50 Stylish Short Haircuts Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

50 Stylish Short Haircuts Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

50 Stylish Short Haircuts Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

Short haircuts for women over 60 can be a pixie or a bob cut with a length that doesn’t go past the neckline. The ideal cut for older ladies offers versatility and ease of styling.

Throughout the years, hair starts to thin out and loses its volume. Having a short chop will bring back more body and bounce to its shape. A fresh cut will surely breathe life back into the tresses!

LA-based stylist and salon owner Gregga Prothero has a piece of advice for ladies who want short hair.

“Own it,” she emphasizes. “Do it if it makes you feel good. It’s chic and classic, and can bring out your lovely features instead of hiding them,” she adds.

Contrary to what some people know, short hair doesn’t always need to appear harsh. It can look soft and feminine, too. “Having wispy bangs and face-framing layers still bring out softness to the look,” Prothero explains.

It’s essential to ask your hairdresser how you’re going to style the cut every morning. Know what specific products are best for holding the volume and preventing frizz. Styling your mane will make it look great between salon visits.

Trims are usually needed every 4-8 weeks to keep the haircut looking polished. Otherwise, it’ll look flat, bulky, or can turn into a mushroom shape.

Keep on reading to see more photos of flattering and trendy short haircuts for women over 60. Enjoy!

Trendy Blunt Cut Blonde Bob Style

Instagram @sageandlilly_

The blunt bob is one of the more classic short haircuts for women over 60. A short-to-medium haircut can also have an edgy effect, depending on how it’s worn. With the bluntness of the cut, follow the jawline either at the jaw or just below, depending on the effect/edginess wanted while taking your face shape into consideration. A short blunt cut bob looks amazing on my older clients and always gets compliments, but keeping it looking good does take some styling. Keep longer layers in the interior of your cut to add texture and give movement. If you have a lot of thick hair, consider getting an undercut bob. Taking the top layer too short can make it look “stacked” and can take away from the blunt look that we all love.

Great Hairstyle for Women With Glasses

Instagram @jentatehairstylist

A short hairstyle for older women with glasses will make you proud of your natural grey hair! This fresh bob cut plus a shine product is all you need to sport a stylish crop cut that any 60-year-old woman with grey hair can pull off.

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Marvelous Feathered Pixie Bob with Layers

Instagram @thejameshairco

Feathery hair with layering can make any short haircuts for 60-year-olds look more defined and textured. This classic pixie bob is a short feathered cut for women your age, and is very low-maintenance and can add body to your hair.

Round Pixie Bob with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Instagram @jwfleck

The best short haircuts for women in their sixties are versatile like a round pixie bob, for example. Eyebrow-skimming bangs can be flattering as they camouflage maturing lines and if you have fine straight hair this will make creating your style and refreshing over the course of time, easy breezy.

Short Sleek Bob with Swoopy Front Layers

Instagram @yp_hair

A short sleek bob with swoopy front layers is a great choice for a short and classy look.You may be getting older and want a cut that is easier to style, your best option is a short, layered bob cut. The layering in the nape provides support to add natural volume to your crown. We love to make it more exciting with a swoopy bang or face frame. Blow dry your front with a round brush in the opposite direction you want it to fall to create volume and a nice swoop.

Classic Straight Bob with Textured Bangs

Instagram @ndhaircollection

Try a classic bob paired with bangs for a sophisticated hair style. This hairdo can be super flattering because it gives you an instant style without having to do too much every day. When you have a shorter haircut it helps your hair have more volume and a healthy look because you are losing all that excess length. Having healthy-looking hair is an added bonus because it will make you look younger.

Graduated Choppy Bob on Silver Hair

Instagram @brushstrokesthehairsalon

A graduated choppy chunky bob on your silver hair might just be the cut you are searching for. A choppy bob with a graduated nape is flattering for most face shapes and age groups and can make your neck appear longer. If you have fine hair apply a hair volumizer before you blow dry. Dry your hair with your hands or a round brush, then try curling with a 1-inch iron, leaving your ends straight. Finish by running your hands through, for a wonderful and messy style.

Neck-Length Cut with Defined Curls

Instagram @carbonsalon

A recent crowd favorite is a neck-length cut that showcases defined curls. If you have been seeking something similar bring some photos of inspiration and allow your hairstylist to experiment with this look on you! Diffusing or air dry, this style can be replicated using a styling brush or the tools attached to your hands, as your fingers can help define the style of your curls.

Mini Shaggy Wolf Cut

Instagram @hair_directory

Consider a mini shaggy wolf cut for your next short hairdo if you are a wash-and-go type of gal. This ‘do is simple yet trendy, it’s wispy, edgy, and feminine. When and if you decide to style, add a blow-dry cream like Eufora Behave for an added hold to this no-fuss cut. Take pictures like this one to your stylist to give him or her inspiration on how to cut your hair.

Low-Maintenance Soft Spiky Pixie

Instagram @hairbyjanetaz

Consider a low-maintenance soft spiky pixie. If your hair texture is fine, a soft spiky pixie will give your strands more body and texture. Pixie haircuts are easy to style but to keep up with the short length you must get frequent trims at the salon. Using texture paste is key to styling the messy spiky layers.

Gray Cropped Pixie for Oval Faces

Instagram @artistika_coiffure

When considering shorter haircuts for oval faces, a gray cropped pixie could be your haircut. Whether you are sparkling naturally or not, this is no longer reserved for just seniors. Add some highlights and it can be made up to look youthful and dimensional. Sterling silver or charcoal gray, the palette can be customized to your preference.

Youthful Lixie Cut with Crown Layers

Instagram @gorashairsalon

The latest edition to the pixies family has elevated to a lixie cut, aka a long pixie. A unique, short haircut will showcase a lot of volume with crown layers. Great for thick hair if you are wanting to de-bulk while maintaining a flattering silhouette. Can also be great for women over 60 that are seeking a style that gives body yet is versatile in length.

Textured Bob Hairstyle with Short Bangs

Instagram @nataliapetcu_

One of the best short haircuts for a woman in her sixties is a textured bob paired with short bangs. Stylists experienced in razor cutting may use the razor technique because it creates added movement and light layers in bob haircuts. Whether you dye your hair or rock your natural color, a fresh youthful bob haircut will always make you feel vibrant.

White Pixie for Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram @hair_by_shane_mcdonald

One way to freshen up your look is to try a white pixie for your naturally curly hair. Rocking your natural white or gray hair with the short hairdo will help your curls thrive, especially if you utilize a curl-enhancing product such as Ringtone by R Co. For added softness and elegance, keep your hair longer around your ears and on top.

Bob Cut with Wispy Layers for Fine Hair

Instagram @janelleonthefringe

One of the most popular short haircuts for women over 60 is a bob with wispy layers. If you are a woman trying to drop some years instantly, then this cut is the best choice for you. Removing extra weight/length in your hair immediately gets rid of years’ worth of age in your face. For thinner hair, eliminating that dead weight, can also add more body and create an illusion of thickness.

Short Tousled Bob with Long Side Bangs

Instagram @soubecas

A short tousled bob paired with long side bangs is a stylish way to boost volume in your fine hair. When it especially comes to short haircuts, be sure to consider your face shape. Oval or long faces benefit from short layers in the short bob as it creates a bit of added volume on the sides. For round or wider faces, consider incorporating a long side bang.

Wavy Swept Back Style for Women with Grey Hair

Instagram @amelie_become_you

If you have grey hair, a wavy swept-back style is a glamorous hairstyle, especially for women over 60 with short hair. Keep the sides short and tight against your head with longer layers on top to add volume to your crown area. To style your locks, work in a thickening mousse such as Rodeo Star by R Co to your damp hair and blow dry curling back using a small round brush. Finish with a medium-strength hairspray to control your flyaways. If you’re unsure about which products to use, consult with your hairdresser.

Casual Graduated Pixie Haircut with Highlights

Instagram @espacobrunarezende

A graduated pixie haircut is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easily styled look. If you are embracing your graying hair, adding in some highlights will help blend your color into your hairstyle.

Feminine Long Blonde Pixie with Shorter Layers

Instagram @gorashairsalon

A long blonde pixie combined with shorter layers is the most common haircut for older ladies like you. Very short hair is best styled with a texturizing spray, to help add more volume and to give your hair a little more hold. A long pixie is made to be feminine by side-swept bangs, pointed edges around your ears and neckline, and more volume.

Hip Inverted Bob on Shorter Gray Hair

Instagram @angeonthedge

Try a super trendy short hairstyle if you’re a woman over 60. It’s a beautiful neck-length inverted bob on straight hair paired with a fringe. A bright, short youthful hairstyle like this can work on any face shape. Plus, the angle makes this cut look more feminine for women in their 60s.

Edgy Red Choppy Layers

Instagram @soubecas

Walk on the wild side with edgy choppy layers. When you’re an older woman, chopping your tresses is one of the best hairstyles you can get for a more youthful appearance. Long hair can drag you down and make you look older in some cases. Red hair color does come with high maintenance so if you’re not ready to spend more time at the salon, I would avoid such a vibrant color.

Stylish Blonde Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs

Instagram @ceejaystyle

This short haircut is a one-length bob with short layers and side bangs. I would recommend a short layered bob if you’re an elderly lady who wants a fun and easy hairstyle to maintain! I recommend highlights with this type of cut to help accentuate the layers if you want to grow out your natural gray hair color. This layered one-length bob haircut is an all-around great cut for women over 60 who want to cut their hair short, but not too short. I usually recommend these types of haircuts for women in their 60s who have a round or oval-shaped face, but talk to your stylist and see what they recommend!

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Voluminous Salt-and-Pepper Short Bob for a Round Face

Instagram @donnag_bluxehairandmakeup

One of the best short haircuts for women over 60 with a round face is a short bob with face-framing. When going short, this type of tapered short cut is easy to put together, grows out well on salt-and-pepper hair, and gives a lift in your crown and a beautiful framing around your face. This short hairstyle has the best of both worlds – shortness on the neckline for coolness and height for the crown. The angle along the jawline on this short bob is becoming from a side view.

Bouncy Short Silver Curls

Instagram @todchukstudio

Consider short curls if you want to show off your natural color and texture. This short hairstyle will brighten up your face. Don’t forget to finish your silver hair off with a curl cream to make your curls extra bouncy and airy!

Mature Blended Layers on a Short Cut

Instagram @chemistry_salon

Blended layers are best fitted on finer densities and smooth to wavy textures. This technique will add volume and texture to your hair that can be created through styling methods like hot tools and product aid like styling wax.

Younger-Looking Short Pixie Bob with a Side Part

Instagram @soubecas

Pair a short bixie with a side part to add livelihood to your otherwise limp hair. Adding texture to your hair versus laying it polished are some ways to wear it in-between days of styling. This style will not only add lift to your hair it will give the illusion of lifting your facial features as long hair tends to drag your down.

Polished Pixie Cut for Women with Glasses

Instagram @midnight_carole

If you’re a woman that wears glasses a pixie with a bang is the way to go. A variation of side bangs, long fringe, or face framers is optional based on your face shape. Keep in mind, that fringe maintenance around your glasses can create frequent stops to the salon.

Gorgeous Gray Bob with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Instagram @hairbymasoud

Lots of women over 60 like to keep their natural salt and pepper hairstyle. If that’s you, then this is a great haircut that will compliment your natural color. It’s a classic look that’s easy to style. With some short cuts, you can always add sassy side-swept bangs to add more youthfulness to your look This is perfect for women over 60 who are getting older but still working and need a more professional hairstyle.

Fun Silver Long Pixie

Instagram @hairbyjanetbiggers

A long pixie can be a fun style if you’re an older woman with silver hair. Switching up the typical pixie by leaving length around your face will create a more trendy style. Ask your stylist to cut the fringe to suit your face shape. The long pixie is easy to style using a blow dryer and your fingers or a brush to add volume. Always finish your style with a paste or pomade to show off the texture of the cut.

Bright Short Feathered Bob with a Side Part

Instagram @sacaumut

Adding a side part to a short feathered bob works great for a woman over 60 because it highlights the eyes and cheekbones. The layers on this bob sweep up and away from your face, giving it a natural facelift. A deep side part works great on most face shapes and you can play with which side and how deep to part depending on your bone structure.

Cool Short Textured Pixie Haircut

Instagram @pattie_lovettreid

One of the coolest short hairstyles for older women over 60 is a long pixie with layers and longer feathered bangs. It’s great because it can hide forehead wrinkles and will take away the numbers from your age!

Low-Maintenance Blonde Bob with Layers

Instagram @ittaribeiro

For women over 60 with wavy hair who ask me to give them a wash-and-go cut, I give them a bob with blended layers. Additionally, blonde hair coloring will help blend your natural gray coloring as it grows in.

White Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs for Thin Hair

Instagram @rossthebosssalons

I’m digging this cute short pixie haircut that’s perfect for a sixty-year-old with a white blonde dimension and long bangs. The long bangs are great to hide wrinkles and skin imperfections. This face-framing short hairstyle is for thin hair and allows you so much versatility from a textured tousled cropped cut to a polished one! This flatters women who want short hair and are over 60 because the added layers will give it a messy style to create beach waves.

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Sassy Short Layered Crop

Instagram @jimk_hair

A short tapered hairstyle is super sassy! A really short cut can be proof that you can rock short blonde hair. Very short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses can still be feminine. Try to add more depth and texture to your super short haircut by adding choppy layers around your tapered nape. The shorter layers in the crown area add height and volume making it perfect for finer hair types.

Popular Short Shaggy Cut with Choppy Bangs

Instagram @salsalhair

When it comes to tendy short hairstyles for women over 60, short shag hairstyles are still popular! Feel like a ’60s babe with this flattering shaggy cut! Add a few layers and an uneven fringe, and you’re good to go!


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Stunning Short Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

Instagram @hincapiehair

Sassy cuts with blonde highlights can add so much texture to volumize your hair! Plus, that cute and long side-swept fringe increases the volume for you older women with thinning hair. See more length and cute ideas of youthful hairstyles for women over 60.

Classy Jaw-Length Bob with Long Bangs

Instagram @summerverrett

As you’re growing older you can spice up your neatly shaped jaw-length bob hair with some highlights. When it comes to the most requested short haircuts for women over 60, bobs are definitely at the top of my list. Add in some longer bangs to spruce up this classic style.

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Cute Golden Balayage Wavy Bob

Instagram @aoki_hair

Mature women can add more dimension to a smooth short wavy bob by getting a golden balayage on their natural brown hair! This easy-to-style and current chin-length haircut will help most 60-year-old women take a few years off their age.

Sassy Feathered Cut for Short Straight Hair

Instagram @oxyjennbeauty

Short hair on women over 60 looks amazing with a feathered bob cut and color combination. Getting fabulous fall-inspired hair color shades like this can do wonders for seniors! The lowlights and the feathered layers both work together to add depth and sass to your aging hair.

Silver Straight Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Instagram @alisonallvess

If you’re a 60-year-old woman with fine hair, precision is what you need if you want to make your short straight hair this gorgeous. A simple, jaw-length cut with a side part and a silver hair color allow these kinds of short hairstyles for fine-haired women to minimize styling time and also maintain your hair easily.

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Chic Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram @hairbyamychareunsouk

Ladies over 60 who come and see me at the salon often will ask what’s a simple way to look younger. I often recommend adding some highlights. Silver highlights on dark brunette hair look sassy and modern and will give you a younger look. Cutting it asymmetrically as a bob into a tapered cut makes the whole look really fashionable, and it can be used to frame your face as well to distract from a long face shape.

Stunning Salt-and-Pepper Graduated Bob

Instagram @carissadidthat

Go for a graduated bob with razored layers. Razor cuts give flawless lines which allow for easy styling that will just fall into place. I’ve found that this short style works well on all hair types for women in their 60s. But, especially hair that is medium to fine with a slight bend to it. A minimal product, just a bit of Aveda Phomollient and spray shine to really add shimmer to your hair when it moves. Flat brush for a straighter look or round brush for more fullness. It looks great on women with a slimmer face and neck. You can really showcase this cut with dimensional highlighting or on your natural gray hair, as you notice on the model in the picture.

Classic Golden Blonde Wedge Cut

Instagram @stone_johair

This golden blonde, classic wedge cut is perfect for older women looking for a short haircut. A golden blonde cut and color is a versatile, elegant short haircut for thick hair done with rounded graduation to flow with the shape of your head. Short haircuts are best for women your age, to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous as you age. A short crop style can work on a square jaw, oval face, and also a rectangle shape face. The ease of styling is done mostly with a round brush and a blower.

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Modern Short Layered Cut

Instagram @beinspiredsofie

A lightly curved bob is one of the classiest short hairstyles for women over 60. The color of this shorter-length blonde hairstyle is one that everybody goes for, without being too dull. As for the cut, short hair is something you really have to want! Some older women think it’s the easy way out, but styling short hair does still take time. Ask your stylist for advice on styling your type of hair.

Elegant Stacked Bob

Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

The best part of this short stacked bob is the body it gives women in their sixties adding more shape to the cut! Consider asking your stylist to enhance a short angled bob haircut so it is stacked a little more for optimal fullness. Being a woman over 60 with fine hair or thinning hair, this haircut creates weight and gives an illusion of fullness.

Fabulous Haircut For Curly Hair

Instagram @aoki_hair

When I have to choose from curly short haircuts for women over 60, I often choose a Deva Cut short bob. Transform your gray bob into a more natural brunette to remove the grey tone and create bouncy curls. Whether you’re 60 and up or younger, understanding your natural curls can be liberating and empowering. Educating older women with curly hair the proper product and technique is key.

Flawless Cut for Thick Hair

Instagram @tracycroot

A flawless cut for thick hair is the perfect combination of style and shape. This cut keeps the width around your cheekbone area allowing for a full voluminous style. The clever layering softens your thick ends to sit in a neat bob shape. Discuss with your stylist the optimal length for your features.

Cool Neck-Length A-Line Bob

Instagram @leasmartstyle

This is a gorgeous short a-line bob with natural highlights. It’s slightly stacked in the back and angled in the front. If you’re a woman with straight hair, this sassy cut is perfect for you. The A-line bob is one of the best short haircuts for women over 60 because it can be personalized from woman to woman, depending on the severity of the angle and the stacked layers. This cut is great if you have a round or oval face shape.

Sleek Angled Bob with Bangs

Instagram @nirvanahairgallery

The best short hairstyles for women over 60 are chic, yet low-maintenance, wash-and-wear styles like a short bob with bangs. The best thing about this short haircut is the dimension and pieciness it can offer. I love how versatile a shortened haircut can be. It can be straightened for a chic look or you can curl it for a low-maintenance look.

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