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22 Most Stylish Haircuts for Toddler Boys – Fresh Styles for 2023

A toddler boy haircut is like any grown men’s haircut – be it a crew cut, a messy fringe, a pompadour, or a faux hawk. There certainly is a long list of cute and easy-to-maintain haircuts for your little man!

It’s just fitting to let his personality beam out through his hairdo. Choosing your toddler’s next look shouldn’t be a challenge!

Whatever his hair type, there’s a fresh and stylish toddler hairstyle that you’ll both like. A traditional, classy cut or an adventurous and playful look – it depends on your boy’s character!

Barber Sal Duran from California definitely knows how to style boys’ hair. He incorporates different fades, hard parts, and finishing styles that make the cutest fashion statements!

Here are pictures of this year’s cutest and most stylish toddler boy haircuts and hairstyles:

Razor Fade with Cool Designs

Razor Fade with Cool Designs for Toddler Boys

Instagram @gio__rgia96

If you want to change up your kid’s standard haircut, opt for a razor fade with cool designs! This cut is one of the most manageable styles that you can easily deal with as it grows out at home. When you’re ready, head back to the salon for a new design and switch it up again!

Edgy Short Cut with Designs

edgy short cut with designs for little boys

Instagram @milenobarber

Try an edgy short cut with designs, if you’re looking for an incredibly fun and trendy style for your little one. Hairstyles for little boys have definitely evolved over the years with fades, graphics, lineups, and even color. Be prepared for maintenance every 3-4 weeks as the intricate design and detail need routine upkeep.

Super Cute Combover

Super Cute Combover for Little Guys

Instagram @hairlab_by_natalia

When it comes to kid’s cuts, a super cute combover is a great option for your toddler. If you take this cut inspo to the salon for your little one, don’t forget to ask for shorter sides and a longer top. This will allow the cut to grow nicer and give the style longevity between visits.

Fresh Cut with a Side Swept Top

Fresh Cut with a Side Swept Top for Little Guys

Instagram @infinitybarbers

Be prepared to take all your little dudes to the salon for this style! A fresh cut with a side-swept top is the perfect style for young boys. It’s short enough to make mornings easier at home. And the undercut design makes it super fun for younger ones.

Cute Crew Cut Hairstyle

crew cut hairstyle for a toddler boy

Instagram @bayberber

How can a haircut for little boys be both adorable and dapper-looking? This cute crew cut for a toddler boy is sure to catch attention and receive so much love. It looks smart and neat, but to top it off, two shaved sides on one side will make him look edgy.

Mini Pomp Fade for a Little Boy

mini pompadour fade cut for a little boy

Instagram @frank.guedes_oficiall

This mini pomp fade for a little boy appears delightful on dark, thick hair. It proves that at a young age, he can flaunt a sharp and nifty style.

Stylish Faux Hawk

stylish faux hawk cut for a little boy

Instagram @ohbarbeirobarbershop

The shaved line on one side is the star of this faux hawk haircut for boys. A skin fade suits wavy hair that’s textured with black hair on top for contrast.

Cool Quiff

quiff cut for a toddler boy

Instagram @leodourado_27

Here’s a cool quiff for the little guy of yours. If he has dark blonde and straight hair, pulling off this style will be easy. It’s also a plus if partnered with faded sides that display a smooth gradient effect.

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