25 Best Ways to Get the New Sliced Bob Haircut Trend

25 Best Ways to Get the New Sliced Bob Haircut Trend

25 Best Ways to Get the New Sliced Bob Haircut Trend

A sliced bob creates a sleek, short haircut by slicing through the ends of the hair. It has a blunt length that offers fullness at the edges and versatility to any style.

According to salon owner and stylist Erin Barr of Brooklyn, NY, there are two reasons why you should get a fresh bob cut.

“It’s great for women with fine, straight hair that wants the appearance of more body. And while it does involve a bit more styling and maintenance, it just looks so chic,” she states.

Barr suggests that when cutting the shape of the bob, slightly tilt the back shorter. Pieces in the front must be a bit longer.

An undercut is a great option, especially if you have thick hair. “I like to undercut the bottom, two sections in the nape. This removes bulk and helps the shape curve under instead of flipping out,” Barr explains.

If wanting a more rounded finish, do slight graduation. This keeps the chop looking more modern and fresh.

Maintenance is essential to keep the shape of a sliced bob cut. Trims are required every two months. Barr says this bob cut isn’t for ladies who want a wash-and-go cut since it involves daily styling.

Before you visit your stylist, check out this photo gallery of the trendiest sliced bob haircuts and hairstyles. Find here what suits you best!

Sliced Bob with a Middle Part

Instagram @hairbykysa

Boost your impact with a sliced bob and middle part. Short crops with middle parts are strikingly beautiful as they put all the focus on the face, while still serving sharp clean lines. Take a sliced bob style to the next level with a bright, platinum blonde or a soft pastel hue.

Tousled Long Blunt Bob

Instagram @joahhmendes

Look effortless with a tousled long blunt bob! Choppy bob haircuts are all the rage due to how simple it is to get that perfectly imperfect style. Toss in a few waves for an extra boost of beachy.

Jaw-Length French Bob with a Curtain Fringe

Instagram @frankiedoesmyhair_

Try a jaw-length French bob with a curtain fringe for a twist on the “Amelie.” This sliced tousled bob with bangs is a breeze to style and easy to wear.

Blunt Bobbed Hair with Messy Waves

Instagram @salonketty

Blunt bobbed hair looks incredible with messy waves! Messy bob hairstyles are very on-trend and universally flattering. The key to finding the best bob for your face shape is to ask your stylist. No matter the angle you choose, messy waves are a great way to get that tousled finish.

Short Sliced Cut for Wavy Hair

Instagram @christo_hairbeauty

Women with wavy hair should try a short sliced cut. The square bob haircut is a great choice as its angular nature balances well with wavy lengths.

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Sliced Wavy Lob with Textured Ends

Instagram @peluqueriaspascual

Upgrade your wavy sliced lob with textured ends! To get that perfect choppy layered bob, ask your stylist to heavily texturize your ends and layers during the cut.

Thick Waves on a Sliced Lob Haircut

Instagram @bumbleandbumbleuk

Romantic, thick waves fit perfectly on a sliced lob haircut. The crisp angles of a lob come to life when curled and coiled, especially on thick, balayaged hair. When styling a sliced lob, don’t be afraid of a few beach waves!

Voluminous Sliced Layered Bob

Instagram @hairbyallytee

Looking for a body boost? Try a voluminous sliced layered bob. There’s no shortage of volume with this short crop. The added layers and expert texturizing allow each and every strand to stand up and reach for the stars. For an extra boost at the roots, apply a root lifter before styling like REF of Sweden’s “Root to Top No. 335.”

Platinum Blonde on a Sliced Bob

Instagram @hairbykysa

Turn heads with a platinum blonde sliced bob. The sliced bob hairstyle will catch eyes on two levels: the bright, white blonde and the super sharp ends. To keep this color extra icy, always keep a toning shampoo on hand like Pravana’s “The Perfect Blonde Shampoo.”

Short Textured Bob for Fine Hair

Instagram @hairbyhedrick

A short textured bob is the best cut for fine hair. Textured bob cuts make fine hair look fuller and more voluminous. Though the length is shorter, this crop will make it appear as if you have more hair. To get an even bigger body boost, use a thickening spray when styling like Paul Mitchell’s “Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Spray on your bob that’s sliced.

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Lob Haircut with Sliced Ends

Instagram @emjayys_touch

Try a twist on the angled bob and opt for a lob haircut with sliced ends. The gorgeous crop takes the classic angled bob and elevates it to the modern age. The addition of a tousled finish and seamlessly blended ombre tie the style together.

Neck-Length Sliced Bob with Money Pieces

Instagram @hairplayofroa

It’s all about the money piece! A neck-length sliced bob is a universally flattering sliced bob hairstyle. Due to the angle forward, the hair around the face stays longer, which is more slimming on your cheeks. The added money pieces in the fringe area highlight the best part of this chop and draw attention to the eyes.

Dark-Rooted Blonde Bob

Instagram @salondivavalparaisoin

Women who desire a low-maintenance style should try a dark-rooted blonde bob. Sliced bobs are easy to maintain as the cutting technique allows them to grow out beautifully between trims. When it comes to color, opting for a dark-rooted hue will allow for more time between appointments as the deeper tone will blend better with your outgrowth.

Sliced Cut with Beach Waves

Instagram @magicbymikki

Women with finer hair should try a sliced cut with beach waves. Sliced bob cuts work well for finer hair as the blunt angles create an illusion of fullness. To get even more volume and bounce, style your crop with beachy waves and a mist of texturizing spray like Davines’ “This is a Dry Texturizer” for all-day hair.

Chin-Length Sliced Bob with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @daeunnn____

A chin-length sliced bob looks great with curtain bangs! By adding fringe, you can completely transform your chin-length bob, taking it from basic to fashion-forward and on-trend.

Long Sliced Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram @haironthedailybyhayley

Try a long sliced bob if you have thick hair! Typically, the long sliced bob haircut is thought to be suitable for finer-haired women, but thick-haired ladies will also love what this crop does to their lengths! With added texturizing and lots of layering, the long sliced bob will make thick ends more manageable while still providing body and movement

Textured Blunt Bob with a Balayage

Instagram @luis_alberto_burciaga

Balayage a textured blunt bob and watch it shine! Taking a sliced bob haircut and adding expertly placed color will allow the angles of this crop to pop!

Shoulder-Length Sliced Bob with Sleek Waves

Instagram @theblondestudio_

Women with blonde hair should try a shoulder-length sliced bob with sleek waves. This shoulder-length blunt bob highlights the dimension within the hue, and the soft waves make the fresh highlights really stand out.

Pink Pastel Hue on a Wavy Sliced Bob

Instagram @chazcollier_hair

Looking for a sliced bob hairstyle for thin hair? Try this pink pastel hue on a wavy sliced bob! Crop aside, pastel tones and bright hues can beef up thin strands. Lighter colors will always make hair look larger and more voluminous.

Sleek Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

Instagram @richardgabrielrocha

A sleek bob is the best choice for blondes with straight hair. A straight bob haircut will show off lighter hues and work wonderfully with straighter strands. To get that uber-smooth finish, try using a smoothing serum in your styling routine like Paul Mitchell’s “Super Skinny Serum.”

Sliced Round Bob with a Side Part

Instagram @hair.helga

Sliced round bobs and side parts are two peas in a pod. This pairing allows the hair to flow seamlessly from root to tip. A side part blunt bob cut is a great choice for women with square or even heart-shaped faces. But! Be sure to keep the length below the jaw for maximum flattery.

Wavy Sliced Bob for Older Women’s Grey Hair

Instagram @katyisa.hair

Older women with grey hair look lovely with a wavy sliced bob. A sliced inverted thick bob style will compliment the silvery tones of aging hair. The sharp angles of a sliced bob will also make the hair appear thicker and fuller, which can combat age-related hair loss.

Short Sliced Haircut with Face-Framing Layers

Instagram @matthewjames.hair

Soften your short sliced haircut with face-framing layers. A short sliced bob hairstyle often appears very sharp and sometimes needs to be balanced with a bit of softness. Adding some layered face-framers will keep the crop from appearing too harsh around the face while still maintaining its blunt bob ends.

Sliced Lob with Choppy Ends

Instagram @katemcbridehair

Looking to add more edge to your length? Try a sliced lob with choppy ends! A textured blunt bob haircut is very versatile. Style sliced bobs smooth to get those crisp clean lines, or add a bit of bend to show off its texture. Either way – the super sharp style is a must-try!

Sliced French Bob with Thin Bangs

Instagram @coiffeurvincent

Women looking for a unique take on the sliced french bob should try thin bangs. Typically, hairstyles like a sliced bob with bangs, use a full, blunt fringe or side bang. Opt for a thin bang for a more artistic take on the trim.

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