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30 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses

If you’re looking for youthful and flattering hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses, you’ve come to the right place! Eyeglasses shouldn’t just be a necessity for prime ladies and a stylish fashion accessory!

First things first – check your face shape!  All aspects of your hairstyle should depend on it – from the bangs and parting style to the length – the primary goal is to find the perfect match for your face and lifestyle.

Another tip to appear younger with spectacles is to pair your haircut with fitting hair color, of course, considering your specs! Take inspiration from how Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Salma Hayek, and Viola Davis sprightly strut on the red carpet with matching hairstyles and glasses!

You’ll confidently believe that age is truly just a number and won’t ever limit your styling options! No matter how long your desired hair is – short, medium-length, super long – there’s undoubtedly a perfect way to look lovely with your eyewear.

Show everyone how full of life you are with an adorable hairstyle! Choose from these super trendy hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses!

Edgy Short French Bob

Edgy Short French Bob with Bright Pink Highlights and Short Bangs for 50-Year-Olds with Glasses

Instagram @headstrongdesigns

A French bob with bright pink highlights and short bangs creates a bold, stylish look that’s fun to wear. The sleek silhouette flatters all face shapes. The short bangs are a great choice of hairstyles with glasses. At the same time, the pink highlights add depth and dimension for a bold look. To wear this ‘do, use a volumizing mousse like Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray for added body and shine.

Shoulder-Length Cut with Feathered Layers and Bangs

Shoulder-Length Cut with Feathered Layers and Bangs on 50-Year-Old Women with Glasses

Instagram @katz9132

Soften your appearance in a shoulder-length cut with feathered layers and bangs. Bringing your length up to your shoulders will give your hairstyle more volume. Adding medium layers is great for women wanting feminine and flowing locks. Bangs can hide a multitude of sins, including fine lines. Try blowing out your hair with Redken’s Style + Protect Instant Levitation Mist and a medium round brush. Lift the roots as you go, and you’ll achieve a softly voluminous finish.

Choppy Pixie Quiff

Short Choppy Pixie Quiff for ladies in their 50s with Round Glasses

Instagram @optikindividuell

Here’s a choppy pixie quiff. For a round face and glasses, having more height through the fringe will change your face shape. It will give you a more oval appearance. Style with a curling iron to give extra body and lift to your hair. For finer textures, finish with O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray for a light hold and fewer chemicals.

Headband Updo with a Curtain Fringe

Headband Updo with a Curtain Fringe for Women Over 50 with Round Faces and Glasses

Instagram @cat_nerd117

A headband updo with a curtain fringe is a fun and youthful way to incorporate hairstyles over 50. I recommend doing a longer curtain bang that will flatter your face shape. For example, this style is long enough to hit the cheekbones. But the center of the bang is short enough to highlight the eyes. Adding a cute hairpiece like a headband will give your look the extra pizazz it needs.

Medium-Length Layered Cut with Defined Curls

Medium-Length Layered Cut with Defined Curls on Women Aged 50 with Specs

Instagram @j.e.s.s.i.c.a_nl

Medium-length layers with curls are a nice way to add dimension to your natural texture. With this haircut, it’s important to note the layers are soft and cohesive. The top of this shape has soft volume. However, the length is preserved on the ends. I recommend cutting most curly hair shapes dry to cut the appropriate length.

Sleek Long Hair with Long Bangs and Face Frame

Sleek Long Hair with Long Bangs and Face Frame for Ladies Over 50 Wearing Glasses

Instagram @silversparklesonme

Ask for a sleek, long hairstyle with long face-framing bangs. Try a straight hairstyle with face-framing pieces for a chic look on aging women. They will help to accentuate your features. Glasses for your face shape will help bring out your style, and long bangs can be swept to the side of them easily.

Mini Bob with Eye-Length Bangs for Gray Hair

Short Mini Bob with Eye-Length Bangs for Gray Hair with Specs for 50-Year-Olds

Instagram @hairworthastare

A gray mini bob with eye-length bangs is a cute style for ladies over 50. A short cut can be a game-changer as you age. It can be easier to style at home and give you a little more body as your hair texture and density change. Try a bob around chin-length to elongate your neck area for a great illusionary effect.

Side-Swept Long Pixie Hair

Side-Swept Long Pixie Hair for 50-year-old Women's Blonde Hair with Eyeglasses

Instagram @stefaniatullo

A side-swept long pixie hair cut is eye-catching and chic. This is a great shape for girls with glasses or those wanting to highlight their facial features. Short hairstyles for women over 50 can still be very stylish and chic. Stay away from rounded shapes, and keep the pixie soft and angular.

Brunette Lob with Warm Blonde Highlights

Neck-Length Brunette Lob with Warm Blonde Highlights on Older Ladies Over 50 with Glasses

Instagram @over50ideas

Try the chic shape of a brunette lob with warm blonde highlights. I recommend a lob with highlights if you want to make your fine thin hair the best. The minimal amount of layers in the haircut will make it appear thicker. And highlights are a great way to add texture to your fine strands. Simple but elegant, you can see why this shape is very popular. You’ll want to use a volumizer such as Pureology’s Style + Protect Instant Levitation Mist. And you might want to skip the round brush when drying and use your hands to maintain all the body your hair might have.

Long Silver Hair with Side Part and Lots of Layering

Long Silver Hair with Side Part and Lots of Layering on a woman in her fifties with glasses

Instagram @grey_abounds

Try a long layered silver cut with a side part. For older women who want long hair, opt for a side part that will give your hair body. This suits oval and long face shapes well. It adds width around the chin to create balance on more narrow chin shapes. Blow dry with a round brush twisting towards the ends. It will help to create a bend, and use Set Spray by Cult + King for heat protection and light hold.

Middle Part with Eyebrow-Skimming Curtain Fringe

Middle Part with Eyebrow-Skimming Curtain Fringe on blonde haired women over fifty with glasses

Instagram @frau_mone

This middle part hairstyle is a flattering look that emphasizes natural features. The fringe helps draw attention away from wrinkles or lines around the eyes. And it still looks soft and feminine. For added volume and hold, use a volumizing spray before styling. Finish off the look by brushing through with a boar bristle brush. This brush will ensure all hairs lay in place throughout the day!

Younger-Looking Pixie Crop with Bangs

Younger looking pixie crop with bangs for women in their 50s with glasses

Instagram @jessicahaversstylist

Pixie hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses look super cute! The real thrill comes from working your short chop! The soft side fringe falls on your face, which makes any 50-year-old woman’s eyes stand out, much like your glasses and their frames! Pixies are classic yet fun. The best thing about this haircut is that it can be customized to each person and is fast and easy to style.

This look is perfect for fine hair that tends to lack volume. Use a mousse applied at the root on towel-dried hair, and after your hair has been dried, apply a light texturizing product or spray like Aveda Phomollient and Air Control hair spray. This cut is perfect for women who don’t have much time to get ready in the morning, but it requires more frequent visits to the salon to maintain.

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Stunning Medium-Length Shag

Stunning Medium-Length Shag for Women Over 50 with Frames

Instagram @hairbyannemariejames

This is one of the best medium-length hairstyles for women over 50, with glasses and fun frames! This look from the ’70s can make you look younger than over 50! The middle part bangs and waves on this shoulder-length cut all point towards your eyes, which can very much highlight its beauty.

Long Curly Style

Long Curly Style for Women Past 50 with Glasses

Instagram @curls_byjoy

Long curly styles with round layers are one of the best things you can do to enhance your look. Especially if you’re a woman over 50 and wear glasses, this style is timeless, flattering, and easy to manage. As an experienced hairstylist, I recommend using high-quality products when styling your curls. This will ensure they stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day. Try Hairstory’s Cleanser, Balm, & Oil. For extra texture and volume, try diffusing your style.

Shoulder-Length Curls with a Subtle Side Part


Instagram @cocoon_styling

Try a shoulder-length cut with a subtle side part to make curls jump. Thinning out your hair may be necessary for curls to sit down instead of out to control unruly strands. A side part is softer and is less harsh than a middle part for a softer finish.

Champagne Blonde Pixie

Champagne Blonde Pixie for 50-Year-Olds with Glasses

Instagram @attila.koves

Consider a champagne blonde pixie if you want to brighten up your locks. It would be best to use a purple toning shampoo at least once weekly to maintain a nice bright blonde. Maintenance will feel easy if you have the right products. So ask your stylist what they recommend!

Side-Swept Silver Bangs and Cut

Side-Swept Silver Bangs and Cut for 50-Year-Olds with Glasses

Instagram @anjel_the_hairartist

A chin-length bob is a perfect haircut to accentuate your face, giving a more youthful look. Adding a bang is the number one way to bring instant flair to a hairstyle. Ask your stylist about a side-swept bang to see if it would fit your face shape. This particular style of bang is great if you have a wider forehead or are looking for extra volume.

Long Blonde Pixie with Bangs

Long Blonde Pixie with Bangs for a Woman Over 50 with Glasses

Instagram @leonhardt_irina_hairstudio

I love this pixie for aging hair! The short to long layers in the front will show off your eyeglasses and highlight your best features. If you have finer hair, style with a medium hold product for a piecey look.

Long Silver Hairstyle

Long Silver Hairstyle for Women Over 50 with Glasses

Instagram @silversparklesonme

Look stunning and natural with a long silver hairstyle. Having layers and angles around your face will prevent your face from dragging. And it will give an instant lifted look. If you struggle with flat locks taking weight out at the crown will help lift to give your hair more body. Wear your hair with a slight wave to give your hair some texture and body.

Mature Short Grey Pixie Cut

Mature Short Grey Pixie Cut for women over 50 with glasses and fun frames

Instagram @bilo_doing

Opt for a timeless pixie cut made a little softer. The trend for pixie cuts is the shaved sides, but I would ask your stylist for some softness around the edges. The best part is the super short and heavy fringe! This looks great for women with glasses and fun frames.

Make sure you learn all the ways you can style it. It’s pretty texturized so you can get away with minimal styling tools and products. If you want to play with your style, you should learn all the options! It’s a quick style for active women over 50 who want to look trendy no matter their age.

Beautiful Short Curly Hair

Beautiful Short Curly Hair for older women over fifty with eyeglasses

Instagram @_ceebeauty_

This short curly hair for a woman over 50 is beautiful. The curls would seem like the accessory your textured bob needs! Just like your eyewear can be your fashion piece, wear your ginger curls elegant and proud!

Youthful Long Bob for Round Faces

Youthful Long Bob hairstyle for older women over fifty with glasses and a round face

Instagram @thecreativehairdresser

The long bob for round faces is ideal for businesswomen in their 50s and laid-back ladies. This cut, combined with the everyday bangs, can turn your rounded sides into a more edged and elongated appearance.

Flattering Cut for a Square Face

flattering cut for a square face over 50

Instagram @winzerhairsalon_palmsprings

Having longer locks on the front, along with full wispy bangs, cut the rigid appearance of a square-shaped face for women aged 50. The frames on these glasses may have a rounder frame, so the face has more curved patterns.

Feminine Feathered Bob with Bangs

Feminine Feathered Bob with Bangs for a 50 year old with glasses

Instagram @maria_colors4u

Comb out your pixie using a wide-toothed comb for this feathered look. The bangs on a 50-year-old woman may hang loose over your forehead or slightly touch your eyewear for that weightless look.

Messy Shorter Cut for Fine Hair

Messy Shorter Cut for Fine Hair on a woman over 50 with blue frames

Instagram @kew_hair_design

More layers on cropped hair beget incredible waves and textures, just like this pixie cut! A messier short style along with your trendy glasses may be your perfect ingredients for a younger look for 50+ women.

Edgy Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

Edgy Layered Haircut for Thin Hair on 50 year old woman

Instagram @vamphairstudio

When it comes to hair styles for women over 50 with glasses and thin hair, it’s all about texture. Grab a bunch of locks and trim them successively, following a downward pattern. These produce shorter strands that are awesome for a fuller body, perfect for women in their 50s with thin hair with, glasses, and thin frames.

Stylish Textured Cut for Thick Hair

Stylish Textured Cut for Thick Hair for woman over fifty with glasses

Instagram @lisaschwabstudio

What a stylish textured cut for ladies over 50 with glasses and thick hair. After shearing in short lengths, blow-dry while brushing to keep the form. You can add bangs and some fringes to frame your face for a youthful look.

Sexy Short Bob with Side Part

Sexy Short Bob with Side Part for 50-Year-Olds who wear glasses

Instagram @chroma.carmona

All 50-year-old women deserve to feel beautiful and sexy, and that’s what this haircut does for her face shape and frames. This haircut is designed to give every face shape confidence because when you look good, you feel good! Short hair cuts for women are easy to style, and you can wear it for days with Redken’s powder grip and dry shampoo.

Modern Very Short Spiky Pixie

Modern Very Short Spiky Pixie for Women Over 50 with Eyeglasses

Instagram @thebirdcagehairstudio

Go for a heavily texturized crop haircut. Think about cutting out all of your old brunette permanent color. When your hair grows back, both embrace your natural silver color. The best thing about this 50-year-old woman’s haircut is how the texture strongly contrasts her glasses and frames. It brings attention to both! This is a great modern haircut to suit women who don’t want to be held back by their hair. The heavy texture requires minimum styling. However, this hairstyle with frames should be maintained every 5-6 weeks.

Sophisticated Shoulder-Length Angled Bob

Sophisticated Shoulder-Length Angled Bob for 50 year old women with black frames

Instagram @shania.haircuttery

Just like her glasses and frames, this hairstyle is bold. A woman with short hair is perceived as confident – not having to hide anything. Women are always expected to have long hair and show their femininity. In contemporary American culture, women with short hair are often seen as less feminine but more professional. In truth, it radiates boldness – breaking the perception of women in society.

My name for it is an ashy angled bob. I texturized her ends for some movement to her hair. To pull off this haircut for women over 50 with glasses, you should be bold enough to chop inches off. It would be best if you were willing enough to have this haircut in the long run because growing your hair out is not a piece of cake. Also, consider your face shape. There are different types of short haircuts these days, and you have to figure out which one fits your face shape and if you’re wearing glasses and frames. Women with oval-shaped faces can pull off any haircut.

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