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50 Most Eye-Catching Bob Haircuts With Bangs for a Fresh Makeover

A bob with bangs is a great haircut to get if you’re bored with your hair or want to balance out your less-than-perfect facial features.

Can you pull off a bob with bangs? It depends on what will work best with your face shape, hair type, lifestyle and age range. I’ll give you my best tips and advice for choosing the best haircut as you scroll through the photos below.

Ready to see the best ideas for bobs with bangs? Start scrolling!

Sexy Naturally Curly Bob with Bangs

Naturally curly bob haircut with bangs

Instagram @medullacoyorkville

Now with longer hair, I wanted to make sure the haircut was strong, a statement haircut, for her personality. Classy for work but still have the edge. She has a graduated bob hairstyle with bangs and inverted layers at the crown. I wanted strength at the perimeter but also to break up the layers to give volume and balance.

This look is great for thick curly hair because it’s strong and balanced. It has a build-up of weight at the perimeter, but it also has layers for weight distribution which helps the look be balanced visually. The fringe helped open her face up so her face wasn’t lost in her hair. I used Oribe thickening mousse on her roots for volume and Bumble and Bumble’s Don’t Blow It for control and a soft air-dried natural end result.

Texturized Graduated Bob with Bangs

Texturized Graduated Bob with Bangs

Instagram @robynmurphy_hairdressing

This is a graduated bob with bangs and a lot of texture. My favorite part of this bob is that it requires minimal styling, and it’s perfect for women with busy lifestyles. It’s a very low-maintenance haircut.

Bob hairstyles with bangs are great for ladies that are looking for a change but don’t want a ton of maintenance. This also depends on your hair texture, though. For my curly/kinky girls, this cut will turn into a tapered afro/curls depending on the tightness of your texture, but it’s a great look. For my wavy/straight textures, this is good for the girl that doesn’t want to style every day. You can achieve great looks with a natural wave or straight hair on textured bobs.

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Instagram @numeroseisnc

A sweet copper bob like this that’s so pleasing to the eyes needs lots of TLC to keep its color. The subtle layers and texture, along with that thick blunt fringe, completes this cute look that suits any face shape and gives you a burst of confidence.

Beautifully Stacked Bob with Bangs

Beautifully Stacked Bob Haircut with Bangs

Instagram @splattercharlotte

This look is a short and sassy, chin-length, stacked bob with bangs. I love how the contrast of the color shows off the texture and layers of this cut. It makes it look lived-in, fun, and sexy but still professional. This hairstyle is very versatile. It works great with straight or naturally curly hair. It gives you volume, appears thicker, and requires much less styling. If you have a busy lifestyle and are wanting to make the big chop, go with this sassy hairstyle.

👉 See more stacked bob haircuts and hairstyles.

Modern Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Modern Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @radhair_by_kristin

A shaggy bob with curtain bangs is very unique and is on-trend. Bobs can be flattering on all women when customized to your individual features. Curtain bangs frame your face beautifully for an instant lift. A chin-length cut grows out quickly and will need a cut every 4-6 weeks.

Pretty Straight Bob with Fringe

Pretty Straight Bob with Fringe

Instagram @alisonallvess

If you want a classic bob, ask for the side lengths to sit from the lip to the chin area. This is the impact area and gives a great shape. If you want a little body, I advise to have a few surface layers as this will add width. Try rounded bangs to soften and stop the shape from looking too flat. Bobs look great nice and glossy so finish with a shine spray.

Sleek Neck-Length Bob with See-Through Bangs

Sleek Neck-Length Bob with See-Through Bangs

Instagram @yp_hair

Try a neck-length bob with see-through bangs for a chic look. The medium length is suitable for all different hair types. The feather-light bangs add a nice frame around the face. Use a shine spray at the ends for a polished finish.

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Magnificent Medium Bob with Bangs

Magnificent Medium Bob with Bangs

Instagram @hirohair

Bob haircuts with bangs can flatter almost any face shape. For this cut, the face is a little longer, so adding longer bangs help frame it better. Plus, all that texture and layers really make this a wonderful medium bob.

Flawless Layered Bob with Fringe

flawless layered bob with bans

Instagram @suzygrifa

This layered bob with bangs is super cute. Style it with layers and a smooth fringe for a remarkable finish.

Cutest Inverted Bob with Swept Bangs

Cutest Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram @alex.moiseeva

All the angles this easy and pretty inverted bob with side bangs gives you offer so much dimension from front to back. Add in some babylights for more emphasis on those layered cuts.

Amazing Short Layered Bob with Bangs

short layered bob with bangs

Instagram @thebangsbabe

A head-turning perfectly layered bob with bangs is perfectly ideal if you’re wanting to hide some length from your long face or forehead.

Mature Swing Bob With Bangs

Mature blonde swing bob with bangs

Instagram @betoizeppi

This is a swing bob with bangs. To be more specific, full betty bangs. This sleek look by stylist Beto Izeppi is one of his favorites to do!

Hot Long Bob with Parted Bangs

hot long bob with parted bangs

Instagram @demetriusschool

This is a very sleek layered long bob with side bangs. The best part about it is the lightness and movement it provides and its versatility. This accentuates the cheeks and jaw and elongates the neck making it a slimming and flattering chic look. Have a thorough consultation with your stylist if you are considering this cut, and enjoy this fresh summer look!

Classic French Bob with Bangs

Classic french bob with bangs hairstyle

Instagram @rushhairwatford

This is a modern french bob with bangs. It has a pretty solid perimeter that is gently broken up with point cutting. The two best things about this cut are how low maintenance it is and that her bangs are customized to suit her style.

This style looks best blow-dried smooth with a slight bend on the ends. It’s ideal for straight hair or hair with a slight wave in it. It works with almost every face shape. However, the rounder the face shape the more length should be left toward the face. Bangs are customized per the individual. This short style is not for people who typically like to put their hair up.

Cute Textured Bob with Fringe

Cute Textured bob with fringe

Instagram @brianaguilarhair

Try a textured bob with a fringe. This look has a strong perimeter that was cut for weight and paired with surface layers to give lots of fun movement within the haircut. This look is so much fun and super low-maintenance. Transitioning to a haircut with fringe is an easy way to change your whole look. Styling this haircut is super easy for any woman looking to wash and go.

Using only a few key products, this haircut can look perfectly tousled with little effort. The go-to product for this haircut would be This Is A Dry Texturizing Spray from Davines. It creates the messy look with a light hold, and you will love the scent!

Perfect Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

perfect bob with bangs for fine hair

Instagram @hairpin_me_down85

To me, this bob hairstyle with bangs is a fairly contemporary classic. It has strong, clean lines and an interesting fringe that complements her beautiful angular face!

This look is perfect for the woman who doesn’t mind a little maintenance required to upkeep their hair, as well as for someone with straight to wavy texture. It doesn’t require much heat styling to make it gorgeous! Your best friend will be a lightweight hair serum when wet, and a dry texturizer once the hair is dry.

Modern Bob with Middle Part Bangs

modern bob with middle part bangs

Instagram @leventkilic0

This style is a mix of modern and classic. The textured, face-framing bangs are shaggy and modern. The bottom features a classic blunt cut, and the blunt line makes her face come alive.

I recommend this look for any fashionable woman. The blunt bob pairs perfectly with 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion, meaning that it is designed to place the emphasis on the clothes.

Pink Lob Dreams

Pink Lob Dreams hairstyle

Instagram @hairbyjessbash

I would describe this look as an edgy textured lob with a full fringe. I had SO much fun creating this look with my client! She gave me free reign on both color and design.

I suggest having patience in the lifting process and understanding the maintenance needed for the color, especially for the bangs. Proper home care products are absolutely needed as well! I styled her hair using Redken Velvet Gelatin 07, Redken Satinwear 04, and Redken Iron Shape 11, then finished with Sebastian Shaper Plus. I also used a 1-inch iron to create her waves.

Mod Middle Part Bob with Curtain Bangs

Blonde bob with curtain bangs

Instagram @hairbykaitlynbrown

This mod lob with a curtain bang is a fun and edgy way to wear a shorter style! It’s perfect for women who are thinking about bangs but don’t want to commit. My advice is to stay on the longer side and slowly take the bangs shorter as you get used to having something around your face. They do have to be styled to give them this look, but they lay nicely for those lazy days too!

To style, blow the curtain bangs out by over-directing them to get the swoop and using a 1 1/4-inch curling iron to add textured waves. Lots of texture is key, so any product to give the hair grit is best. I use sea salt spray on wet hair and lots of dry texture spray once the hair is dry!

Sleek Bob with Bangs for Dark Skin

Sleek Bob with Bangs for Dark Skin

Instagram @saloncyan

We created this sleek, modern bob with multidimensional mocha tones. I love how the bangs draw attention to her eyes and bone structure, while the color warms her skin tone. Something to keep in mind for this style is that it will require some styling in the morning with a blow dryer and/or a flat iron. The amount of styling depends on the client’s natural texture, but this may not be for your “wash and go” personality. In terms of face shape, this is NOT best suited for people with shorter faces (round or square) as it might close the face off.

Sweet Face-Framing Long Bob with Fringe

Sweet face-framing long bob with fringe


This look is a textured, long bob with bangs that are face-framing and it’s very versatile. This style is recommended for women who have a straight or wavy natural hair type, or a client who wants to elongate their face shape. This style can be straightened, curled, or left with a natural hair texture for a wash-and-go routine.

With the inverted style cut, the length is preserved in the front to draw your eyes to that length. This cut is recommended to ladies looking to be trendy, yet low-maintenance.

Wavy Bob with Bangs on Blonde Hair

Wavy Bob with Bangs on Blonde Hair

Instagram @libertytheagency

I describe this wavy bob cut with bangs as effortless beauty. My favorite thing about it is that it is simple and carefree! You can style it to look polished and finished or style it to look messy and effortless. The bangs really complete the look.

This look is super low-maintenance, with next to no product usage needed. Use a good shampoo and conditioner paired with a leave-in and a touch of sea salt spray; this look will be complete.

Beautiful Blunt Lob With Shattered Fringe

Beautiful Blunt lob with shattered fringe

Instagram @ayhanonluel

This is a blunt lob with a soft, shattered fringe. I love the contrast of soft and whispy next to blunt and angular. For moveable but defined texture, use R+Co Death Valley at the roots and throughout the ends. To give the bangs separation, use Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair, pinching tiny sections of her fringe while spraying them in place.

A bob haircut with bangs like this is great for heart-shaped and oval faces and either straight or slightly wavy hair. The bangs can be high maintenance, so this look is best for a woman that doesn’t mind coming in every two to three weeks for a bang trim.

Sweet Short Bob with Bangs

sweet short bob with bangs

Instagram @ciprianvaidahair

Consider a short bob with straight bangs and hair that gets slightly longer toward the sides and front. Style the bangs by combing them straight forward until fully dry. Either air dry (if you have slightly wavy hair) or hand dry the rest of the hair with your hands and finish with a brush for smoothness.

Chic Blonde Bob with Straight Bangs

chic blonde bob with straight bangs

Instagram @bydecolulea

A blonde bob cut with straight bangs can easily be pulled off in any office or event! A great smoothing cream won’t weigh your hair down but helps to smooth and soften it with a light hold. Try Pravana’s Model Behavior.

Confident beauties with a heart-shaped face wear this look best, while hair that is medium to fine in thickness and straight to wavy will make it easy to style. If blonde doesn’t pop enough for you, try any of the colors of the rainbow! Violet, blue, pink, teal, or any pastel or neon shade could work with this cut and style as well.

Buttery Golden Bob

Buttery Blonde Bob with Bangs

Instagram @tiah.maria_rinsdhair

A buttery golden blonde creates a bold yet soft look that is great for fairer skin tones. Paired with blunt bangs and a bob, the look is a total showstopper.

How To Style:

Apply a medium hold gel to damp hair. Blow dry hair using a large round brush or flat brush, smoothing ends under as you dry. If needed, use a flat iron to smooth out any ends and the bangs. Apply a smoothing oil to finish the look.

Heart, diamond and oval face shapes look great in this blunt bob, while hair that is medium in density and naturally straight will make it easiest to recreate this look. Less is more with professional styling products. Always start off with less product and add more if needed rather than ending up with too much and making your hair harder to style.

Soft Wispy Fringe

Bob hairstyle with wispy fringe

Instagram @jess_stanski_hair

A soft, wispy fringe takes the edge off this dark look. Heart-shaped faces wear this look best, while hair that is fine in texture and naturally straight is best for recreating this look. Even if your hair is not fine, you can still achieve this look. Switch out the thickening cream for a straightening cream instead, and flat iron everything after blow drying.

How To Style:

Apply a thickening cream to damp hair. Blow dry hair in sections using a medium round brush. Just use a vent brush on your bangs though. Use a flat iron to smooth any ends or bangs. Finish look with a light hairspray.

Bold with Blunt Bangs

Blonde bob with blunt bangs

Instagram @rocknrulos

This look needs no introduction! Platinum blonde, hue, bold bangs, and layers give it an edgy look that can be tamed down for day wear and played up for the evening.

How To Style:

While hair is still damp, apply a medium hold gel mixed with a texturizing cream. Blow dry hair without a brush, moving it in different directions as you dry. Once almost dry, switch to using a vented brush to dry bangs and the hair around the face. Mist dry hair with a texture spray. Use a flat iron to give different pieces a blunt look, including the bangs. Using a paste, pinch your ends and give separation to layers.

A great texture spray that can be layered to add more hold is Pravana’s Invisible Control. It can be used wet or dry to create all sorts of textured looks. Any face shape can wear this bold look, while hair that is medium to thick in texture and naturally straight is easiest to recreate this look. This cut looks amazing with any shade of hair color, so if vibrant colors aren’t your thing, that’s ok. Still give this cut a try!

Blonde Swing Bob

blonde swing bob

Instagram @laurenzuphair

This swing bob is a great way to play up naturally straight hair. Straight locks that are medium to thick wear this swing bob best, while heart, round and square face shapes look fabulous sporting this style. Clip-in hair extensions can help create a new look every time you use them. Grab some in assorted colors to create a rainbow, or just one color to wear on the weekends if work doesn’t allow fashion colors.

How To Style:

Apply a straightening cream throughout damp hair. Blow dry hair in sections using a flat brush, smoothing hair straight down and towards your face. Using the lowest heat setting for your hair type, smooth hair and bangs with a flat iron. Finish look with a shine spray, just make sure not to hold it too close to your hair when spraying.

Face Framed

face framing bob with bangs and purple highlights colored


A bold outline framing your face can bring out all your best features. Heart face shapes wear this look best, while hair that can be straightened out and is medium to thick in texture is perfect for creating this ultra-straight style.

How To Style:

Apply a straightening cream to damp hair and comb through to ensure it is evenly distributed. Blow dry hair in sections using a flat brush, working curls out and smoothing strands down. Once hair is completely dry, flat iron in sections starting underneath in the back. Pin any hair not being ironed out of your way as you work. Finish with a lightweight hair oil for shine and frizz control.

Easy Beachy Waves

Easy bob with bangs and beachy waves

Instagram @hirohair

Soft, beach-inspired waves paired with beautiful layers and bangs are a great easy look. Heart, round and oval face shapes wear this soft wave beautifully. Hair that is fine to medium in thickness and naturally wavy or straight works well to recreate this look. A great curling iron is the key to achieving beautiful curls that last. Look at a few at Ulta or your local beauty supply, and then check online reviews to find the right iron for you.

How To Style:

Apply a sea salt spray to damp hair. Blow dry hair scrunching with hands, or use a diffuser. Using a large barrel curling iron or wand, wrap sections of hair starting in the middle and curling almost to ends. Alternate directions of your waves to give your style this lived-in look. Apply texture powder to hands and scrunch though hair to give separation and extra texture.

Wavy Classic Bob with Bangs

wavy classic bob with bangs

Instagram @pogitail

Simple and classic, this wavy bob with soft bangs gives you class and sophistication at any age. For styling, use Pravana’s Model Behavior. It’s a fantastic smoothing cream that gives smoothness, shine, and a light hold. Fine to medium textured hair that is straight to wavy is a great starting point to recreate this style. Heart and oval-shaped faces wear this look well.

Polished Sleek Bob with Full Bangs

polished sleek bob with full bangs

Instagram @hirohair

This ultra-sleek and polished look is not only a breeze to style, but looks amazing with perfect full bangs. Use Pravana’s Detail Shine and Define Wax is perfect for this sleek style. A little goes a long way and the water-soluble formula washes out easily and never builds up. Heart and oval face shapes wear this look best, while hair that is medium in density and naturally straight is best for styling.

Flowing Layers

blonde bob with layers for older women


This bob hairstyle features flattering layers and a gorgeous side-swept bang. Any face shape can wear this layered look, while hair that is medium to fine will make recreating this look much easier.

Textured Fringe Bob

textured bob with blunt fringe

Instagram @lady_panda_kun

Here is a popular variation of the classic bob. This may be among the most popular low-maintenance styles! Personalizing your bob with a signature fringe will definitely make a statement. Styling is key to making this look your own.

Conundrum Paste by Unite is a versatile styling aid that acts like a paste/wax/cream all mixed into one. This look works well on all face shapes. Finer hair types may want to use a little less product to avoid flat hair.

Soft Textured Bob

soft textured bob with bangs

Instagram @xanderlyn_salon

The layering in this look lends itself to building volume and shape in the styling. This is a timeless style that works well for all age groups. This look will work well with almost all face shapes. The cut may work best for those with finer hair looking for volume.

Pretty Blonde Bob with Bangs

pretty blonde bob with bangs

Instagram @room97creative

This cute summer bob with fresh bangs wouldn’t be perfect without this light blonde shade. On straight healthy hair, blondes can look smooth and vibrant like these charming bangs.

Retro Doll

retro short French bob hairstyle

Instagram @causing_hysterica

This retro beauty is a mixture of sweetness and sass! This French bob shows off a modern sleek style with bangs.

For styling, Aquage’s Molding Mega Gel has fantastic hold without being sticky or flaky. To smooth this style down, use Paul Mitchell’s Wax Works. When applying styling products to hair, start off with a smaller amount so that you don’t overload your hair. Add more product if needed as you go.

Sharp A-Line Bob with Bangs

sharp a-line bob with bangs

Instagram @alex.tanase_

It’s a chic a-line bob with bangs. It’s clean and classic. I love that it has a hidden secret and that it can be worn smooth or with some texture so it’s very versatile.

It’s super easy to style so it’s great for women who don’t have a lot of time to do their hair. It’s great for all hair types and most face shapes. The angled bob is timeless, always in style, and looks great on most people! I love using a little BB cream from AG hair, and then blow-drying it out smooth with a round brush!

Foxy Brown Bob Hairstyle

foxy brown bob hairstyle

Instagram @studio_marteena

Soft texture, layers, side-swept bangs…what more could you ask for? You are sure to look “Foxy” in this beautiful brown bob.

Copper Goddess

copper hair color for a bob with bangs

Instagram @hair_salon_by_hadis

This stylish bob has such a beautiful shape with light layers and a funky fringe. The bright, copperish-orange color gives this classic shape a little extra pizazz. Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrowhip is fantastic. It smells amazing and gives a soft, flexible hold. Top the look off with Aquage’s Finishing Spray. Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to help maintain the vibrancy of this orange color. Ask your stylist for soft layers when getting this cut. If you have an oval, heart, or square-shaped face, this cut is perfect for you. This cut and style will make anyone with fine or thin hair look thicker and fuller.

Sweeping Medium Inverted Layered Bob

Inverted Layered Bob with Sweeping Fringe

Style by Amber McClain, The Cut Barbershop, Fort Walton Beach, FL

This is a stunning style for the brave fashionista! This little number is a popular variation of the stacked bob. The emphasis here is on the contrast from longer in the front to shorter in the back, creating a medium inverted bob with layers.

Accented Sleek Bob

accented sleek bob haircut

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

This is a very clean and modern look with a twist on the fringe. The little pop of color is subtle and stands out in a very cute way. This could be a conservative crowd-pleaser as well as a look for the fashion-forward. This look works well on all face shapes. Finer hair types may want to use a little less product to avoid build-up.

Platinum Soft Bob with Bangs

platinum soft bob with bangs

Instagram @prairiehair

Without a doubt, this beautiful bob is an attention-getter. With the platinum lowlights strategically placed in the fringe and around her face, this softly layered bob is a stunner. Ask your stylist to place silver lowlights throughout your hair. To put the focus on bringing out your eyes, have them concentrate the placement a little heavier in the fringe and around your face.

How To Style:

Starting with clean, wet hair, apply a root lifter in the crown to give some volume. Then apply a smoothing serum starting at the ends. This will help speed up drying time as well as prevent frizz when drying. Blow dry in sections starting at the bottom. Use a small paddle brush for the bottom part of the hair, using the curve of your head as your guide. By pulling your hair from side to side as you are drying, you will achieve the straightness at the bottom without the volume As you move up, start to use a small to medium size round brush. Take the round brush and pull sections of the hair from the root out. This will give you volume as well as smooth the hair. When hair is completely, dry take a dime-sized amount of polishing cream, emulsify into your hands and run it through your hair to add definition and shine. Top off this beautiful style with a lightweight hairspray.

Peek-A-Boo Bangs

Peek a Boo Asymmetric Bangs With Bob Hairstyle

Style by Krista Feiste

The compliments won’t stop with these peek-a-boo bangs! With the blunt edges, cut-out fringe, and warm coppery hue, you are sure to exude confidence. This style is suitable for round and oval face shapes. Any hair type could rock this cut and style. It can add weight to thin, fine hair or minimize weight from thick, coarse hair.

Let your stylist know that you want your bangs cut at an angle. Going from short to long, have the bangs start out short right above your brow, gradually getting longer on the other side.

Long Layered Bob with Bangs

long layered bob with bangs hairstyle

Instagram @misstifferz

With a few subtle highlights and a softly textured fringe, this long layered bob with bangs is as classic as they come. This amazing style works best on round, oval, and heart-shaped faces. All hair types work with this cut and style. When asking your stylist for this cut, ask for long layers that are cut bluntly on the ends and softly textured bangs.

Flirty Fringe

flirty fringe

Instagram @studio_marteena

Add some spunk to this chin-length bob with a fall hair color like this darker brown. Along with the side-swept, flirty fringe, this style is sophisticated enough for the office yet sassy enough for the evening.

Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic and Brilliant Medium Hold Spray are excellent tools to help you to achieve this style. I love the ceramic round brushes by Cricket. They don’t snag or pull the hair and give a nice polished look. Ask your stylist for a chin-length bob with long layers. For the fringe, ask for a longer side-swept bang.

Pastel Blonde Bob with Bangs

pastel blonde bob with bangs

Instagram @studio208hair

This pastel blonde is the icing on the cake. It turns this basic bob and bangs combo into a serious show-stopper! This cut and style work best for round and oval face shapes. If you have fine or thin hair, this cut will help give you the fullness you desire. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut with a small amount of layering at the bottom.

Beautiful Blunt Bob with Bangs

beautiful blunt bob with bangs hairstyle

Instagram @idolamilano_corsovercelli

Opt for a beautiful blunt bob with bangs when choosing your next haircut. To style, use Moroccan Oil. It’s a great product that can be used on both wet and dry hair. A boar bristle flat brush is a perfect smoothing brush and Denman makes a great one. This particular length of bob is fab for oval, long, and square-shaped faces. The look also works great with all hair types.

Soft Bob Cut with Fringe for Older Women

soft bob cut with fringe for older women

Instagram @davila_hair_

Consider a soft bob cut with fringe if you’re an older woman. Simple in cut and styling, this non-layered haircut is ideal for women over 50 who want to spend less time in the mirror fixing up their hair. To style, a quick pass with a flat iron and light hairspray on the bangs should do just fine.

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