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Short Hairstyles

51 Short Blonde Hair Ideas We Can’t Stop Staring At

Short blonde hair is a great way to brighten up your complexion, add uniqueness to your style and boost volume. Various short-length cuts and blonde hues can mix and match. You can go for a full-platinum short pixie cut or an ombre style that ends at your neck.

Starting off with darker hair? According to blonde and short hair expert Carolynn Judd, if you add a little depth at the root, it will make it appear blonder without further dying the hair. This means you’ll spend less time and money brightening up your natural base color.


Book a consultation. Choose a blonde specialist.  Ask your stylist what accentuates your best features and what style would suit your living routine. Be honest about how much effort you’re willing to put into styling.  expect from it. It’s high-maintenance, so keep in mind that you can’t do the same care routine you did with your darker or natural hair color. Hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are recommended for blondes. Use a mask if you need extra moisture. Arielle’s go-to products are: Shampoo & Conditioner – Kevin Murphy, R+Co Atlantis, R+Co Television, or Pulp Riot Shanghai & Bangkok Leave-in Conditioner or Detangler – R+Co Pinstripe or Kevin Murphy Untangled Heat/UV protectant – Sebastian Dark Oil  Styling Products – R+Co Centerpiece, Waterfall, High Dive, and Cool Wine Texture Spray – Kevin Murphy Bedroom or R+Co Trophy

Here are pictures of the best short blonde hair color ideas:

Ashy Blonde Tousled Bob

Short Ashy Blonde Tousled Bob with Curtain Fringe

Instagram @collectivemoscow

A short bob with a curtain fringe is a great way to keep your length while adding texture and definition. Ask for an inverted bob haircut technique. Which is when the hair in front of your ears is slightly longer than the back. This provides more movement and can help enhance volume if you have thin or fine hair textures. For more style, look into using texturizing mousse. Try Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Dryspun Finish. This product gives life to limp locks without weighing them down. To achieve effortless beachy waves, use a curling iron in a low-heat setting. It will add body and pull straight through the ends.

Dimensional Strawberry Blonde Lowlights

Dimensional Strawberry Blonde Lowlights on a Bob Cut

Instagram @carolandcompanysalon

Try a short textured cut if you need more volume or have fine hair. The only drawback with this short style is it can’t be worn many other ways.

Soft Pixie Mullet on Bleach Blonde Hair

Soft Pixie Mullet with Jagged Layers on Bleach Blonde with Dark Roots

Instagram @mogeenamsterdam

Consider a bleach-blonde soft pixie mullet. A shaggy mullet with highlights has all the rock-n-roll vibes. A beautiful shape for convex profiles when having more height at the fringe area. This style can be kept up every 4-6 weeks, or it can grow into a soft longer shape as well, depending on your preference.

Wispy Graduated Bob and Icy Blonde Color

Wispy Graduated Bob and Icy Blonde Color on Fine-Haired Older Ladies

Instagram @beautyybyheather_

If you want to change your look, try an icy blonde-toned graduated bob with wispy layers. Side bangs will add a feminine touch. But, keep them longer for a low-maintenance schedule. An icy blonde will require frequent salon visits as it’s quite literally a lifestyle. You will need the best products and home hair care to keep this style healthy and gorgeous.

Light Ash Blonde on Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob

Light Ash Blonde on Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob with Straight Angled Layers

Instagram @canyonhillssalon

Go for an asymmetrical light ash blonde bob. For a beautiful bob cut, ask for a square beveled bob. Adding wispy layers will help create movement and lift into this style. A fine highlight will get your blonde like this if you have a darker brunette color naturally.

Pale Blonde on Soft Tousled Pixie Hair

Pale Blonde on Soft Tousled Pixie Hair with Choppy Layers and Bangs

Instagram @styledbylexiem

Opt for a soft tousled pale blonde pixie cut and style. A pixie layered through the crown is great for round face shapes. And texture added throughout with a razor will help to soften the style. A pale blonde with golden undertones works well with lighter skin.

Chin-Length Icy Blonde Bob Haircut

Chin-Length Icy Blonde Bob Haircuts

Instagram @jamesplainhair

A chin-length icy blonde bob haircut is a stunning way to add blonde on short hair. Short blonde haircuts like this accentuate the jawline and also flatter a fair skin tone.

Textured and Blunt Creamy Blonde Bob with a Shadow Root

Textured and Blunt Creamy Blonde Bob with a Shadow Root and beach waves at the neck line

Instagram @wellaeducation

For an edgy yet elegant look, consider a textured and blunt creamy blonde bob with a shadow root and beach waves. This style works best on thick hair types that are naturally straight or slightly wavy. It gives you more natural volume. Your blonde strands will benefit from a heat-protectant style aid. Use Redken’s Thermal Spray 11 Low Hold, applied to wet or dry hair. Opt for straight ends, leaving them out as you curl for a beachy, textured finish.

Neutral Blonde on Jaw-Length Hair

Neutral Blonde on Jaw-Length Cut for Women with Finer Tresses

Instagram @styledbyisha

A neutral blonde on jaw-length hair is soft and a perfect shade of blonde for warm months. Try this transition from a cool blonde for a brighter result. Warm tones tend to reflect light, while cool tones absorb it. Ask your hairstylist if adding little gold to your formula can make your dull blonde pop. You can also trade your purple shampoo for a golden conditioner if you want to. I recommend the Davines’ Alchemic Conditioner Golden.

Sleek Blonde Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

Sleek Blonde Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs on Older Women with Straight Hair

Instagram @jakewarburton_conveysalons

Try a sleek tapered blonde pixie with side bangs. When it comes to growing out a shorter pixie, one of the most irritating parts is the in-between phases. Keeping up with regular cuts to maintain a shape while it grows is key. Try longer shapes with a soft razor-cut edge to make the grow-out less bulky feeling. Trying a new hair dye to change up your style can help you love the grow-out process even more.

Extra Short Buzzed Cut with Platinum Color

Extra Short Buzzed Cut with Platinum Color and Shaved Flower Pattern

Instagram @twostrandsalon

An extra short buzzed cut with platinum color and shaved flower pattern is easy to maintain. It has all the benefits of a traditional buzz cut, but its unique design takes it to another level. When it comes to hair care, use products designed for shorter styles to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Be sure to convey your vision clearly to your stylist, especially when you want a specific design. You’ll want to choose a stylist who is trained to create this kind of hair art.

Platinum Edgy Pixie with Shaved Sides and Nape

Platinum Edgy Pixie with Disconnected Shaved Sides and Nape on Darker Base

Instagram @blond.pixie

A pixie with shaved sides and nape is a great way to have short hair and still play with edgy styles and colors. Most short blonde hairstyles look soft and subtle. But this edgy pixie creates a dynamic overall look. A pixie cut will need regular styling and upkeep. So it’s not recommended for those who don’t want any styling needs.

Beige Blonde A-line Bob with Wispy Layers

Beige Blonde A-line Bob with Shadow Root and Wispy Layers for Thin Hair

Instagram @hair_over_boots

Spice up your A-line bob with wispy layers and a beige-toned blonde. If you are going to get a short blonde cut, make sure your stylist textures the ends. It will give you lots of movement, flair, and a beautiful, easy grow-out. The beige blonde shade will compliment any skin tone. But it will require a little maintenance. Just have fun with it, girl!

Blonde Short Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Warm and Light Blonde Short Hair with Side-Swept Bangs for Long Faces

Instagram @egle_bee

Try a short blonde hairstyle with side-swept bangs. A pixie with a side-swept crop top is perfect for heart and round face shapes. The asymmetry is what creates the balance. A short blonde hair style looks great with the underneath or undercut darker. Having the top lightened up for contrast of color looks great growing out. Otherwise, blonde sides can kind of look a little stripey.

Classic Warm Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs

Classic Warm Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs for Fine and Straight Locks

Instagram @thefirsthairbender

The bob is one of the most classic cuts you can get but try modernizing it with curtain bangs and a soft warm blonde. Short blonde haircuts are trendy and stylish. Especially when cut super blunt with a little bit of texture. Your stylist will first cut straight and then go back in and point cut for textured ends. This will create movement. If you have straight hair, this is the perfect wash-and-go look.

Neck-Length Dimensional Blonde Curly Hair

Neck-Length Dimensional Blonde Curly Hair and Curly Bangs with Layers

Instagram @karis.curls

Women with curly hair should try a dimensional blonde look reaching to the neck. A soft golden blonde would look perfect on neutral-toned skin. A round cut will greatly compliment a long or oval face as it adds width to the overall shape. Be sure to keep your curls hydrated, especially after a blonding session. Try Moroccan Oil’s Curl Defining Cream for a soft yet defined hold.

Blonde Feathered Pixie with Short Layers

Beige Blonde Feathered Pixie with Short Layers and Tapered Nape

Instagram @create.byhesther

The key to this beautiful beige blonde feathered pixie look is short layers and a tapered nape. If your hair is naturally straight or wavy, remember to give your cut plenty of texture. Do this with product and styling tools. This style offers an effortless yet edgy feel while still being soft and feminine. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about bad-hair days again.

Light Blonde Hair Color for Short Blunt Shag Cut

Light Blonde Hair Color for Short Blunt Shag Cut

Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

Here’s a light blonde short shag haircut that is very modern! The wavy style offers movement, so a classic bob won’t look too flat. This short shaggy cut is great for ladies of all ages, too. For this blonde short hair cut, use Kevin Murphy Resort.Spray and an H2d iron to add beachy waves.

Soft Blonde Blunt Cut Bob Without Bangs

Soft Blonde Blunt Cut Bob Without Bangs


If you’re deciding whether or not you want fringe, I suggest a soft blonde blunt cut bob without bangs. The cropped length will create a similar impact that you would get from fringe without the constant bang trims and hair in your eyes.

Sassy Choppy White Blonde for Fine Hair

Woman with short blonde hair

Instagram @derricobarbaroparrucchieri

A short white blonde layered bob with bangs with texture is lighthearted and fun! This layered, short blonde hair with bangs works well for women with fine and limp hair.

Chic Chin-Length Blonde Bob with Bangs

Chic Short Chin-Length Blonde Bob with Bangs

Instagram @hairby__katelyn.turnerxox

Bangs are one of the best ways for blondes to modernize a short, chin-length bob. It gives your style more of a French bob feel. You don’t have to go for super short bangs, either. Longer bangs pushed to the side will create the same chic, effortless vibe.

Cute Short Inverted Blonde Bob Cut

Cute Short Inverted Blonde Bob Cut

Instagram @simoner_lara

Try an inverted bob cut if you want a fierce new blonde hairdo. The steep angle from the back to the front will give you an edgy look!

Platinum Blonde Streaks

Short Bob with Platinum Blonde Streaks

Instagram @charlesjuniorlouw

Platinum blonde streaks can help to make your hair feel thicker. If you feel like your hair is thin or has always been thin, try adding blonde highlights in your hair. The lightener swells the cuticle leaving your hair a little more plump. To prevent being too blonde, tell your stylist to add lowlights every other appointment. This will ensure you keep your dimension.

Super Short Razored Blonde Bob

Super short razored blonde bob

Instagram @silvertiger_hair_art

A super short razored blonde bob is easy to style and would only require a trim every two to three months. It adds volume and layers to thin hair and also removes extra bulk from thick tresses. To create this short blonde hair bob, I chose a textured 45° angle cut. The hair is naturally straight, so the texturing part gave the look some volume where it needed it.

Camelback Blonde

Short camelback blonde hair color

Instagram @joshua_sajtar

The camelback blonde hair color is starting to trend. It looks super cool with a bob length cut, giving a fuller structured baseline to your hair. Try adding some blonde highlights to contrast against your natural color to give dimension and texture to finer hair, this makes your hair pop and appear thicker.

Natural Short Blonde Bob

natural short blonde bob

Instagram @sissemarie

The most popular short haircut for women with natural blonde hair is a chin-length layered bob. This lovely short blonde bob hairstyle can be flattering on any face shape, depending on how you style or highlight it.

Blonde and Burgundy Blend for Short Hair

Blonde and burgundy blend for short hair

Instagram @edy.hairstylist

Blonde and burgundy blend for short hair is great for women who want to try out red tones. To get this blonde short hair color, ask your hairdresser for some red-toned color all-over and a bob haircut.

Yummy Caramel Blonde Bob with Bangs

Yummy Caramel blonde bob with bangs

Instagram @kthomas.hairstylist

A caramel blonde bob with bangs has softer, warmer tones that look stunning on blonde short hair. The rich tones contour the face with the bangs while the short length gives softness to the entire face. The color looks natural like it’s your tone, giving an added glow to the skin tone. Add few-dimensional highlights to give a natural look to your short tresses.

Mature Asymmetric Blonde Bob for Women Over 60


Instagram @estetica_stpaul

An asymmetric short blonde bob for women over 60 is a trendy and youthful cut. The peaked layers around the face provide lightness to the overall appearance.

Subtle Curly Blonde Hair for Older Women

Subtle Curly blonde hair for older women

Instagram @curlyonq

Curly blonde hair for older women is a great way to blend any gray hair. It adds a subtle facelift to show off the natural texture of the curls. It’s a low-maintenance approach for women without having to step foot in the salon once a month. Pro Tip: Try Be-Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion by Aveda to create frizz-free waves. Style it with a diffuser on low heat and with low intensity to form the perfect waves in your short blonde hair.

Sexy Platinum Blonde for Short Hair

Sexy platinum blonde for short hair

Instagram @stebunovhair

Short platinum blonde hair with a chin-length bob is a trendy short hairstyle right now. This high-maintenance blonde color suits cool undertones perfectly and will need the right home care routine.

Trendy Honey Blonde Ear-Length Bob with Bangs

Trendy Honey Blonde Ear-Length Bob with Bangs

Instagram @hollygirldoeshair

A short honey blonde ear-length bob with bangs can look edgy with a choppy fringe and a lot of texture. This blonde messy bob also has a soft, graduated undercut at the nape that shows off some textured bits at the neckline.

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Silver Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Side-Swept Fringe

silver blonde pixie cut with long side-swept fringe

Instagram @alexei.fedorko

Silver blonde hair color with a short pixie cut is one of the trendiest short blonde hairstyles this season!

For an easier time styling short hair with long, side-swept bangs, ask your stylist for a razor cut on the ends.

Warm Blonde Feathered Bob Cut

warm blonde feathered bob cut

Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

This warm blonde feathered bob is a chic short haircut. It’s a cute blonde style for any blondes who like a shorter cut but still want it to look effortless.

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Stylish Dirty Blonde Pixie for Very Short Hair

Stylish dirty blonde pixie for very short hair

Instagram @thewidowspeakparlor

A dirty blonde layered pixie for very short hair is an edgier blonde inspiration. The dimension of this short blonde haircut is stunning with a bit of texture.

Trendsetting Blonde Pixie Bob

Trendsetting blonde pixie bob haircut for short hair

Instagram @anastasiiia_korzhova

This blonde pixie bob short cut features subtle layers at the back to create instant volume and shape. To keep the blonde tone, use purple shampoo when washing your short locks.

Sweet Layered Ash Blonde Balayage

Sweet layered ash blonde balayage

Instagram @gulevich.vladimir

A short layered ash blonde balayage bob is sexy and has lots of texture and movement. The must-have product for any blonde hair styles is a silver shampoo to prevent brassy tones and keep your silver blonde cool.

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Dimensional Textured Soft Blonde Lob Cut

Dimensional Textured soft blonde lob cut

Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

A blonde lob cut is a great short haircut for women with fine hair. The length will give fine hair a fuller-looking appearance. A short hairstyle for women with blonde hair should have a little sea salt spray to emphasize the color’s dimension.

Beachy Champagne Blonde Wavy Bob with Shorter Layers

Beachy Champagne Blonde Wavy Bob with Shorter Layers

Instagram @blendedbeautifullybymisty

A short champagne blonde wavy bob is fresh, tousled, and lived-in. This wavy blonde bob has shorter layers that get rid of extra bulk from thick hair. This type of short blonde hairstyle has lots of wearability with all the texture built into the cut.

Casual Brown Angled Bob with Blonde Highlights

Casual brown angled bob with blonde highlights

Instagram @hirohair

This modern short angled bob with blonde highlights is toned to create more dimension to your blonde coils. Short hair with blonde highlights are great because it can be adjusted in length to suit any hair texture and any face shape.

A-Line with Sun-Kissed Blonde Beach Waves

a-line sun-kissed blonde beach waves

Instagram @sacaumut

An A-line bob with beach waves on short sun-kissed blonde hair gives a very lived-in feel. If you don’t have it already, Ask your stylist about adding a bit of a shadow to your roots for a dark to light blonde color effect that enhances its short bob cut, creating a trendy A-line blonde hairstyle.

Textured Sandy Blonde Blunt Bob

textured sandy blonde blunt bob hairstyle

Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

This sandy blonde blunt bob with blonde babylights is gorgeously textured. This short blonde hair was done on finer hair texture.

One-Length Cool Blonde Bob

one-length cool blonde bob

Instagram @sacaumut

A short one-length bob with cool blonde highlights is super chic. The tones are sure to give straight hair a nice dimension. This blunt blonde bob does require maintenance about every six to eight weeks for both haircut and short blonde highlights.

Easy Beige Blonde Tousled Bob

Easy beige blonde tousled bob

Instagram @romeufelipe

This beautiful beige blonde tousled bob with soft, loose waves on a neck-length haircut looks amazing. Keeping dark roots with a blonde will help your short hair grow out seamlessly.

Trendy Dark Blonde Undercut Bob with Bangs

Trendy Dark Blonde Undercut bob with Bangs

Instagram @tiffanidougherty_hairstylist

A dark blonde undercut side shaved bob with bangs and lots of internal short layers is best for finer to medium hair. Blonde hair for short haircuts can still be styled in braids, waves, and even cute messy updos.

Soft Buttery Blonde Pixie

Soft Buttery Blonde Pixie

Instagram @mila_kryshchykhina

A buttery blonde pixie cut with a tinge of yellow looks great on pinkish undertones. Side part your short blonde hair tresses and comb flat for a preppy cropped bob.

Light Golden Blonde Crop with Bangs

Light Golden Blonde Crop with Bangs

Instagram @barberqueen208

A light golden blonde crop with bangs is perfect for naturally straight, wavy, or curly hair. The texture will enhance the layers of this chop and its bright blonde color.

Brown Blonde for Women Over 50

Brown blonde for women over 50


This blonde hairstyle on short hair has the perfect shade of brown blonde for women over 50. The dimension on this blonde voluminous bob looks amazing on a chopped crop.

Messy Strawberry Blonde Pixie

Messy Strawberry blonde pixie

Instagram @myguiltycrown

Short hairstyles such as a strawberry blonde pixie is perfect if you’re making the switch to blonde and want a shorter chop. The darker color at the base with a lighter shade at the ends creates an incredible red-blonde hue for a more textured effect.

Voluminous Short Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

voluminous short blonde hair with dark roots

Instagram @romeufelipe

Short blonde hair with dark roots and voluminous waves is an edgy cut and color to really show off your face and bold personality. The bluntness of a short cut near the jawline adds horizontal lines for the eye to follow, making this a great cut for heart-shaped faces or anyone who wants to bring more strength and width to their jawline. Pear-shaped faces or face shapes with a strongly defined jaw-line should avoid keeping the cut directly with the jaw-line to prevent adding more width and harshness.

Short Blunt Cut with No Bangs

short blunt cut with no bangs

Instagram @sacaumut

A short blunt cut without bangs is a great way to elongate a face and bring width to the jawline. Easy maintenance and easy styling make this a very versatile haircut for any age range or hair type. Try adding beach waves to your short blonde hairstyles because they can be roughed up for a more casual look or smoothed and pinned for a more elegant and professional hairstyle.

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