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Red Hairstyles

28 Blazing Hot Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas in 2023

A red ombre hair color is when the hair is dyed with red and another color that gradually blend from one to the other. Typically, it will start with a darker red at the top of the head and gradually get lighter towards the ends of your hair.

It really is a unique and modern twist on the classic highlighting technique that puts in warmth and finesse together in your locks. Stylists and celebrities are head over heels with this hair color mainly because of its abilities to offer a ton of movement to your strands and grab the attention of everyone around you!

Red Ombre Hair : A Multitude of Shades

Depending on your desired aura, you can opt for subtle rosy and raspberry hues or bold copper and cherry red tones. Reds totally are amazing because of the endless variations of colors in its palette!

Whatever color of roots you choose, either your natural blonde or brunette tresses, reds always blend in easily to make your tips appear thicker and healthier. If you’re up for a challenge, choosing a red reverse ombre by starting with ruby red roots is another astonishing option.

Get ready to transform your look to a warmer, brighter, and more passionate one! If you’re looking for red ombre hair ideas, then show off your fiery character with one of these up-to-date red ombre colors that we’ve rounded up just for your inspirational needs!

Red Purple Ombre

Red Purple Ombre Haircolor

Instagram @biosphair_coiffure

A vivid red purple ombre never fails to liven up natural dark hair. As long as you give it the right maintenance, this outstanding hairstyle is sure to serve you best!

Copper Red Ombre Hair

Copper Red Ombre Hair

Instagram @bell_thestylist

Be ready to create some fall-inspired colors any time of the year! Notice how the bright pieces contour the texture and waves for a really gorgeous movement.

Fire Red Ombre Hair

fire red ombre hair

Instagram @jmhaircare

A new hair craze that will get you feeling hot – this crimson to orange blend will surely brighten you up and give your mane its needed warmth and depth.

Strawberry Red Ombre

Strawberry Red ombre

Instagram @aliceaddamshairart

This features a chocolate-dipped berry color melt that appears super flattering even on a short one-length straight bob. This dye job will leave you with no worries even if your hair grows out!

Dark Red Ombre

Dark Red ombre

Instagram @hairstylistjutta

This dark cherry cola color melt allows you to grow your black mane without literally needing to do any maintenance! Aside from that, it would look as lovely and dimensional on any length and hairstyle you’ll create.

Violet Red Ombre

Violet Red ombre

Instagram @peachypjayyshair

If you’re the type of gal who likes just a little commitment, this dark wine hair is totally for you. It’s sexy and deep, and will surely give your tresses a sense of dimension.

Cherry Red Ombre

Cherry Red ombre

Instagram @nikkiscandalous

Get the pop you’re craving for! This sweet and deep ruby mane accentuates the softness of your hair especially when styled with waves and curls.

Red Auburn Ombre

Red Auburn ombre

Instagram @myhairstylistnancy

Autumn is in the air with this rich dark to light golden blend! Keep your mane in its prime by styling it with texture and curls, bringing out a two-toned radiance in every strand.

Rose Gold Ombre

Rose Gold ombre

Instagram @kimstylesme

This is an unparalleled beauty served best with a royal pink hue. Flowing locks styled in messy curls show off these colors, a look that stays elegant day to night.

Dark to Light Burgundy Ombre

Dark to Light Burgundy Ombre

Instagram @beautyby_brittanyjean

Drown into that bitter-sweet wine color and give your hair the ultimate fade makeover! Trendsetting and wearable, this red-violet ombre can be worn with any cut and type of hair.

Brown to Red Ombre with Short Hair

Brown to Red Ombre with Short Hair

Instagram @styling_edge

This brown to red ombre features an auburn/burgundy ombre finished with an edgy A-line cut. You can wear it with natural hair texture, you can wear it curly, you can wear crimped, or even sleek straight. There’s no wrong way to style this haircut.

With the burgundy reds being balayaged instead of put as an allover color, you won’t see a hard line as the hair starts growing out. It grows out softly and blended, extending the life of your color and making it easy maintenance. It’s such a rich and shiny color! Full of depth and dimension, it captures the eye with its cool tones and its vibrancy!

As far as color goes, this ombre is an easy maintenance color because it grows out softly. Keep in mind that reds do tend to fade with time, so using a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner is highly advised.

Also, if you are a person who likes to change up your hair color quite often or there’s a possibility that you’d like to go back to being blonde your next visit, maybe this hair color isn’t for you. Because stripping red out of hair can be a process that may take more than one visit.

Reddish Brown Ombre

Reddish Brown Ombre

Instagram @kaylatheunicorn

Go for a reddish brown ombre. The model in the picture had previously had her natural medium brown into a rose gold blonde ombre. There’s a richness about it, and it’s a fairly low maintenance color with the red being on the more natural side.

When choosing a red shade it is super important, like with any color, that you find the right shade to complement your skin tone. If you have a slightly olive complexion, don’t choose a red that is too bright. It needs to be more muted with a hint of violet to complement the green and yellow undertones in your skin.

Sometimes reds can be even higher maintenance than blonde! It’s important that you choose the right products to go with your new ombre hair coloring. Both Joico and Watercolors make vibrant red and copper shampoos to help keep your red looking fresh at home.

Red Ombre on Black Hair

Red ombre on Black Hair

Instagram @hbstudio502

This style is more of an ombre that is very nice and melted from dark to red with no harsh lines. This style is less maintenance and makes the hair very healthy.

This red ombre hair color is for every woman. Color can always be fixed. Use something color-safe. For maintenance, the water has to be cool because if you do hot water, the color will fade easily.

Dark Brown to Raspberry Red Ombre Hair

Dark Brown to Raspberry Red Ombre Hair

Instagram @heiravl

This ombre red hair is ideal for women who can come in every 6-8 weeks to refresh and who invests in their hair color with salon products. The magenta ends are flattering for most skin tones and fade beautifully.

Use Schwarzkopf vibrancy to lessen the line of demarcation when the natural color starts to grow out and ease in lifting down the line and pearlescence to ensure longevity. Use a 1.25″ barrel iron to style and finished with Pureology’s soft finish hairspray to give shine and light hold.

Just about all women can rock this brown to red ombre! You just want to make sure you can keep it up.

Red to Brown Ombre

Red to Brown ombre

Instagram @carinadaiseyhair

This red to brown ombre resembles a fiery fall sunset! With this color, you can have fun playing with red and orange hues. Don’t shy away from anything warm, even if you’re stuck to the cooler side of the color wheel. Try it at least once!

This would be a great color combination to experiment with if you naturally fall on the red spectrum but always wanted to add something fun and new to it! Of course, it can also be for women who are interested in changing up their hair or just wanting to add some spice to their style.

Dark Brown to Red Ombre

Dark Brown to Red ombre hair

Instagram @allykfrank

This dark red ombre hair is an exciting twist to the classic ombre. This color was created using a custom combo of Redken Color Fusion and Shades EQ Cream lines. The technique used was the classic ombre technique, with a bit of a twist. This color has created dimensions throughout this beautiful red ombre.

First and foremost if you decide that this is the look for you, talk with your stylist about hair care. Shampoo/conditioner and styling products, as well as heat protectants, are a must when coloring ombre hair red. Without them, you cannot guarantee the longevity of this color service.

Next would be maintaining the actual color service itself. If you want to keep this color maintained, pre-book your appointments 4-5 weeks out to ensure that this color stays vibrant through the ends and that your regrowth is taken care of.

Red Orange Ombre

Red Orange ombre

Instagram @amandarourkehair

This hair color is a beautiful red ombre that’s filled with a saturation of color.

This red ombre style is for women looking for that wow factor. This should be maintained every 6 weeks and maintained at home with color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and weekly treatments.

Light Brown to Red Ombre

Light Brown to Red ombre

Instagram @shear_passion

This light brown to red ombre color is carelessly blowing in the wind.

Red color on the ends is semi-permanent and requires a lot of maintenance. When using Pulp Riot, get a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and wash in cool water. You also don’t want to wash your hair every day.

Try Pulp Riot’s dry shampoo between washing to also help extend the life of your color. You must always use a heat protectant and low heat when styling your hair, preferably 300 degrees and below.

This kind of color draws a lot of attention. So if you don’t like the attention don’t opt for this color. It’s also not great for women with thinner hair. Ombres or color melts work best on thicker hair. This color is also not good for women who tend to swim a lot because the color will strip out of the hair very fast with the chemicals found in a pool.

Merlot Wine Red Ombre

Merlot Wine Red ombre

Instagram @bangedhairbytracie

This red ombre hairstyle is fun but safe. It features deep natural brown roots that softly blend into a deeper red, then into that fun pop of red on the ends.

This red ombre offers a lot to women who want some fun color but aren’t quite ready to dive all the way into a bright bold color!

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a color within the color family you are looking for. Aside from your skin tone and eye color, to ensure the color will compliment you overall, also consider your personality and profession, as some reds may be outside of some employer’s image policies.

Whenever doing reds, you should understand the upkeep and care that go along with it. You may or may not need to adjust your hair care routine to accommodate your new color. Bright reds are beautiful but without the proper care, they may fade or dull faster than a more natural tone. Professional shampoo/conditioner and styling products are a must.

Black to Ruby Red Ombre

Black to Ruby Red ombre

Instagram @hairbynoellelucy

This ombre is like a “Red Velvet Melt”. It definitely has that rich creamy violet/red depth to it.

Honestly, your stylist needs to remind you that any shade of red is going to require maintenance. Luckily for the model in the photo, her natural color wasn’t too far off from the Joico cocktail whipped up (5XR & 5RM).

Black to Red Ombre

Black to Red ombre hair

Instagram @porcelain_blonde

A black red ombre hair is a fierce and strong, yet classy color.

It’s pretty high maintenance but totally worth it. Your stylist should assess the hair while coloring it and tailor the aftercare products to not just your color, but hair type/texture and porosity! Try Olaplex! It doesn’t just help with keeping the hair in top-notch condition, but it also helps to lock in the red to prevent fading!

Using the balayage/ombre technique allows the hair to grow out without those nasty roots!

A lightener or bleach isn’t needed every time, so it’s maintaining the condition in each visit. It’s usually just a toner (demi/semi-permanent color) that is applied to the hair every month or so to deposit the red back into the hair.

Reds are usually more popular in trend around Autumn/Winter, but in reality, that doesn’t matter, as you can rock this red and black ombre hair all year long!

Red to Silver Ombre

Red to Silver ombre

Instagram @hairartistliz

This is a fashion color ombre with permanent red on top and silver at the bottom and features a multitude of upkeep options this style provides.

Feel free to switch it up every now and then but always stick to your red roots. Having light blonde ends which were toned silver gives you the opportunity to have a different color on the bottom half of your hair every time you touch up your roots. This red ombre is a strong statement color.

High contrast colors with a stronger color on top require few washes, ice cold washes, and professional color shampoo for the color to stay where it belongs. Unless you’re willing to freeze your head and invest in some good shampoo and conditioner (the best for colored hair are Olaplex No.4 and No.5 or Joico Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner) and use dry shampoo for days on end, this look won’t be much good for you.

However, if you’re determined to do so, high contrast ombres like these are so much fun and very expressive, and they can be combined with almost any cut and be adjusted for any color combination.

With this specific color, it will take some time to place the ombre higher up when it’s growing out as the red is a permanent color and will require more than just one removal step for it to lift to a platinum blonde again.

Subtle Red Ombre

Subtle Red ombre

Instagram @natfoxhair

This is a blended red ombre or color melt on an asymmetrical bob. The coolest thing about this red hair ombre is that it’s edgy but also very classy and can be worn at any age.

This color is great for women with naturally dark hair because it will still blend as the color grows out, since it starts dark and gradually becomes lighter toward the end.

It’s a little edgy but not too much so that it could still translate to a professional setting. It is very important to protect the integrity of hair in order to keep the red looking fresh so use a moisturizing and color-safe shampoo and conditioner as well as a heat protectant and serum when styling.

Light Red Ombre

Light Red ombre

Instagram @saxonhairatx

Don’t you love how vibrant the red turned out and the way the ombre blends naturally to ensure an easy grow-out process?

Reds are the fastest colors to fade, so if you want to ensure the vibrancy of the hair you need to make sure that you use salon-quality shampoo ( try Kevin Murphy because it’s sulfate-free), and not to wash your hair in hot water. Another thing to consider is coming in every 6-8 weeks for a toner refresh to really keep the ombre looking as good for as long as possible.

Bright Red Ombre

Bright Red ombre

Instagram @ciarasikes

This black and red ombre hair color is a candy apple red. For this type of look, ask your stylist to do a wet balayage for a smooth transition line.

Bright red ombres are a high maintenance color. Go home with the right home care and a take-home pot of color to touch up in between appointments.

Candy Red Ombre

Candy Red ombre hair

Instagram @hairbykatierose

This is a fun way to spice up red hair – definitely something unique about it. The loveliest about it is the transition of the red into copper. Reds and coppers go together like shampoo and conditioner!

It is a mix of high maintenance and low maintenance. High because of the bright red and low because the ombre portion would only have to be red once or twice a year. Keep that in mind if you only want to get your hair done a few times.

Red and Blonde Ombre

red and blonde ombre

Instagram @pravana

This features a vibrant red ombre hair color. The greatest thing about this red to blonde ombre is the transition between colors and how intense the reds are.

Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. It’s important to have something that will preserve the vibrancy of the reds, while also nourishing the ends since they’ve been so lightened. Try Color Keeper from Formula 18. Red ombres require regular salon visits to maintain the color so be sure that will work for your schedule and budget.

Vibrant Red Ombre

Vibrant Red Ombre Hair Color

Instagram @serahdoeshairahh

Fiery red locks in two tones seem to be such a marvel to look at!

Pink and Red Ombre

Pink and Red Ombre Hair Color

Instagram @hannahroed

A purplish-red take on scarlet hair. The pastel pink ends really made this look a bit more fruity.

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