

Polished Side Bangs with Long Hair

Instagram @victorkeyrouz

Side bangs with long hair create a hairstyle that provides great versatility. The beauty of this wavy long hairstyle is it adds volume when down while the fringe frames your face. Most women can wear this style. Just alter the bangs’ length depending on what suits your face shape and what works with your hair type.

Layered Haircut with Wavy Bangs on Long Hair

layered haircut with wavy bangs on long hair

Instagram @mullettuude

Give wavy bangs on long hair a try—it’s gonna be worth it! The fringe makes a chic addition to the entire style and also frames your face perfectly. To achieve long-length hair that has extra movement, cut a few layers. Use a texture spray when styling the bangs to give your wavy bangs a softer and more effortless finish.

Longer shaggy bangs and face-framing pieces create a Brigitte Bardot effect. It’s hand-styled and effortless. Texturizing spray and sea salt spray support a wash-and-go routine, too. The fringe will grow out seamlessly, creating a low-maintenance style.

Casual Long Hair with Side Bangs and Layers

Casual long hair with side bangs and layers

Instagram @hairshaftmiguel

Featuring gorgeous long hair with side bangs and layers! You’ll love the versatility that this long-length cut with a side part can offer. There are so much movement and flexibility in the style and side bangs. Feel free to add loose waves to give your tresses a modern twist.

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