35 Trendiest Long Bob with Bangs + What to Consider Before Getting This

A long bob with bangs is a great haircut that can complement any woman’s face shape and hair texture when cut and styled correctly.

Before Getting a Long Bob with Bangs, Here’s What You Need to Know:

Neckline: Pay attention to how low your neckline is. To determine the right bob length for you, look at the front and the back of your neckline. The lower your neckline is in the back, the longer your bob haircut will need to be.

Layering: Talk with your hairstylist about adding layers to avoid ending up with a triangular bob shape. You’ll want to do how much layering should happen depending upon your hair density as well as face shape. Layering throughout the hair can help alleviate the difficulties of thin/fine hair as well as thick hair. Adding layers around the face can help balance out round and long/oblong faces.

Bangs: The first quest to ask yourself is “does getting bangs fit my lifestyle?” Bangs require regular trims, which means more time and money. If you have an active lifestyle, be prepared with lots of hair clips to clip the bangs back or to the side. Lastly, depending upon your face shape, you may need longer bangs which could get in your way as you look down at your phone, computer, cooking, etc.

If you’re convinced getting a long bob with bangs is for you, then check out these pictures of some of the best ways you can get this trendy haircut!

Elegant A-Line Long Bob Cut with Blunt Fringe

Elegant A-Line Long Bob Cut with Blunt Fringe

Instagram @ayhanonluel

This A-line lob with fringe haircut is strong and elegant. A long bob and bangs can help to make the face look longer on women who have more of a round shape. The strong deep fringe is good for women who want to give more value to their face.

Long Textured Bob with Thin Bangs

Long Textured Bob with Thin Bangs and layers for older women with thin hair

Instagram @jackiebrouwerbeautystudio

If your hair is thinning with age, but you want the modern look of a long bob, aim for wispy layers and fringe. This style will give your hair volume and movement, creating the appearance of a full head of hair. A stylist may recommend adding highlights to create dimension. This will help draw attention away from thinning hair. My advice is to keep the layers close to your face and keep the bangs thin and wispy. This style is easy to maintain with regular trims and regular products that add texture.

Soft Blunt Textured Lob

Soft Blunt Textured Lob with Bangs

Instagram @yukistylist

A soft blunt textured lob has been a new modern take on the traditional bobs we’ve been seeing. I highly recommend a lob if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle that can also be dressed up. Ask for a soft fringe if you like a little movement around the eyes.

Copper Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Fringe

Copper Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Fringe

Instagram @mainpointsalon

The shoulder-length bob with choppy fringe is set to be one of this season’s hottest trends. This style will help you achieve a cool look that exudes effortless charm. A bob is very flattering and is a versatile option for any face shape. To make sure your style lasts all day use a medium-hold hairspray. L’Oreal Professional Anti-Humidity Spray is great for long-lasting results. Add fun texture by curling individual pieces with a 1 ½ inch curling iron. Then break them up using your fingertips. It will give you the perfect amount of messiness!

Jenna Ortega-Inspired Lob with Bangs

Jenna Ortega-Inspired Lob with Bangs

Instagram @brianaguilarhair

If you love the trending Jenna Ortega-inspired haircut, you can use her as the inspiration. This style would be considered a lob (long bob) with a fringe curtain bang. Make sure to ask for styling tips for the bangs, as sometimes they can be a little tricky.

Vivid Copper Lob with See-Through Fringe

Vivid Copper Lob with See-Through Fringe

Instagram @albertohaircolors

We love the juxtaposition of a vivd copper lob with a see-through fringe. The light wispy bangs keep the look soft against the bluntness of a thick lob. You might want to ask your stylist to pre book you for regular bang trims. This helps to keep you away from your kitchen shears at home. Just be aware that the bangs do grow out quickly. Styling will be simple, using a paddle brush to smooth the hair into a straight style, yet curved at the ends. Use a medium-sized round brush to style the fringe, and finish with a texture spray to define the bangs.

Soft Lob with Wispy Fringe

Soft Lob with Wispy Fringe

Instagram @ma.aragonihair

A chic soft lob with a wispy fringe is the most effective way to create a style for yourself. To prevent a boring style, switch up your hair color and lengths of fringe. That will give you a range in style.

Long Inverted Bob with Long Side Bangs

Long Inverted Bob with Long Side Bangs

Instagram @hqhairdesignsalon

This long inverted bob with bangs is rich, sleek, and chic. Long bobs with bangs are incredibly versatile and look amazing on most face shapes.

Warm Brunette Thick Shaggy Lob

Warm Brunette Thick Shaggy Lob with Fringe

Instagram @hirohair

A warm brunette thick shaggy lob is perfect if you want to add some texture to your hair! If your hair is needing some texture, a texturizing shear or razor can help you achieve the look. However, if you have a natural texture, you may want to avoid using a razor as it can make your hair look frizzy.

Shoulder-Length Blonde Lob with Choppy Short Fringe

Shoulder-Length Blonde Lob with Choppy Short Fringe

Instagram @eastonhair

Wanting to refresh your length after a lightening season? A shoulder-length blonde bob could be a good way to transition into manageable hair again. Don’t be afraid to explore varying layers and tools with your stylist. Who knows, you may even ask for the choppy short fringe you have been eyeing on your inspo board.

Thick Blonde Lob with Fringe

Thick Blonde Lob with Fringe

Instagram @alisonallvess

Bring your length up and make your hair healthier with a thick blonde lob with a fringe. If you can, try clipping the top up and blow drying each section, working your way throughout. This will give you control and a smooth finish to your medium-length hairstyle. I highly recommend product lines with protein, like Olaplex. This product will keep your blonde color healthy. Blonding can be hard on your hair because of the lifting process, so treat your hair well.

Buttery Blonde Wavy Lob

Buttery Blonde Wavy Lob with Bangs


Consider a buttery blonde lob if you want an easy everyday hairstyle. A buttery blonde tone is one of the best colors to do because it’s easy to maintain. It’s achieved by getting a full highlight and a buttery golden glaze to give that perfect natural blonde tone. A lob with bangs is great on just about everyone, but you should avoid this cut if you have very thick hair. This is because there is minimal layering and it could look too square-shaped if there is more hair concentrated towards the bottom of the cut.

Brunette Shaggy Lob with Choppy Fringe

Brunette Shaggy Lob with Choppy Fringe

Instagram @jayne_edosalon

Consider a brunette shaggy lob with a choppy fringe and give your limp hair some life. If you’re deciding if this shape will compliment you, consider your face shape or talk to your stylist. A shag does look great on most women. The best way to finish your lob is to shoot for a perfectly, imperfect finish. Go with your hair’s natural movement and try using a spray wax such as Redken’s Wax Blast.

Gorgeous Lob with Highlights

Gorgeous Lob with Highlights and Bangs

Instagram @hair_by_pedro

A gorgeous lob with highlights is a classic and classy style. Lobs are one of the most flattering cuts. Because of their classic shape, you can style this crop in a variety of ways, straight, curled, or even pulled back. If you want to get a lob cut, ask your stylist what length suits you best. Longer lengths can be pulled back easier and are more suitable for a rounder, fuller face. Shorter lengths can have more volume and are more suitable for longer face shapes.

Extra Long Bob with Full Bangs

Extra Long Bob with Full Bangs

Instagram @sergeyshapochka

An extra-long bob with full bangs is a sophisticated style with a bit of an edge. The bob with bangs is always a sharp statement look that stands out. This cut is great for thick or thin hair and is easy to style. Blow-dry with a flat brush and add a straightener to get extra smooth and sleek. Maintenance will be a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

Sleek Blunt Bangs on a Long Bob

Sleek long bob hair with Blunt Bangs

Instagram @emilianhaircolor

This sleek lob with bangs is cut shorter underneath and longer on top, making it more fitting for women who are looking to add a little edge to the popular lob trend. Remember to consider how much time you’re willing to spend styling it in the morning. A fringe with a long bob is more maintenance but can be edgy and fun. It’s a great way to change your appearance without making a big chop.

Messy Layered Lob with Very Long Bangs for Fine Hair

messy layered lob with very long bangs for fine hair

Instagram @jarahshair

The messy layered lob with very long bangs for fine hair is effortless to create. Pulling off a long bob with bangs like this one is totally doable by adding lots of layers to create volume. This makes the super trendy messy bob look like it’s coming out of L.A. It also looks more natural in a dirty blonde shade.

Chic Blonde Lob with Bangs for Thick Hair

Chic Blonde long bob hair bangs for thick Hair

Instagram @linzphair

The lob cut is an edgy haircut when the front is longer than the back. Bangs with a long bob are maintenance, but if you ask your hairdresser to really show you how to style them, it could be a game-changer.

Voluminous Curly Long Bob with Curly Bangs

voluminous curly long bob with curly bangs

Instagram @nubiarezo

Rocking a curly bob with curly bangs is a chic way to flaunt natural hair texture. Go for this long bob style if looking for an easy-to-maintain haircut for kinks. It’s best to keep the length where it touches the shoulder to maintain its body and fullness. This long curly bob with bangs needs a boost of moisture to look its best.

This curly bob with curly bangs is a rëzocut. The 3D bangs have volume and were styled with rëzo Curl Control Shampoo for intense hydration. Try rëzo Curl Define Hair Gel for perfect definition. Rëzo bangs really are perfect for all hair types. They’re versatile and so can be worn to either the right or left side. Or they can be worn as big dimensional bangs, regardless of where you normally part your hair. The dimension of rëzo bangs is customized depending on your face structure. A little longer frame at the bottom with seamless elevations will soften a round face.

Brunette Textured Lob with Curtain Bangs

brunette textured lob with curtain bangs

Instagram @hirohair

The middle part, curtain bangs on a long bob is perfect for women with small foreheads who want to experience bangs.

Razored Asymmetrical Bob with Long Bangs

Razored Asymmetrical Bob with Long Bangs

Instagram @noelle.concrete.rose

This is a stunning asymmetrical long bob with side bangs and razored layers. A long asymmetric bob with side bangs will help elongate a round or heart-shaped face. It does this because of the dramatic angle and length around the face and the height added by the shorter layers.

To style this long bob with long bangs, I suggest using a smoothing cream to ensure a sleek and shiny blowout and finish with a dry wax to piece it out and shatter it a bit. To finish, blow dry up and away from the face with a large round brush to create soft movement and volume.

Tousled Medium-Length Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Tousled Long bob with side swept bangs

Instagram @tzhair

There’s so much to love about this long bob with side-swept bangs! Play with different styles like this tousled-up strands with bangs brushed to the sides. Even try a deep side-part.

Want to see more? Check out some of the best long bob hairstyles this year.

Flattering Choppy Long Bob for a Round Face

flattering choppy long bob with bangs for round face

Instagram @yukistylist

This is a flattering choppy long bob for a round face. The jagged ends and choppy layers add texture to a long bob haircut with bangs like this. This flatters round faces and gives an illusion of a longer length.

Shaggy Medium-Long Bob with Brow-Skimming Bangs

Shaggy Medium-Long Bob with Brow-Skimming Bangs

Instagram @augustoallencar

Blow drying helps keep the volume on a shaggy medium-long bob with brow-skimming bangs. The edginess brought by the bangs and the mess is the right kind of punk and professional.

Crimson Weave Lob with Feathered Bangs

Crimson long bob with bangs weave for black women

Instagram @wehairspa

Change up your hair any day of the week by investing in bob weaves. Long bobs with feathered bangs cover up the edges for flawless wear.

Ideal Textured Lob for Thin Hair

textured lob with bangs for thin hair

Instagram @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

An ideal textured lob with bangs for thin hair is a type of cut that allows hair to have a thicker, fuller look. Cutting fine hair shorter boosts its volume and shape. Opt for this long bob with bangs if you’re looking for versatile hair that’s very easy to manipulate.

Related: See more textured lob haircut ideas.

Electric Blue Shoulder-Length Bob with Side Bangs

Electric blue long bob with side bangs

Instagram @jaylenzanelli

You should try a textured, shoulder-length long bob with fringe that has been styled in a classic way. Not quite long, not quite short. Ah, a long-length bob with side bangs looks perfect. A shoulder-length bob with bangs is very versatile and depends on your natural hair texture.

Balayage Blonde Long Bob with Swoop Bangs

Balayage long blonde bob with bangs

Instagram @hair_art_by_dante

This gorgeous long bob hairstyle with bangs that is unconstructed with a warm base with a blonde balayage. The focus on this cut is movement and ease. This hairstyle is not for ladies who want a predictable style. Humidity products and styling tools will determine the style, such as flat iron waves with a texture spray as a finish!

Lob with Side Bangs and Layers for Thick Hair

Long bob with layers and bangs to the side

Instagram @cfbeautybymaddie

This is the perfect lob with side bangs for thick hair. It’s a creative hairstyle that can fit almost any face shape and look different for each woman.

When it comes to how to cut and style a long bob like this, here are some things to keep in mind. First, it doesn’t do well on coarse/tightly curled hair. It’s more suitable for straight, medium-density, or wavy hair. Lastly, a quick flat iron curl or wand is all it takes to style a gorgeous long layered bob cut like this.

Beach Waves Wavy Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

beach waves long bob with asymmetrical bangs

Instagram @tristanopeluqueria

Notice how these beach waves on a wavy bob with asymmetrical bangs look so full of life? It softens a square face shape. Though this choppy lob haircut with bangs looks better on straight hair, but waves and curls do take it up a notch. This is the type of long bob that’s more flattering with a wavy texture to emphasize those choppy layers. It requires minimal effort in styling, too!

Edgy Choppy Layered Long Bob with Straight Bangs

Edgy Choppy Layered Long Bob with Straight Bangs

Instagram @kristinn.oli

This choppy layered long bob with straight bangs is trendy, modern, and a little bit edgy. The best styling advice? You need a little extra time in the morning to make sure your bangs are styled. Dry texture spray is this haircut’s best friend to achieve the perfect tousled lob.

Light Brown to Blonde Lob with Short Bangs

light brown to blonde lob with short bangs

Instagram @hairby_tiger

Opt for a lob with short bangs to add softness around your face. The micro fringe on a long bob can be personalized, so most women can pull it off. Don’t hesitate to soften the fringe, sharpen it, or add texture to it. If your hair is too flat and lacks movement, soft curls at the ends can do magic.

Blunt Bob with a Deep Side Part and Angled Bangs

blunt long bob with a deep side part and angled bangs

Instagram @demetriusschool

Here’s a blunt bob with a deep side part and angled bangs. This longer haircut is a type of a blunt A-line bob with side-swept bangs and a deep side-parted style. The fringe can frame a heart face shape, too. Hair becomes more versatile if its length lands right at the shoulders.

Angled Long Bob with Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair

Angled Long Bob with Wispy Bangs

Instagram @thecreativehairdresser

This long angled bob with bangs is shorter in the back and longer in the front. It’s designed to move your hair toward your face. This long bob cut is best for fine hair because stacking makes volume and fullness. Wispy bangs are a great way to hide the shape of your forehead.

Also, this look is a medium-maintenance style. While it’s modern and trendy, it’s also practical and able to be pulled back if need be. Photos help stylists understand what is expected on our end, but anatomy gives every individual their own unique look for a long angled bob with bangs!

Dimensional Stacked Bob with Long Choppy Bangs

dimensional stacked long bob with choppy bangs

Instagram @hairxjojo

Consider this stacked bob with choppy bangs if you’re searching for a good reason to get a cut. To ensure its versatility, choose a length that grazes your neck or shoulders. It can be sleek or wavy but would still look glamorous! If your hair needs a little texture and dimension, partner it with a blonde balayage.

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