24 Edgy Choppy Bob Haircuts for an Adventurous New Look

24 Edgy Choppy Bob Haircuts for an Adventurous New Look

24 Edgy Choppy Bob Haircuts for an Adventurous New Look

The best edgy choppy bob haircuts are short in length and are known for their shaggy yet metamorphic look. These edgy bobs are the go-to cut when you’re planning on getting the big chop. They highlight every woman’s best features while concealing their problem areas.

When it comes to texture and styling, Marci Krachie, a hairstylist from San Diego, CA says, “I tell my clients that they might need to style the bob cut a little messier depending on their hair texture. The texture is a vital component to this cut since it gives the cut an interest point especially upon styling.”

Often when styling edgy choppy bobs, Krachie tends to use EVO Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax. It’s a styling spray that feels good in the tresses while giving enough grit and a bit of hold.

For hair care, she advises women to start co-washing. Co-wash is when you buy a hair product that functions both as a shampoo and a conditioner. It cleanses the hair well and adds the hair’s natural texture into the mix.

Krachie reminds women that they should be mentally ready for the needed upkeep of this cut, stating, “Women underestimate how often they’ll need to visit the salon to keep its edginess,” she says. “Even if you like it longer, you’ll still need to keep adding texture into the cut.”

So before your next salon visit, see these photos of the best edgy choppy bob hairstyles and haircuts for your next haircut idea!

Edgiest Lob Haircut with Wispy Layers

Instagram @summerevansstudio

Stand out with the edgiest lob haircut with wispy layers! With a blunt perimeter and sliced-out layers, a choppy hairstyle is great for spicing up any new do. Best styled with a flat iron for that sleek finish. Don’t forget to use a heat protection spray such as Mydentity #Mydefender Spray before you style.

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Razored Blonde Bob with Blunt Fringe

Instagram @eastonhair

I have clients that come in and say they’re looking for something edgy but still need to be able to fit it in a ponytail. If you have fine hair, I suggest considering a blunt razored bob. The blunt fringe is very cool. However, if you haven’t had bangs in a while you may want to ease into this style. Start with a curtain bang which also looks great with this bob cut.

Long Choppy Bob

Instagram @yukistylist

If you’re looking for a cut with a bit more edge, try a long choppy bob. The many layers and massive texture within this crop really pop when given a tousled finish. However, a sleek and flippy finish will also showcase this bob’s edginess.

Bright Pink Bob with an Edge

Instagram @hairbeautyretreatdaylesford

A bright pink bob with an edge brings this classic cut to life! All eyes will be on the pop of color, especially the fun pink falling over a dark, shadowy fringe. Schedule an appointment with your colorist every few weeks for maintenance as vivid colors tend to fade faster. Hair maintenance needs to be done frequently to achieve maximum vibrance. After styling, add a mist of shine spray to bring out an extra spark.

Medium-Length Angled Bob with an Edge

Instagram @darlasdailydeets

A medium-length angled bob with an edge is a great style for fine to medium hair. Check out the textured ends. It is an excellent option for those who prefer not to work with too many layers. Keeping the hair around the face and below the chin gives this edgy style an elongated look. Soft waves add dimension and body.

Edgy Shaggy Bob for Wavy Hair

Instagram @sagebrush.inspiredbeauty

Consider an edgy shaggy bob for wavy hair. Cutting several layers throughout gives this choppy style a lot of bang for your buck, with just the right amount of shorter pieces around the cheekbone. Add soft beachy waves finished with dry texture spray for a carefree, tousled style.

Shoulder-Length Edgy Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram @randa.rivera

Try a shoulder-length edgy bob for thin hair to add volume. Choppy hairstyles with long layers create an illusion of fullness and deep waves. To get this style, add just enough layers to keep the bob interesting. Notice the deep side part for added height on top.

Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @mainpointsalon

An edgy short bob hairstyle offers a contemporary take on a classic bob. An extremely blunt perimeter with textured layers and soft bangs creates the perfect combo by framing the face well. When considering a short, blunt bob, keep in mind the maintenance required to keep the crisp edges. It usually demands a retouch every 4-5 weeks.

Super Edgy Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram @bescene

A super edgy blunt bob for thick hair is the perfect cut for thick-haired gals. Blunt ends with invisible layers creates a soft texture while removing some of the bulk of thicker hair, helping it lay nice. It prevents you from getting the triangle-like look that some bobs may give. Soft, lived-in curls transform a blunt bob into an edgy hairstyle.

Edgy Jaw-Length Blonde Bob

Instagram @lkhair_chicago

An edgy jaw-length choppy bob is an excellent way to spice up fine, thin hair. A blunt perimeter creates weight in the ends of the hair, giving a thicker appearance. Jaw-length cuts are most flattering on oval or heart face shapes. When styling, short bobs look good sleek and straight. It can easily be switched up with beach waves.

Choppy and Funky Cut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Try a choppy and funky bob that has the benefit of added texture and movement. It’s quite an easy length to maintain and style. You may opt to wear it wavy with natural waves or add some wand waves and hairspray to show off the extra texture and dimension in the choppiest way. It’s great for the heart and oval face shapes and those with medium-fine hair density. If your hair is super thick, make sure your stylist feels comfortable doing weight removal to achieve this style.

Choppy Bob with Extra Long Bangs

Instagram @nevilleromanzammit

A stunning short choppy bob with extra-long bangs draws attention right to the eyes as the soft fringe brushes the eyelashes. Choppy bangs can be worn down over the forehead or pushed slightly to the side to open up the face more. Either way, blending into wavy layers requires low maintenance and is super playful. A style like this is great for thin to medium hair as it adds volume and bounce. Finish this edgy choppy bob haircut with a light texture cream to add a bit of texture and dimension.

Short Emerald Green Bob

Instagram @cozmic.color

A short emerald green bob is an attention-getter! Prepare to make a splash everywhere with these gorgeous green hues. The rich dark roots melt beautifully into brighter strands, showcasing the lightest pieces around the face. If you aren’t sure about going green, talk to your hair colorist about different hues to see a good fit for your skin tone and personality. Also, ask your stylist about using a professional color-tinted shampoo between salon visits to keep the hair color vibrant.

Long Inverted Bob

Instagram @ovo.salon

Consider a long inverted bob haircut as a subtle way to go a bit shorter without missing the feminine flow of locks around your collarbone. Shorter at the nape, an inverted long bob is for women who want to cut their hair short but feel more comfortable with plenty of hair up front. Its length is great for a low ponytail on scorching hot days. It can be worn wavy and carefree or smooth for the edgiest finish.

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Choppy Bob with Micro Bangs

Instagram @jackalopebeautylounge

A jaw-length choppy bob with micro bangs brings attention directly to the eyes, as the square shape of the cut opens up the entire face. It’s important to remember that fringe needs to be styled daily to maintain them straight across the forehead. If you aren’t a daily hair washer, spritz the bangs with water and blow them out. It’s indeed a fun edgy choppy bob hairstyle when focusing on a bold brow is your goal!

The Messy Bob

Instagram @hairbymissvictoria

Nothing says edgy like the messy bob! A choppy bob haircut transcends age brackets. It’s for women looking to wear a fresh style all day, every day. Edgy bob haircuts are for almost all hair types, especially if you like to keep your morning routine simple. Spray a bit of dry shampoo at the root and around the hairline, then add a few messy waves with a curling wand, and you’re ready to go!

Edgy Shattered Layers for Straight Hair

Instagram @ayhanonluel

Edgy shattered layers create a beautiful piecey yet soft look to your style. If you like wearing your hair straight, it will show off the sharp texture. Grabbing some pieces with a texture paste will show the definition in the ends. It’s a great edgy choppy bob cut for all hair textures. Your hairstylist can take out more hair if it’s thick, or texture the ends just a bit if it’s fine.

Rainbow Mid-Length Bob

Instagram @militia.lee

A rainbow mid-length bob is perfect for women looking to add a full spectrum of color to their tresses. The upkeep will be about 6 weeks to keep the tresses looking fresh. Bright colors tend to fade quickly and hair growth will be more noticeable. A color-safe hair care routine is a must. Cool water keeps the colors bright for a longer time.

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The Choppy Undercut Bob

Instagram @sassy_sarah_b

The choppy undercut bob is fierce and edgy. Style edgy choppy bob cuts with wide curls with a curling iron to create added volume and texture.

Heavily Textured Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

A heavily textured bob for fine hair gives volume and a disconnected touch to the blonde hair. In styling, use BaByliss styling tools to create messy waves and added texture.

The Edgy Pixie Bob

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

The edgy pixie bob with a sidecut is beautiful for women who want practicality. Short hair is practical in everyday life and easy to style.

A Very Asymmetrical Bob

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

A very asymmetrical bob can match all types of hair and faces. Combine with side bangs, and you have yourself a delicate haircut.

The Platinum Jagged Bob

Instagram @ayhanonluel

The platinum jagged bob is perfect for women who want edgy choppy bob haircuts that add lightness and sophistication. When styling, apply mousse or wax to wet hair and scrunch to add a chopper texture.

Sharp A-Line Bob

Instagram @kissysbombshellbeauties

Get a sharp A-line bob, styled with soft waves, if you have an oval face shape. The edgier cut is customizable, so you can do bangs, more layers, or curls to frame your facial features very well.

Idaho-based stylist Kisandra Taylor started with a graduated haircut to achieve this look. “I used texture shears and a feather razor. Layers are cut at a 45-degree angle with tons of texture,” she states.

Taylor notes that you will need to visit the salon every 6 weeks to keep up with the style.

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