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Bob Haircuts

50 Most Eye-Catching Bob Haircuts With Bangs for a Fresh Makeover

A bob with bangs is a great haircut to get if you’re bored with your hair or want to balance out your less-than-perfect facial features.

Can you pull off a bob with bangs? It depends on what will work best with your face shape, hair type, lifestyle and age range. I’ll give you my best tips and advice for choosing the best haircut as you scroll through the photos below.

Ready to see the best ideas for bobs with bangs? Start scrolling!

Sexy Naturally Curly Bob with Bangs

Naturally curly bob haircut with bangs

Instagram @medullacoyorkville

Now with longer hair, I wanted to make sure the haircut was strong, a statement haircut, for her personality. Classy for work but still have the edge. She has a graduated bob hairstyle with bangs and inverted layers at the crown. I wanted strength at the perimeter but also to break up the layers to give volume and balance.

This look is great for thick curly hair because it’s strong and balanced. It has a build-up of weight at the perimeter, but it also has layers for weight distribution which helps the look be balanced visually. The fringe helped open her face up so her face wasn’t lost in her hair. I used Oribe thickening mousse on her roots for volume and Bumble and Bumble’s Don’t Blow It for control and a soft air-dried natural end result.

Texturized Graduated Bob with Bangs

Texturized Graduated Bob with Bangs

Instagram @robynmurphy_hairdressing

This is a graduated bob with bangs and a lot of texture. My favorite part of this bob is that it requires minimal styling, and it’s perfect for women with busy lifestyles. It’s a very low-maintenance haircut.

Bob hairstyles with bangs are great for ladies that are looking for a change but don’t want a ton of maintenance. This also depends on your hair texture, though. For my curly/kinky girls, this cut will turn into a tapered afro/curls depending on the tightness of your texture, but it’s a great look. For my wavy/straight textures, this is good for the girl that doesn’t want to style every day. You can achieve great looks with a natural wave or straight hair on textured bobs.

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Instagram @numeroseisnc

A sweet copper bob like this that’s so pleasing to the eyes needs lots of TLC to keep its color. The subtle layers and texture, along with that thick blunt fringe, completes this cute look that suits any face shape and gives you a burst of confidence.

Beautifully Stacked Bob with Bangs

Beautifully Stacked Bob Haircut with Bangs

Instagram @splattercharlotte

This look is a short and sassy, chin-length, stacked bob with bangs. I love how the contrast of the color shows off the texture and layers of this cut. It makes it look lived-in, fun, and sexy but still professional. This hairstyle is very versatile. It works great with straight or naturally curly hair. It gives you volume, appears thicker, and requires much less styling. If you have a busy lifestyle and are wanting to make the big chop, go with this sassy hairstyle.

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