23 Volume-Boosting Bob Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Fine Hair

The best bob haircuts for women over 60 with fine hair create an illusion of fullness and volume. The youthful-looking variations include blunt, layered, long and angled, textured, sleek, and so on.

Want a voluminous and presentable look? Hairstylist Dacia Metsker from Henderson, NV says that is what bob cuts offer.

“My #1 suggestion when considering a shorter hairstyle for fine hair is to make sure it fits your daily routine. A bob cut could be a wash-and-go type, depending on your hair,” states Metsker.

Your preferred haircut must also complement your face shape and facial features. Otherwise, the result may come as a shock, especially if you’ve never had a shorter chop.

Bobbed hair requires a precision cut. It’s necessary that you seek professional service. Metsker explains, “It’s very easy to get wrong, so find a stylist who is confident in creating these shapes.”

Ask for styling tips such as the products that can support the style and volume in your locks.

“The right hair products will help you to feel like you can make the most of your new cut. You can also recreate the look your stylist put together at the salon,” Metsker notes.

Fall in love with these age-defying hair ideas. Here are images of the most popular bob haircuts for women over 60 with fine hair!

Natural Short Bob for Thinning Hair

Natural Short Bob for Women Over 60 with Thinning Hair

Instagram @thewildcolour

A natural short bob for thinning hair is the perfect haircut to add thickness. Having a one-length bob with blunt ends gives a nice solid shape, and the best part is it’s one of the easiest haircuts to style. Use a round brush to give volume, or if you want a dressier look use a one-inch curling iron to create waves.

White-Platinum Straight Haircut

White-Platinum Straight Bob Haircut for Ladies Past 60 with Fine Hair


When looking for a stylish hairstyle, a straight bob haircut is perfect for ladies past 60. This cut gives the face a gentle yet chic silhouette while still being easy to style and maintain. The white-platinum highlights are perfect for adding texture and depth to aging hair. The color will make it appear fuller and less dull. Styling products are ideal for adding shine and texture to keep the look fresh and modern. A light hairspray is also an excellent choice for holding the hair in place without weighing it down.

Short Bob with Wispy Fringe

Short Bob with Wispy Fringe for Women 60 and Over with Fine Hair

Instagram @soubecas

Update your style and try a short bob with a wispy fringe. People will stare and your great cut, not your wrinkles. A wispy shape softens your facial features dramatically. Ask your stylist for medium layers, leaving the crown long, and point cutting in the fringe for the most modern style. You’ll want to blow dry with either smoothing cream or thickening cream depending on your hair texture.

Short Feathered Bob

Short Feathered Bob on a women in her sixties

Instagram @chameleonsplymouth

A short feathered bob is a way great to achieve thickness all over the head. With the movement going away from the face and a short stack in the back, this combo makes the hair look thicker and fuller by concentrating the hair away from the face rather than toward it. When styling hairstyles for women over 60 with thin hair, volumizing products are great to boost the feathery layers, followed by a round brush blowout.

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Blunt Chin-Length Bob for Women With Glasses

Blunt Chin-Length Bob for Women over 60 With Glasses


Opt for a blunt chin-length bob if you wear glasses. The strong front with no face-framing is a go-to for women that want to be able to tuck the hair behind the ear. It allows for zero hair fall into the face while creating fullness and the appearance of a thicker hair density. Smoothing serum is a good product choice for short bobs for fine hair over 60-year-old women if you want a sleek look.

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Short Bob with Fringe for Fine Straight Hair

Short Bob with Fringe for women over 60 with fine Straight Hair

Instagram @vintage_victory_rollers

A short bob with fringe is a great cut for fine straight hair. Smooth and straight locks have the best hair texture for a strong fringe. Zero effort is needed in styling bangs – how they are cut is how they will lay. Short hairstyles for fine straight hair over 60-year-old women provide an added body to the shape of the locks without looking too stacked. Maintenance on this edgy hairstyle is about every 6 weeks in the salon.

Very Short Bob for Fine Curly Hair

Very Short Bob for ladies over 60 with Fine Curly Hair

Instagram @andrea_gildedfox

A very short bob haircut for fine curly hair will give that curl the boost of volume it’s been wanting. Short curly bobs aren’t your typical grandma cut, but they’re more fashionable and up-to-date. A diffuser and curl cream are needed when finishing off short hairstyles for fine curly hair over 60.

The Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

The Pixie Bob for women over 60 with Fine Hair

Instagram @mandy_sineadkellyldn

The pixie bob for fine hair will give your grey hair the volume it needs. With its super-stacked back and long sides plus the subtle crown layers, it’s a perfect pair to add volume to the hair while also covering those unwanted forehead wrinkles. Salon maintenance to keep the flattering shape of pixie haircuts is every 4 to 6 weeks.

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Blunt Bob with Bangs and Beachy Waves

Blunt Bob with Bangs and Beachy Waves for Ladies over 60 with thin hair

Instagram @mollyalycecasso

A blunt bob with bangs and beachy waves is a cut that never goes out of style. Ladies over 60 with thin hair can really benefit from this cut due to more movement and its illusion of fullness. A beach styler wand is your best styling tool to achieve this beautiful look.

Razor Cut Textured Bob with Fringe

Razor Cut Textured Bob with Fringe for a Sixty-year-old who has fine hair

Instagram @thetalkofthetownsalonsuites

When cut with a razor, a textured bob with fringe will create a lived-in and hand-crafted shape. A sixty-year-old who has fine hair benefits the most from this cut that features side bangs and a side part. Textured bobs give the hair a messier look, therefore, creating less work on the styling part. Root spray and texture cream are great styling products for this haircut.

Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for 60 year olds

Instagram @studio_marteena

A short bob with side-swept bangs is perfect for 60-year-olds who want to hide their forehead lines. Short bobs and bangs are a classic style that will never fade out. With a short length on the back of the neck and a longer length toward the front, the style will be in the short realm without losing a lot of length around the face.

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Jaw-Length Angled Bob with Bangs

Jaw-Length Angled Bob with Bangs for Mature women with thin hair

Instagram @mane78belper

A jaw-length angled bob with bangs is a great look for mature women with thinner hair. Blunt and clean lines are the main focus of this short haircut, which gives this bob a little edge without being too much. Styling tools should include a 1-inch flatiron to showcase these perfect lines.

A-Line Bob with Curtain Bangs

A-Line Bob with Curtain Bangs for Older ladies

Instagram @hairbyjosie

An a-line bob with curtain bangs and tousled layers creates the best layered hairstyles for older ladies wanting to go shorter. Bobs are a fashion-forward look that doesn’t translate as an “older woman’s cut.” This bob style paired with middle-parted feathered bangs gives the illusion of full front fringe, but they’re easier to grow out and low-maintenance.

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Chic Wavy Bob on Fine White Hair

Chic Wavy Bob on a women over 60 with Fine White Hair

Instagram @joni.wella

A wavy bob on fine, white hair is such a chic look. Wavy bobs are great for women in their 60s with thin locks. This classy and timeless wavy hair is great to dress up or down.With short hairstyles for fine hair over 60, the upkeep is about every 6 to 8 weeks.

Soft Graduated Bob

Soft Graduated Bob for older women over 60 with fine hair

Instagram @robecsalon

A soft graduated bob is simple and easy to maintain. The stacked layers in this haircut is great for anyone, but older women over 60 with fine hair will really appreciate its fuss-free styling. Just add some texture spray to damp tresses and let the cut do the rest. Graduated bobs are the perfect combo of texture and lift.

Layered Inverted Bob

Layered Inverted Bob for an older woman over 60 with fine hair

Instagram @hairbytara_c

A great haircut for an older woman over 60 with fine hair is a layered inverted bob. It lifts your hair with its super high stack in the back and length toward the face. Style this layered hair with soft, loose waves if wanting to achieve extra body and volume.

Stacked and Inverted Bob with Bangs

Stacked and Inverted Bob with Bangs for Women in their 60s with fine hair

Instagram @hairstylistjennae

The perfect pair is a stacked and inverted bob with bangs. Bangs can really give your hair the edge you have been wanting. Women in their 60s with fine hair benefit from the volume you get from this classic inverted bob. Plus, bangs cover the forehead and hide wrinkles or large foreheads.

Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs for Women in their sixties

Instagram @effigemm

Short bobs with bangs are a great way to change your overall style to look 10 years younger. Women in their sixties with gray hair can get stuck with the same style over the years, but this cut can add a little something without changing your haircut completely. Upkeep is every 4 weeks for bang trims and every 6 to 8 weeks for the full cut.

Face-Framing Layers with Wispy Bangs

Bob with Face-Framing Layers with Wispy Bangs

Instagram @dnalabsalon

Wispy bangs with face-framing layers are a great combo for fine hair. Fine-haired women always struggle with achieving a full fringe look, but these thin bangs are a perfect, younger-looking match. Since the hair isn’t as full in your sixties, the piece-y look is already achieved with the natural texture. Add a little root lifter to create extra height and you’re good to go.

Blunt Long Bob

Blunt Long Bob for over women over 60 with fine hair

Instagram @hairartistrybykelsey

A blunt long bob is where mid-length meets a traditional bob. Shoulder-length hairstyles such as a lob create the illusion of fuller hair with its blunt line work and minimal soft layers. Finer hair really benefits from this haircut, and product choices like volumizing mousse and round brush blow-dry really help show off more body in the hair.

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Asymmetrical Chin-Length Bob

Asymmetrical Chin-Length Bob for women over 60

Instagram @chaddofficial

An asymmetrical chin-length bob offers an edgy look. With sharp line work and complimentary length on the cheekbones, this crop is great for women in their 60s with thin hair and a rounder face shape. When your hair is wet, use a root lifter. Then finish with a flat iron to really showcase the sleek line work.

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Wavy Layered Bob with a Middle Part

Wavy Layered Bob with a Middle Part for women over 60 with fine hair


A wavy layered bob with a middle part and choppy layers is always a great go-to for ladies past sixty with thinning hair. A middle part will camouflage any thinning we may receive overtime near the front of the hairline. Layered haircuts create a fuller look while maintaining a hip style.

Use a styling wand to achieve this wavy textured look. To add a dimension, balayage highlights are a great option.

Neck-Length Stacked Bob on Salt-and-Pepper Hair

Neck-Length Stacked Bob on women over 60 with Salt-and Pepper Hair

Instagram @wellanordic

A stacked bob at neck length really shows off this natural salt-and-pepper hair. It’s always a great choice for fine locks to achieve fullness. Cutting the hair into slight graduation in the back makes a rounded bob shape that looks full and gives maximum volume. A round brush blow-dry is the best way to finish off short hairstyles for thin hair.

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