36 Trendiest Long Blunt Bob Haircuts for a Sleek New Blunt Lob

A long blunt bob is a one-length cut that usually lands right on the shoulders or collarbone. It looks great on any woman, and with the right chop, it can enhance and accentuate facial features. What makes the blunt lob cut extra awesome is how versatile it is, as well.

Depending on the natural hair type and how you want to wear it, this lob may require more styling at times. According to Wisconsin-based stylist Maggie Banks, “A big misconception is that short hair equals less styling required, and that isn’t always true!”

One key question to ask the stylist is: What styling products and routines do I need?

“I recommend blow drying or air drying the hair in a product with a holding element,” Banks explains. “This will help the style hold all day, minimize frizz, and make restyling for next-day hair easier. Something like a sea salt spray air-dried or even a gel blow-dried and brushed through work great.”

A shoulder-length blunt lob haircut like this tends to flip out. When this happens, use a blow dryer and hot tools. Make sure to use a heat protector and keep your hot tools at a lower temp, too.

Before getting a chop, make sure you also ask your stylist, “How often do I need to come in to maintain this cut?”

Banks says that a trim every 6-8 weeks is essential to keep a long bob that’s blunt. But since it grows out well, and if you don’t mind getting a longer length, feel free to spread out the appointments a bit.

Go bold and imitate Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, or Katy Perry’s blunt lob hairstyle.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of long blunt bob hairstyles and haircuts!

Soft Blonde Blunt Lob with No Fringe

Soft Blonde Blunt Lob with No Fringe and Middle Part

Instagram @hair_salon_by_hadis

If you want a sleek and modern look, your best bet is the trendy soft blonde blunt lob with no fringe and middle part. Spend time to perfect this style – it’ll be worth it! With its length just below the shoulders, this cut works on all face shapes and hair textures. This low-maintenance style will still require regular trims to keep everything looking neat.

Blonde Blunt Lob with Dark Roots

Blonde Blunt Lob with Dark Roots


A blonde long bob with dark roots is perfect for women searching for a classy hairstyle with a modern edge. Keeping a dark root with your blonde will not only create depth and dimension to your hair, but it will also grow out more natural if you’re someone who has darker hair naturally. This shadow root can be melted seamlessly into your blonde hair so that you can wait a little bit longer in-between trips to the hair salon.

Icy White Lob with Blunt Ends

Icy White Lob with Blunt Ends

Instagram @denizsatir.hairstylist

Thinking of being icy white this season? My advice is to consider all factors like color history, budget, and a maintenance routine. This includes salon visits and product usage. If your length is long and layered with colors, you may consider shorter styles like a lob with blunt ends. This gives your overall hair a look of health.

Long Blunt Bob Cut

Long Blunt Bob Haircut

Instagram @kendallelisebeauty

A long blunt bob cut on this shoulder-length hair is extra special due to its color. The foilayage provides a fresher result to a one-length blunt bob. If the hair needs fullness, ask your stylist about tape-in extensions.

Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Blunt Lob

Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Blunt Lob

Instagram @juniorestevamoficial

When having a lob cut, team it with a balayage. Ask for a bright face frame to really show off your curtain bangs. If you can, keep the dark areas as close to your natural color. This gives a great seamless look. When styling, use a volumizing spray before drying. Tong away from your face, leaving the last 3rd out for a raw lived-in look.

Sun-Kissed Blunt Lob Style

Sun-Kissed Blunt Lob Style

Instagram @leventkilic0

A sun-kissed blunt lob style is a sleek look for the modern woman. To maintain this look it’s best to get a haircut every 7-10 weeks. Adding a few highlights will be the key to enhancing the texture. Ask your stylist for a blunt baseline haircut with long layers and a few face-framing pieces.

Extra Long Blunt Cut Lob

Extra Long Blunt Cut Lob

Instagram @anhcotran

Try an extra long blunt cut lob and you won’t be sorry. If you want healthy-looking hair, my best advice is to cut your split ends off. Hair will always grow back, and don’t you want your hair to look fantastic? A lob is a great choice because it’s still long enough to pull back easily and will grow out quickly. Try adding loose waves with a 1 1/4 inch iron and you might just love it.

One-Length Blunt Lob

One-Length Blunt Lob

Instagram @olgakursitis

A one-length long bob is one of the most elegant, classiest yet simplest haircuts you will see. Its bluntness creates such a sharp and perfectly crafted finish. Styling it straight with a middle part will give you a timeless look you can wear all day long.

Modern Chocolate Blunt Long Bob

Modern Chocolate Blunt Long Bob

Instagram @nikcabral

Want to get the most out of your in-between length? Plan for a visit to the salon where a professional can trim your perimeter for a blunt long bob. If your natural base grows in brown, consider asking for a dark gloss that has chocolate tones for a modern, yet low-maintenance feel.

Textured Blunt Lob with a Deep Side Part

Textured Blunt Lob with a Deep Side Part

Instagram @emerson_ferrazoficial

A textured blunt lob with a deep side part is great for fine hair. Keeping the layers minimal or hidden will give the illusion of thickness. The deep side part adds interest and some sass to the style. Blow-dry with a round brush to add volume, and add waves for more texture.

Wavy Lob Haircut

Wavy Blunt Lob Haircut

Instagram @anhcotran

A wavy lob haircut is the epitome of cool-girl chic. Always a classic cut that will never be out of style. Wear it sleeker for a classy work look, or add beach waves for a more relaxed style. Ask your stylist to add hidden layers by texturizing the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair.

Soft Blunt Lob

Soft Blunt Lob

Instagram @yukistylist

Choose a soft blunt long bob for its perfect length. Hitting below the chin and above the shoulders, this cut delivers a feminine shape, with lots of versatility. Make sure your stylist adds soft layering for a weightless lob, that can be blown straight, tousled, or curled. For exercise fanatics, this length can still be pulled up.

Center Parted Blunt Bob Style

Center Parted Blunt Long Bob Style

Instagram @hirohair

A center-parted bob style elongates the face and frames facial features beautifully. The blunt edge strengthens facial features by creating strong lines and contrast. Blunt haircuts are a great way to add boldness to soft facial features, drawing them forward and enhancing the overall dynamic of the face.

Longer Blunt Bob

Longer Blunt Bob Cut

Instagram @lewismatthewshair

A longer blunt bob receives a lot of love because of its versatility. This cut looks best on a straight, flat mane because it shows off the perimeter better. However, long blunt bobs can be turned into updos, ponytails, and more.

Blunt Long Bob

Blunt Long Bob

Instagram @gabrielaguardiaa

Here’s a blunt long bob that offers a versatile look. Feel free to part it on one side or in the middle. It appears even more stylish with subtle voluminous waves.

Blunt Bob for Silver, Fine Hair

Blunt bob for silver, fine hair

Instagram @peacelovehair13

A blunt bob for silver, fine hair is stylish. Similar to the bob cut, a medium straight haircut is a traditional cut that brings style to your overall look.

Blunt Lob for Thin Hair

Blunt lob for thin hair

Instagram @urbanchichairsalon

A flattering blunt lob for thin hair has become the hottest trend. This look will instantly create thicker hair for women with fine hair and will flatter every face shape. A professional tip would be to style this cut using a medium-size round brush or a boar bristle flat brush to straighten.

Blunt Lob with Curtain Bangs

Blunt lob with curtain bangs

Instagram @yukistylist

Consider a blunt lob with curtain bangs if you have fine to medium thick hair. A fringe that rests right around the cheekbone adds softness around the face and falls gracefully into the long textured ends. Adding a root-boosting volumizer before styling gives this cut volume, especially when finishing with a loose, tousled bend to the hair.

Long Choppy Blunt Bob

Long Choppy Blunt Bob

Instagram @hair_by_courtneyheaney

Freshen up a long choppy blunt bob with full head foils. Here, the dimension looks more refined and subtle. It brings out a natural finish, and it’s cuter with soft beach waves.

Long Layered Blunt Bob

Long Layered Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @beautybyannalargeteau_

A long layered blunt bob with waves appears like a next-level trend. It proves that the bluntness and hair texture make a perfect pairing. The waves give the locks more volume and movement. And, go with a dark-rooted blonde color for a stylish impression.

Long Wavy Blunt Bob

Long Wavy Blunt Bob

Instagram @pinitup_buttercup

Featuring a long wavy blunt bob that looks casual yet stunning! What makes it extra special is the blonde hue painted on the bob with wavy hair. With balayage, the result creates a melting effect at the root area. To reinforce the dimension, create soft beach waves with a curling iron.

Long Blonde Blunt Bob

Long Blonde Blunt Bob Style

Instagram @scarlethair_

Consider a long blonde blunt bob if you’re wanting a refined style. This textured bob is easy to copy and can be worn on any occasion.

Long-Length Blunt Bob

Long Length Blunt Bob

Instagram @robynbelikhair

A long-length blunt bob hairstyle is the best option if wanting a trendy, blunt haircut. Opt for a balayage and create a lived-in vibe. Choose a warm tone of blonde to add to the ends, and it will create depth at the roots.

Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bob for longer hair

Instagram @hairbybreewatts

A long blunt cut bob like this is iconic! This long blunt bob haircut is ideal for most face shapes, but especially round faces. The middle part style and the chop’s length break up the fullness of a face.

Long Angled Blunt Bob

Long Angled Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @valetsalons

A long angled blunt bob and a classic black or brown hair color make a killer combo! The result is classic and easy to recreate with straight locks.

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Long Blunt Bob with Fringe

Long Blunt Bob with Fringe

Instagram @joahhmendes

A long blunt bob with fringe has a sleek style that works best on naturally straight locks. Ask your stylist about blunt lobs if you’re looking for an elegant style.

Blunt Lob with Bangs

Blunt Lob with Bangs Hairstyle

Instagram @heatherdouglas721

A blunt lob with bangs will last a few weeks to months. Lobs are easy to style and may only need quick ironing to achieve a sleek long blunt bob hairstyle.

Long Blunt Cut

Long Blunt Bob Cut

Instagram @reyhairstylist

Opt for a long blunt cut that’s neat, classic, and aesthetically pleasing. Blunt lob hairstyles go well on straight locks that have a lot of density. Straight hair may appear flat and unexciting, so it’s always great to part a lob to one side. This technique adds instant volume to the roots.

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Side Part

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Side Part

Instagram @reyhairstylist

A long blunt cut bob with a side part looks appealing on straight locks. The cut’s edges match the flawlessness of the hair’s fine density. Plus, if you’re wanting a fuller look without chopping off the length, long blunt bob cuts are ideal!

Blunt Lob Haircut

Blunt Lob Haircut

Instagram @reyhairstylist

Show off a blunt lob haircut and get that neat, classic style. A chop like this is perfect for women with either a round or oval face shape. It frames the face and creates balance. This lob requires minimal styling when going out, too!

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Middle Part

Long Blunt Cut Bob with a Middle Part

Instagram @kainandecanine

This messy long blunt cut bob with a middle part is perfect for women who want a new look but are afraid of a drastic change. A shoulder-length wavy lob offers a “cool, stylish girl” vibe.

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Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob

Instagram @romeufelipe

Pull off a blunt cut lob hairstyle and achieve a new, dramatic look that only offers beauty. Its versatility makes it suitable for ladies with any face shape. This chop is also a perfect match with blonde highlights, creating a chic dimension. It’s sure to look divine on straight locks.

Long Textured Blunt Bob

Long textured blunt bob hairstyle

Instagram @bardot_official

Go for a long textured blunt bob that looks modern and stunning. With its length touching the shoulders, this bob cut elongates a round face shape. It frames the face when parted in the center.

Long Blunt Cut with Layers

Long Blunt Cut with Layers

Instagram @ravensbeautybook

This long blunt cut with layers is a very slight A-line with a blunt perimeter on the bottom. It was created by hairstylist Raven Lucero of Spokane, WA.

“There is enough of an angle that when the hair is tucked behind the ear it provides the optical illusion of being one length,” says Lucero. “The front of the cut sits at the collarbone. There was no face-framing, but some weight was taken out by the nape of the neck.”

This length of bob feels both modern and timeless. Grazing the collar bone is the perfect length for trying out short hair. It is important with this haircut to make sure the length does not sit on top of the shoulder. Below the shoulder buys you an extra week or two between salon visits.

Lob with Blunt Bangs

Lob with Blunt Bangs

Instagram @stacysyrokahair

Add waves to a lob with blunt bangs to achieve a stylish, more polished edge. Let the hair shine even brighter by painting it golden blonde. This lob with blunt bangs was created by stylist Stacy Syroka of Des Moines, IA.

If you have thick hair, Syroka says you’re not normally someone who is a good candidate for a blunt cut. She explains, “However, by removing weight in the hair around the nape of the neck, it seems as if this cut is perfect for thick-haired women. It’s also much more manageable for an on-the-go lifestyle.”

Syroka’s key styling tips include:

1. The goal is to create bends, not curls – you can use whichever kind of iron you’re comfortable with (flat, curling, wand).

2. Wait until the ironwork completely cools before running your fingers through.

3. Spray the finishing touches on top of and underneath the hair. Pinch with your fingers to mess it up and make it a little bigger.

Very Long Blunt Bob

Very Long Blunt Bob

Instagram @caylee_hairkc

Consider a very long blunt bob that’s blunt and crisp, like this one created by hairstylist Caylee of Leawood, KS.

“This blunt, long bob is best for women with fine to medium textured hair,” says Caylee. “Blunt lob cuts are long enough to put up, but also very cute down or half up half down! It looks great straight to showcase how blunt it is but also looks great curled!”

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