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HairCuts For Women

22 Age-Defying Hairstyles for Black Women Over 40 in 2023

If you’re a woman over 40, selecting a visually appealing, age-appropriate, and low-maintenance hairstyle can be challenging. Below are 22 fabulous and fierce hairstyles for black women over 40 that will please and accommodate your needs and wants!

Rezo Cut Curls with Highlights

Rezo Cut Curls with Highlights for Black Ladies Over 40

Instagram @mtbeautystudio__

Curly hair needing a cut is ideal for getting some Rezo cut curls with highlights. One of the greatest challenges for women with naturally curly hair is knowing when and how much to cut off without taking away too much. The Rezo technique will add volume and plenty of texture without taking too much off. Ask your stylist if they’re familiar with the technique so that you keep your length and volume.

Black Shiny Bouncy Curls

Black Shiny Bouncy Curls for Black Ladies 40 and Over

Instagram @mtbeautystudio__

Jet black shiny, bouncy curls are a timeless style for all ages. Even if your natural curl pattern is too large or small, this style can be achieved with Flexi rods and the size of your choice. One of the prettiest features is that you can wear your hair in this style and watch your curls fall more and more each day, creating a new curl pattern and a slightly different look as time passes.

Sleek & Smooth Drop Curls

Sleek & Smooth Drop Curls for Black Women Over 40

Instagram @tammyd_360

Get into these drop curls! Perfect for a date night, these soft, loose curls give an elegant vibration to your style choice. Humidity and heat can drop the curls quickly, so this style is best for indoor or cool weather activities. To maintain this look, wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night in the opposite direction of your side part, then comb it out with a large tooth comb in the mornings.

Cheek-Length Bob Cut

Cheek-Length Bob Cut for Black Woman Over 40

Instagram @nicholetheartist

A bob cut at cheek length looks wonderful on natural hair. If you’re a woman with tight coils, you will love this chop as it compliments tighter curl patterns and textures.

Hollywood Curls

Hollywood Curls for Black Women Over 40 Years Old

Instagram @biancamaars

Who doesn’t love Hollywood curls? You will love this vintage curl if you’re looking for an ultra-glamorous style.

Classic 1950s Curls (Pin-up Girl Look)

Classic 1950s Curls for an Over 40 Year Old Woman

Instagram @silverscreenvanity

Classic 1950s curls should be a go-to style for short to medium-length hair. This vintage curl style is not only incredibly flattering but also exudes class and glamour. Try a pin-up girl look for your next event and watch heads turn!

Red Carpet Curls

Red Carpet Curls for African American Woman Over 40

Instagram @michellethompsonhair

Red carpet curls will make you feel like a star. This blown-out, wavy style is soft enough to wear all day but structured enough to go out at night.

Afro Spiral Curl

Afro Spiral Curl for Black Ladies Over 40 Years Old

Instagram @barbeirodiegojordan

An afro spiral curl looks incredible when cut into a pixie hairstyle. This modern twist on the afro curl combines pulled-out texture with faded and designed sides. If you’re looking for a unique cut, this one is for you!

Whitney H. Curls

Whitney H Curls for Ladies Over 40 Years Old

Instagram @josiesodenofficial

If you’re a woman over 40 with natural hair, you will adore a set of Whitney H. curls. This bouncy, voluminous style will inject youth and life into your locks and boost your self-confidence!

Freestyle Bouncy Spiral Curls

Freestyle Bouncy Spiral Curls for Black Woman Over 40

Instagram @michellethompsonhair

Bouncy spiral curls are a go-to hairstyle for women over 40. Bouncy curls like these can last up to two weeks without a wash.

Classic Layered Bob Cut

Classic Layered Bob Cut for Black Woman Over 40

Instagram @essentialsbeauty

A classic layered bob will flatter you if you want a shorter chop. The layered bob is a great way to make your aging hair look fuller, thicker, and healthier.

Multi-Layered Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Multi-Layered Asymmetrical Bob Cut for a Black Woman Over 40

Instagram @whitneychanelhair

If you have a round face shape, you will find a multi-layered asymmetrical bob cut to be the most flattering. The slight angle forward will preserve length around your face, smoothing and elongating round face shapes and jawlines.

Side-Swept Bangs with Curls

Side-Swept Bangs with Curls for Black Woman Over 40

Instagram @jackelcy79

Side-swept bangs paired with curls look gorgeous on short hair. This angelic style looks particularly glam with blonde or lightened locks.

Loose Waves

Loose Waves for Black Women Over 40

Instagram @touched_by_tiff

You should try loose waves if you are looking for a professional yet attractive hairstyle. Loose waves on long hair can be worn day to night as they are a sleek, multi-faceted style that will match most occasions.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob for Black Woman Over 40 Years Old

Instagram @colorstudiosalon

If you’re a woman over the age of 40, you will love an asymmetrical bob! This easy-to-maintain, chic haircut will not only flatter your face, but it will also make everyday styling a breeze.

Bob Cut

Bob Cut for Black Women Over 40

Instagram @kmonmakeovers

A bob haircut is a flattering style for women over 40. As women age, hair can often fall flatter and a bit thinner. A bob cut is a great way to combat this, as its blunt ends and shorter length create an illusion of thicker, fuller locks.

The Slanted Bob

The Slanted Bob Hairstyle For Women Over 40

Instagram @hairby__kay_

The slanted bob is a gorgeous chop for ladies over 40. This super flattering hairstyle is especially complimentary for women with round face shapes as the angle forward will slim the cheeks and jawline.

The Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut For Women Over 40

Instagram @acenatheshearmaster

The pixie cut can be styled to suit your face shape and facial features. By customizing the pixie haircut to each individual, a perfect frame can be made and accentuate the facial features you want to draw the eye towards.

Kinky Tight Curls

Kinky Tight Curls for Black Woman Over 40

Instagram @curlfactor

Kinky tight curls are becoming more and more common in hair styling. Natural texture is becoming the preferred hairstyle over other hairstyles that have been popular due to its ease of styling and low-maintenance vibe.

Straight Bob Cut

Straight Bob Cut for a Black Woman Over 40 Years of Age

Instagram @crochetbraidsbytwana

A straight bob cut is a bold statement haircut that creates dynamic lines. A straight bob haircut can strengthen the jawline of your round face and elongate and slim your facial features.

Multi Curls Side-Swept

Multi Curls Side-Swept for a Black Woman 40 Plus

Instagram @crochetbraidsbytwana

Try side-swept multi-curls for defined and elegant curly hair. Side-swept hairstyles create the illusion of larger and more open facial features. Such cute black hairstyles are an elegant way to complete your look for any occasion.

Loose & Light Spiral Curls

Loose & Light Spiral Curls for Black Women 40 Years Old and Above

Instagram @crochetbraidsbytwana

Loose and light spiral curls are a great way to add bounce and contrast to your naturally dark hair. The light tones combined with loose spiral curls create a bouncy, airy, and textured hairstyle that can be customized to complement your skin tone.

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