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5 Absolutely Amazing Mad Men Hairstyles That Drive Us Mad

You know what’s happening this Sunday? Hint: I’m not talking about the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad. I’m talking about the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, which air live this Sunday, September 22 at 8e/5p on CBS.

This year’s Emmy nominations highlight a wide variety of TV shows and actors/actresses, but there are a few shows that’ve sort of swept the board, including the above mentioned Breaking Bad and — another one of my favorites — Mad Men.

Mad Men’s list of nominations include:

Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Jon Hamm as Don Draper for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Linda Cardellini as Sylvia Rosen for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Robert Morse as Bertram Cooper for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Harry Hamlin at Jim Cutler for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama

The show has also been nominated for:

Outstanding Drama Series Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing Outstanding Sound Mixing Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series

Speaking of outstanding hairstyling, what better way to celebrate Mad Men’s representation at the 2013 Emmy Awards than with a few how-to’s detailing some of the show’s most fabulous hairstyles? Tip of the day: Do your hair up in one of the below Mad Men hairstyles, then watch the award ceremony in glamourous ’60s style.

Joan Harris’s Signature Bouffant

This mad, red-headed woman has some seriously enviable hair and now you can, too. Refer to the full how-to here, but first gather a 1-inch barrel curling iron (or hot rollers), a teasing comb, some bobby pins and a brush. Some thickening lotion and hairspray will also come in handy for this Joan Harris hair.

mad men hairstyles

Peggy’s Modern ’60s ‘Do

Remember Peggy’s hair in the opening season of Mad Men? It wasn’t exactly refined, but like her character, Peggy’s hair has evolved with time. To get that “Peggy flip” and volume, you’ll want some volumizing spray, a round brush, a curling iron and hairspray. Check out the detailed tutorial here.

Peggy Olsen mad men hair tutorial

Megan Draper’s Sexpot Hair

Don’s current wife oozes style and sophistication. While she’s known for her classic ’60s bob on the show, Megan also plays with hair extensions for a bit of drama. If you’ve got short hair, take your cue from Mrs. Draper #2 by using a 3/4 hair piece (or clip-in pony) and then follow this hair tutorial. If you’ve already got the length, you’re good to go.

Megan Draper Mad Men hairstyle tutorial

Betty Francis’ Elegant Half-Up Hairstyle

Pretty Betty is the epitome of ’60s grace and femininity. Once the wife of a mad man, she’s now the first lady to a politician and she certainly wears the part from head to toe. Pay homage to her timeless look at the Betty Francis’ tutorial, which requires some hot rollers, thickening lotion, a natural bristle brush, bobby pins and setting spray.

Betty Francis Mad Men hairstyles

Sally Draper’s Girlish Coiffure

We’ve watched Sally Draper struggle with her parents’ relationships, throw temper tantrums and, on the opposite side of the spectrum, act like more of an adult than her age should allow. Despite her desire to be all grown up, though, she’s still very much a child. To achieve her innocent look, you’ll need a curling iron or curlers, a wide tooth comb, some taming spray and, of corse, a bow.

Sally Draper Mad Men hairstyle tutorial

Like these Mad Men hairstyle how-to’s? You’ll love these wearable ’60s hairstyles, too!

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