32 Best Ways to Pair Thin Hair with Bangs for Chic & Voluminous Haircut

32 Best Ways to Pair Thin Hair with Bangs for Chic & Voluminous Haircut

32 Best Ways to Pair Thin Hair with Bangs for Chic & Voluminous Haircut

Cuts and styles for thin hair with bangs create an illusion of volume and fullness. Depending on your face shape, the fringe can accentuate or conceal certain facial features.

Hairstylist Marisa Cabrera of San Dimas, CA shares her go-to rule when getting bangs. “Make sure you have enough hair density in the front side of your hair,” she states.

Though bangs can also cover a thinning hairline, it’s a risk to take. “You could be sacrificing the fullness in the perimeter length,” Cabrera adds.

Understand that having hairstyles for thin hair with fringe requires maintenance and daily styling. Visit your hairdresser more often for regular trims.

There are many styles of bangs you can wear. Consult your stylist for opinions on what look is great on you.

Cabrera warns, “The problem takes place if you don’t have the right hair type or if you aren’t good at styling the bangs. And, it could take six months to a year to grow 3-6 inches.”

Make a statement with a new look. Here are some inspiring images of the trendiest haircuts and hairstyles for thin hair with bangs!

Brunette Thin Textured Bob with Fringe

Instagram @teagancousins.hair

One of the best illusions is a color optic like a brunette with a thin textured bob with bangs. The depth of color recedes while soft points of light give it dimension for an added pop of body. When paired with a fringe it can complete your overall youthful look.

Voluminous Makeover for Thin Hair

Instagram @studio_mostton

If you’re lacking in density, you might want to try a voluminous makeover for thin hair. I recommend adding bangs and a little shorter and blunt with the overall haircut shape. This will create the illusion that your hair has a bit more volume. Ask your stylist for extension options to create density. A common misconception about extensions is they can only be used for length. However, utilizing them for density is a wonderful option as well. Opt for tape-in extensions if you tend to have finer hair. These types typically lay flatter against your head, appearing seamless.

Wispy Side Bangs for Medium-Length Thin Hair

Instagram @studio_marteena

For a new style that will make you look like you have a fuller hairline, a set of textured fringe is perfect for you. This style will create a face-framing effect that gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair. To get the most out of this haircut, my advice is to use Bed Head by TIGI Queen For A Day for the day fullness spray. Then use a round brush and brush away from your face.

Long Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Instagram @dinarastylist

Keep your look interesting with a long bob with bangs for thin hair. Fine hair benefits from a deep fringe to camouflage any extra thin spots around the hairline. A strong perimeter through the length of the look gives the appearance of thicker fuller hair as well.

Textured Pixie and Side-Swept Bangs

Instagram @yokeplymouth

Textured pixies and side-swept bangs are perfect for heart-shaped faces. Short hairstyles for thin hair need extra layers to help create the fullness desired.

Middle-Parted Soft Shag with Long Bangs

Instagram @brianaguilarhair

A middle-parted soft shag with long bangs is perfect for heart-shaped or square face shapes. A soft shag is perfect for ladies wanting medium-length hairstyles that have thin hair with bangs.

Long Bob with Bangs and Curls

Instagram @jenniferporterhair

Long bobs with bangs and curls are the most popular of the short hairstyles for fine hair. Ladies with fine hair may need to add extra texture to help add a wispy look to their curls.

Chin-Length Shag with a Fringe

Instagram @skipdoeshair

Ladies looking for very short bob hairstyles for fine hair should consider a slight shag with fringe. A shag haircut will add layers around your face, perfect for adding fullness angled into a short bob.

Medium Shaggy Mullet with Shorter Layers and Bangs

Instagram @nataliarok

A medium, shaggy mullet with shorter layers and bangs is a unique hairstyle that’s better for thinner hair textures. Layered styles can be extremely fun, versatile, and stylish. Pair it with a fringe hairstyle and you can have endless fun.

Sleek Sew-In Bob with a Fringe

Instagram @maxineofluxury_

Ladies with an oval face shape looking to shorten the face should consider a short sew-in bob with blunt ends. Thin hair with bangs for over 50 is a popular hairstyle, easily maintained, and extremely stylish.

Long Wispy Bangs and Face Frame

Instagram @new_place_byjuditlengyel

Thin hairstyles often contain face-framing layers which help keep overall length while adding shape around your face. You can never go wrong with long wispy bangs and face-framing layers.

Peach Bob with Light Bangs

Instagram @kaylabest_hair

A peach bob with light bangs is a fun way to spice up your look. Fine hair with bangs may need added texture to help add the grit for the wispy look desired.

Shattered Bangs on a Shag Cut

Instagram @artistrybyrachelp

Shattered bangs on a shag cut add fullness around the face while keeping the face elongated. Bangs for thin hair and a round face need texture at the top and wispy, curtain bangs that fall at the jawline. This helps lengthen the hair as well.

Shaggy, Wavy Lob with Piece-y Bangs

Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

A shaggy, wavy lob with piece-y bangs is perfect for many face shapes. A lob with bangs for thin hair is slightly longer in the front, with many layers and wispy bangs.

Textured Bob with Thin, Curtain Bangs

Instagram @yukistylist

A textured bob is a perfect haircut for thin hair with curtain bangs. The many layers help add the wispy, fullness desired. Ask your stylist if the added texture is needed to give a little more grit to achieve the wispy look.

Choppy Bangs for Women Over 60

Instagram @kawaicat_white

Choppy bangs for women over 60 are a perfect style as they are easy to style, maintain and help your hair look more full. Bangs for thinning hair need to be wispy and blend into the sides of the face with a layered haircut.

Angled Bob with Pin-Straight Bangs

Instagram @dudanunxs

An angled bob with pin-straight bangs is a gorgeous look for ladies with triangle-shaped faces since full fringe helps shorten face shapes. Thin bangs with short hair won’t shorten face shapes as much but will definitely add spice to any haircut for thin hair and fringe.

Layered Bob with Blunt Bangs

Instagram @joeltorresstyle

Ladies with thin hair with blunt bangs often need face-framing layers styled with a wispy effect. Short bobs for thin hair can often be a great hairstyle, as they give a more flowy and voluminous look if styled correctly. A layered bob with blunt bangs never goes out of style and can suit many face shapes.

Middle Part Bangs on a Layered Haircut

Instagram @lovestudioj

A haircut for thin hair with layers and bangs is often the go-to as it can be customized to suit your style, face shape, and hair texture. Ladies with a bigger forehead who are looking to elongate their face may like a middle-parted style. Ask your stylist if curtain bangs with slight fringe are an option for you.

Messy Mullet with Bangs

Instagram @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

A messy mullet with bangs has many styling options. A mullet is usually dramatically longer in the back but if paired with a shag cut, it keeps it more modernized and uniform. A messy cut especially suits ladies with thinner hair, as it adds many layers that pair beautifully with wispy curls. This gives the impression of fuller-looking hair and is beautifully paired with straight bangs, fringe, or curtain bangs.

Long Mullet Shag with Short Bangs

Instagram @shearpulp

A long mullet shag with short bangs is the newest trend. Bangs for thin hair and a big forehead require many layers and often need added texture to help create the illusion of fuller hair.

Long, Thin Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Instagram @christinasvec

Ladies with thinning hair need a haircut specifically suited for them. Thin haircuts need a few layers in the front and a few longer layers in the back. This helps keep the length while the shorter layers keep the hair looking more full. Too many layers will make it too thin.

Wolf Cut with Straight-Across Bangs

Instagram @nanatsupe.0214

A wolf cut with straight-across bangs has many styling options. If you have short, thin hair with bangs and style the layers toward your face, it creates wispy layers around the jawline. Oftentimes, the bangs are some of the thinnest hair, so straight across bangs help keep them looking more full.

Thin Bangs on Long, Straight Hair

Instagram @ohsweetvictoria

Thin bangs on long, straight hair paired with blunt cut ends help elongate the face. Long thin hair with bangs, is a very sleek, easily maintained hairstyle that is never out of style.

Pixie with Textured Layers and Fringe

Instagram @giadoeshair

A pixie cut with textured layers and fringe is a perfect short haircut for thinning hair. The short, choppy layers help create a fuller and more voluminous look that gives the illusion of thicker hair.

Mid-Length Cut with See-Through Bangs

Instagram @uphair2020

Ladies looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, that has naturally sleek hair should ask for a mid-length cut with see-through bangs. Wispy bangs for thin hair don’t add much fullness but are a fun change of style.

Long Layers and Feathered Bangs

Instagram @valerieesperanza

Ladies with an oval face often have long layers with feathered bangs. Feathered bangs for fine hair help add the wispy look which can often look more full.

Mullet with Baby Bangs

Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

A mullet with baby bangs is a hairstyle that is longer in the back and shorter in the front, often paired with a round face-framing shag. This is often considered a good shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs for thin hair.

Soft Layered Bangs for Fine Hair

Instagram @butterflygirlhair

Ladies with thin hairstyles often rock a softly layered, curtain bang paired with fringe. Thin hair with long bangs helps add fullness around the face but maintains the length and is easily styled.

Asymmetrical Bangs on Short, Thin Hair

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

Asymmetrical bangs on short, thin hair are a fun way to add spunk to your hairstyle. Short haircuts for women with thin hair need to have many layers to help add volume for the illusion of fuller-looking hair.

Bobbed Hair with Micro Bangs

Instagram @jadiedaisy_hair_mua

Round faces can easily rock a bob haircut with bangs for thin hair. Thin blonde hair with bangs, especially micro bangs, can help elongate the face making a round face look slimmer.

Piece-y Bangs on Curly Hair

Instagram @fine_n_wavy

Piece-y bangs on curly hair help connect your hair to the sides and create a beautiful waterfall of curls. Thin curly hair with bangs can help add fullness to your hair due to its many layers.

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