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41 Short Haircuts for Girls That Work for Ladies of All Ages

Short haircuts for girls are an easy way to have low-maintenance hair that’s easy for any girl to style. Popular short cuts include bobs, pixies, shags, and undercuts.

Going with a shorter length is the go-to style for most girls. So, they can avoid tangles and skin irritations and keep their hair away from their faces and bodies. This makes their movements easier and has maintenance less.

On those busy mornings during school days, you’ll want a short hairstyle that is easy to wash, style, and manage.

It doesn’t matter what type of hair your princess has! Whether it’s super straight, curly, or wavy – you’ll find a suitable short haircut for it.

Opting for shorter locks does not mean your styling will be limited. Small braids, a side ponytail, and pigtails are just a few examples of easy hairstyles for little girls you can quickly create.

Before your next hair appointment, find some inspiration in this photo gallery of short hair cuts for girls.

Sassy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut for Little Girls

Sassy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut for Little Girls

Instagram @_.rahulll13____

One of the best short haircuts for little girls is an asymmetrical pixie cut. The cutest thing about this cut is you have options with style. This is one of the simple and easy short hairstyles for girls to style. Use KMS Playable Texture to style. It gives her hair the right about of volume without having the feeling of too much product in her hair. With this cut, you have to be committed to keeping up with the clipped side of the head. This cut is very face-framing and really complements little girls with round faces.

Concave Bob with Blonde Money Pieces

Short Concave Bob with Blonde Money Pieces for Girls

Instagram @olgakursitis

A chic haircut can look like a million bucks. A concave bob with a money piece is one of these hairstyles that gives a timeless style.

Voluminous Short Hair with Side Parting

Voluminous Short Hair with Side Parting for a Girl

Instagram @corteinspiracao

Consider a side parting to achieve big short hair. It will add a bit of flair. For more movement, dry your hair in the opposite direction of your final look. Then, flip it over to the side you will wear it. For this look to stay in place and look effortless, use a texture spray, like Oribe’s Dry Texture spray, in the roots. This will add grip and give the look staying power while still letting the ends to move free.

Ear-Length Bob with a Soft Fringe

Ear-Length Bob with a Soft Fringe for a Girl

Instagram @yourbesthairdresser

If you are looking for a cute bob, consider an ear-length bob with a soft fringe. Short haircuts are all the rage right now as they can be adorable and bold at the same time. A haircut above the chin can elongate the face so make sure to ask your hairstylist if it will suit your face shape. It can be hard to tell on your own so an extra set of professional eyes can help.

Natural Red Hair with a Sleek Bobbed Style

Short Natural Red Hair with a Sleek Bobbed Style for Girls

Instagram @alyssamikaylahair

Blunt bobs are the best styles of short haircuts for girls who want to look sharper. Having your ends and undercut razored is best for thicker hair. Add a brown color to warm up any skin tone.

Mini French Bob with Short Bangs for Fine Hair

Mini French Bob with Short Bangs for Girls with Fine Hair

Instagram @brianaguilarhair

Seeking a hairstyle with sass? Go for one that will take your hair and make it look fuller. A mini French bob with short bangs is a hairstyle with just the right layer and silhouette. To try to get the look, seek out a stylist that crafts these regularly to fit your features.

Textured Bouncy Curls with Short Face-Framing Layers

Textured Bouncy Curls with Short Face-Framing Layers for Girls

Instagram @michellethompsonhair

Textured bouncy curls with short face-framing layers create volume for curly hair types. To recreate a haircut like this takes more of an unconventional approach. Picking tiny sections out visually, twirling them, and slide cutting. A fabulous style can be refreshed on day two by spraying the bumble and bumble curl conscious reactivation mist all over. Then, hit it with your diffuser. In the list of styles, this one is most requested in my chair for the lifeless, naturally curly hair client.

Wavy Bob Cut with Choppy Layers

Short Wavy Bob Cut with Choppy Layers for Girls

Instagram @nataliarok

Seeking a more voluminous style? It starts with a good haircut like a bob cut with choppy layers and texture styles like waves. This hairstyle will make the layers pop. And, when paired with a texturizing spray, you’ll look like the inspo pictures.

Short Bobbed Hair with Textured Ends

Short Bobbed Hair with Textured Ends for a Girl

Instagram @vstudiobyvolkan

Short bobbed hair with textured ends is a simple shape that has lots of style. The one-length hair is deeply point cut in the perimeter to soften it and is a good choice for straight fine hair. Try parting of your hair on the side to give you more volume in the front. Your hair will lay flatter if you part it in the middle. When styling your locks remember to keep the ends straight down not turned under. This way you’ll get a more modern finish.

Chin-Length Bob with Razored Layers and Face-Framing Bangs

Chin-Length Bob with Razored Layers and Face-Framing Bangs for Girls

Instagram @thebangsbabe

All face shapes are unique, as are the haircut made for them. You see the difference in their confidence when they rock a chin-length bob. A hairstyle that will work for you may come with a few adjustments made to showcase your features. However, with a few inspiration photos, your stylist can piece together the best style for you.

Very Short Curly Mullet

Very Short Curly Mullet for Girls

Instagram @vstudiobyvolkan

One of the most popular hairstyles that have made a comeback this year is the curly mullet! There are many variations of this style to choose from, so you won’t have a problem finding ideas. This particular length and style are great for adding extra volume and texture.

Short Straight Hair with Soft Stacked Layers

Short Straight Hair with Soft Stacked Layers for Girls

Instagram @alyssamikaylahair

Short straight hair with soft stacked layers will change your image. A bob with a straight edge is trending, so try to avoid the ends turning under. You’ll want a haircut that is modern looking, so use an extra large round brush to achieve a less rounded finish. Other than that, a stacked cut is neat and easy to accomplish.

Low-Maintenance Middle Part Bob

Short Low-Maintenance Middle Part Bob for Girls

Instagram @angelicabeckeroficial

A low-maintenance hairstyle is a middle part bob. I like to use it for women who want a short haircut with multiple styling options. Worn with soft curls can show the beauty and dimension of your hair color. While worn straight is always chic and classic. For girls who want the option to pull their hair up, the perimeter can be cut longer towards the front. This gives you a quick and easy half-up top knot.

Sleek Pixie Cut with See-Through Bangs

Sleek Pixie Cut with See-Through Bangs for Girls

Instagram @kinop_abbey

Ultra-smooth hair can pull off a sleek pixie cut with see-through bangs. Its neat canvas creates one of the smoothest textures to design. Making your hair the centerpiece of your style.

Layered Curls with Face-Framing Bangs

Short Layered Curls with Face-Framing Bangs for a Girl

Instagram @hairitagehairlounge

The best way to accentuate volume with curly hair is layered curls. Face-framing bangs are suitable for moderate and very curly hair. Pick a mouse or curl cream and work through very damp hair, before frizz gets a chance to develop. Diffuse or air dry for gorgeous locks.

Super Short Androgynous Pixie

Super Short Androgynous Pixie for Girls

Instagram @kultura_moscow

Show your personality off with a super short androgynous pixie. A bold short style will show the world you embrace yourself. The texture of your hair doesn’t really matter if you cut it super short. Even fine hair will appear thick at such short lengths. The bangs are cut off, so keep in mind this style flatters smaller facial features.

Graduated Bob with Bangs on Short Hair for Girls

graduated bob on short hair for girls

Instagram @bymaggiekime

A graduated bob on short hair allows achieving a bolder and voluminous hairstyle. Fine and thin tresses benefit from this short bob the most. It’s a short layered bob cut that’s requiring low at-home maintenance. Longer layers at the front maximize its edgy style. Use balm when styling a layered bob to create texture and separation like this. When wearing this trend, remember that short hair must be cut sooner since it loses its shape faster.

Super Cute Bob Cut with No Bangs

Super Cute Bob Cut with No Bangs for Girls

Instagram @tisvildeleje_wellness

If your long locks are needing a refresh, consider a super cute bob cut without bangs. For a fresh take on a classic style, cut the length between the chin and collarbone. Blunt ends make thin hair look fuller. For thick-haired gals, don’t forget to ask your stylist to add long layers. Also, remove weight through your ends for a sleek finish.

Precious Layered Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

Precious Layered Short Bob with Wispy Bangs for Little Girls

Instagram @alyssakooc_hair

A layered short bob with wispy bangs is an adorable hairstyle for a young girl. The bangs and layers well provide texture and will create a more tousled look. Any young girl would love this hairstyle!

Cute Blonde Bob with Subtle Highlights

Cute Blonde Bob with Subtle Highlights for Little Girls

Instagram @girasolesalon

A cute blonde bob with subtle highlights is a wonderful hairstyle for straight hair. One of the greatest ways to make your bob more playful and fun is to put some vivid colors on a few streaks. I suggest you start with paler pastel colors because it’s easier to remove if you don’t like them.

Sweet Choppy Bob with Middle-Part Bangs

Sweet Choppy Bob with Middle-Part Bangs for Girls

Instagram @yaanyoyo

Go for a timeless style like this sweet choppy bob. It’s manageable with wavy to curly textures for a low-maintenance routine. If you wish to explore fringe options, pair this style with middle part bangs or side part bangs. Both are great ways to evolve your style.

Adorable Neck-Length with Curtain Bangs

Adorable Neck-Length Cut with Curtain Bangs for Girls

Instagram @alyssakooc_hair

If you’re searching for a soft classic style, try a neck-length cut with bangs. This shape is great if you would like to appear more professional and stylish. The curtain bang is a great choice for round face shapes and will balance out facial features. For best results, blow-dry the length under with a medium round brush, and try drying the bangs off to each side with a middle part. These techniques will give you a pretty and soft finish.

Dorothy Hamill Inspired Bob Cut

Dorothy Hamill Inspired Bob Cut

Instagram @hazelsalon

A Dorothy Hamill-inspired bob cut really gives you a vintage feel and a more rounded look. Thicker textured hair is perfect for this look. The thickness of the hair really shows off the rounded look and creates a full-body shape. This roundness is achieved but short face-framing in the front or bangs and maintaining the length in the back is key. Round brush blow-dry set is the best option to really get those ends beveled underneath while also achieving the fullest volume all over.

Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie Cut

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Pixie Cut

Instagram @shorthairlife

Consider an Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut if long hair isn’t giving you that timeless feel you may be looking for. A classy pixie cut, amazing enough for Audrey herself, can be worn by any age, any profession, and most hair textures. A quick blow dry using a round brush in the front and crown area gives the perfect lift and texture for a smooth style.

Short Top Knot Style for a Toddler

Short top knot style for a toddler

Instagram @krza.krystledawn

Try a short top knot style for a toddler using a small hair tie, some product, and a brush. Secure with bobby pins, and spritz with dry shampoo for added texture. Get an accessory to accent the style, as well.

Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides for Emo Girls

Short mohawk with shaved sides for emo girls

Instagram @ladybarber402

Explore a fun short mohawk with shaved sides for Emo girls to discover and express your style. Playing around with shaved sides and keeping the length in a short mohawk can be empowering. This is a suitable style for curly or coily hair due to the way the curls stay stacked on top.

Cute Short Razor Cut for Red Hair Color

Cute Short Razor Cut for Red Hair Color

Instagram @hercoloranddesign

Stylist Haley did these natural sun-kissed highlights and a blunt bob with side bangs for this precious red-headed princess! Doesn’t it make you want to cry knowing your little baby girl is growing up? The sweet side-swept bangs and choppy texture makes it a popular short hairstyle for girls this year.

Cutest Cut for Curly Hair

Cutest Short Cut for Curly Hair

Instagram @stylebyjennbetty

This super natural rounded bob hairstyle for girls looks so adorable on any textured hair, especially unique black girl curly hair! Leave some pieces of short locks above the face for a cute finish.

Very Short Hairstyle for Girls with Fashion

Very Short Hairstyle for Girls with Fashion

Instagram @mirandalunna

A simple yet stylish haircut for girls with short hair. Cute hairstyles and haircuts for girls like this one look great on naturally straight hair as well as textured ones. The side-swept fringe also makes it even better, just make sure to maintain its length and keep it above the eyes.

Dashing Neck-Length Short Haircut for Thin Hair

Dashing Neck-length short haircut for little girls with thin hair

Instagram @christinagarciasalon

This dashing blonde bob cut can be worn all year long and is most likely the best choice for young girls with shorter hair. Styles like this are easy to maintain and manage.

Awesome Ear-Length Cut with Side Part

Awesome Ear-length Cut with Side Part

Instagram @caitlincutshair

These are funky pops of neon green and blue highlights paired with a fun short bob.  Fashion hair color in the form of highlights on dark hair is a great way to introduce fun colors without fully committing to short haircuts and hairstyles for girls.

The haircut is the product of growing out a short pixie. In the in-between stages, keep your nape tidy and add some texture to allow easier styling and less mullet. The style was achieved with a 1″ flat iron. Smooth over the hair lightly, then on the second pass, slightly bend the iron at the mid-shaft and pull through. Let sit and run your fingers through at the end. This will create a tousled look for your little girl. Finish with a light hairspray or texture spray (works great on fiber hair!).

Short Layered Cut for Girls with Fine Hair

Short Layered Cut for Girls with Fine Hair

Instagram @hairbymyriha

This particular short cut is for little girls with fine hair. This short haircut for girls is perfect for an active lifestyle. You can pull the front half updo a topknot. If you’re looking for a more polished look you can throw some beach waves in it, or it also looks awesome for just a get-up-and-go style. For those seeking a shorter cut,  it’s a perfect go-to. If you’re someone who has long hair and just throws it up in a ponytail every day, it’s a great option. When you get a really nice cut bob or lob, the cut itself is the style. You’ll find yourself wearing it down more.

Depending on the shape of the face is where you would determine if you want to do a bob or a super short cut. I always remind my clients that they can customize the longer hair cut, add a fun flirty face-framing piece, or keep it blunt by texturizing the ends. There are no rules and we can get as creative as we want with it.

Perfect Layered Bob for Short Straight Hair

Perfectly Layered Bob for Short Straight Hair

Instagram @olgakursitis

This layered lob is short, sweet, youthful, and refreshed! The best thing about this short layered haircut is that it accentuates the face shape and is low-maintenance for younger girls and women alike. Every girl with short hair should keep in mind their hair density and hair type. For example, if you have very thick hair, adding the long layers will help balance the weight throughout, rather than having it really heavy at the length. Also, considering hair type can affect the outcome of the hair. Just keep in mind, that this kind of straight bob may not look the same for every little girl.

Inspiring Shorter Cut Bob for Blonde Girls

Inspiring shorter cut bob for blonde girls

Instagram @fernthebarber

Want a shorter cut bob? For those little girls who are down for a youthful and classic style, this bob is a must-try. It’s a jaw-length bob haircut, perked up with a little texture and a diamond blonde color.

Related: See more jaw-length bobs.

Cool Pixie with a Fade for Girls with Thick Hair

pixie with a fade for girls with thick hair

Instagram @lovely_chach

This cool pixie with a fade cut will make girls appear edgy and confident. Straight to loose wavy hair textures work best with this styling featuring a buzz cut on one side. Short hair for young girls can be simple and sweet. It’s much more ideal if their short hair requires no minimal styling.

Pretty Jaw-Length Blunt Cut with Bangs

Pretty jaw-length blunt cut with bangs for girls

Instagram @claudiashairstory

A jaw-length blunt cut is much cuter if partnered with a full fringe. This straight cut appears so pretty with bangs and makes managing hair easier. This short haircut for girls is a natural-looking hairstyle—easy to pull off and grow out!

This short blunt cut is a stacked bob haircut graduated to create volume. Short bangs were added in a slight line to give it shape. This haircut is perfect for girls with fine textured hair. It adds fullness and you can straighten it or wave it and it would look just as cute.

Trendy Short A-Line Bob Haircut

Trendy short a-line bob haircut for girls

Instagram @keithsfhair

A short a-line bob is a superb choice to enhance a girls’ straight, blonde hair. It’s one of the kids’ short haircuts for girls that can make younger girls look older. Level it up with a touch of asymmetry to create an interesting appearance. It’s one way to style a classic cut for little ladies.

Adorable Pixie Bob with Curls for Black Girls

pixie bob with curls for black girls

Instagram @hair_by_kianna

Featuring an adorable pixie bob with curls for black girls! This is a classic bob cut with lots of texture. It’s one of the great naturally curly girl’s haircuts when wanting to pull off short locks. Wear this adorable short hairstyle and learn how to show off your African American natural hair texture—loud and proud!

Edgy Undercut on Short Hair for Young Girls

edgy undercut on short hair for young girls

Instagram @guyannescissorhands

Try an edgy undercut on short hair to make a flattering statement. This style is a very cool option for younger girls. Leave long strands above the hairline for the choice of having a side fringe.

Fancy Messy Short Angled Bob

Fancy messy short angled bob for girls

Instagram @acasasilva

An angled bob is an ideal haircut to go for when looking for something cute and elegant. It’s divine when matched with a soft texture and a side-part style. This kind of fancy cut never goes out of style for young ladies who want to have a classic blunt cut with easy maintenance.

Younger-Looking Short Messy Cut for Girls

Younger-looking short messy haircut for girls

Instagram @salsalhair

Experience a short messy cut with bangs for a younger-looking finish. The added texture makes thin hair look more full-bodied. You’ll love this cute short-length cut for your girl’s hair because it’s low-maintenance.

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