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5 Celebrity Hairstyles Real Men Dig : Sexy, Eye-Catching Hairstyles

When it comes to girls’ hair, we all know men and women don’t exactly speak the same language. We tend to think dip-dyed strands are cute and short cropped dos like Michelle Williams’ are totally chic. It’s kind of like pulling teeth to get guys to dish on anything beauty or hair related at all, actually. It’s like their mouths suddenly clamp shut and the only words they can manage are, “I dunno.” After a while and a whole lot of digging though, we finally did find five guys who were willing to spill the beans on the female celebrity hairstyles they think are hottest. We know you’re dying to know, so here goes:

Zooey Deschanel: “I like her hair because it’s not over the top. It makes her look sexy without taking away from her natural beauty.” – Geoff

celebrity hairstyles

Janelle Monae: “I like Janelle Monae’s hair because it just looks so rad!” – Marques  (We agree!!)

celebrity hair

Elizabeth Hurley: “I think Elizabeth Hurley has the sexiest hair in the world: long, dark, thick, shiny and it swings free and easy around her face. The rest of her is pretty sexy too!” – Mark

celebrity hairstyle hurley

Kate Beckinsale: “Her hair is long and always perfectly curled. It looks classy but like she put no effort into it at the same time.” – Chris

celebrity hair kate

Taylor Swift (with straight hair): “I like straight hair on women. Look how good Taylor Swift looked when she did that. I just remember she always had those perm curls and that one award show she showed up with straight hair, I was like…wait, who the F&^% is that!? It made her look sexy and more grown up.” – Rafael

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