21 Best Ways to Get Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair Right Now

21 Best Ways to Get Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair Right Now

21 Best Ways to Get Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair Right Now

Curtain bangs on curly hair create softness around women’s faces even if wearing any updo. The usual part is in the middle or off-center to frame and highlight your best facial features.

Salon owner and stylist Lauren Augustine from Nashville, TN shares an essential tip for this cut.

“Make sure you trust your stylist,” Augustine points out. Find one that understands your natural texture and can suggest the best curly hairstyles with bangs that suit your face.

Do your research via social media. Pictures of their previous works will give you some ideas.

Growing out a curtain fringe can be a process, regardless of your hair type. The right and skilled stylist can transform your curtain fringe to face-framing layers over time. Remember that curls shrink, so you don’t want your bangs too short.

Augustine’s other advice is to cut the curls where they naturally lay. “Cutting too thick of a section can cause chunky disconnection. A very thin section can leave long, weird disconnected pieces,” she explains.

Augustine also suggests that “if your stylist wants to flat iron or blow out your hair before cutting, leave the salon.”

You must see this photo gallery if you wish to switch up your style. Find here the best and trendiest ways to rock curtain bangs on curly hair!

Big Shaggy Curls

Instagram @arcscissors

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of big shaggy curls! Wavy hair looks elegant but these perfectly blended va va voom curls accentuate long face shapes, but certainly don’t discriminate. Long curtain bangs for curly hair blend perfectly into these customized dry-cut curls. Try adding some sun-kissed balayage to your curly hair for a pop of color.

Curly Shag with Curtain Fringe

Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

Elevate long, naturally curly hair with a curly shag with curtain fringe. Removing excess weight and length allows medium-length curly hair with bangs to take on a whole new shape. Full curtain bangs for naturally curly hair are a great option to add volume to the top of the head. Style with a diffuser, applying a light curl cream to wet hair, and finishing with a sea salt spray for extra texture.

Coiled Curls with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @dandoeshair_toniandguysthyarra

Rock some coiled curls with curtain bangs to add dimension to kinky hair. Black girls with coiled s-curls know it’s all about versatility when it comes to flattering their texture. The addition of blended curtain bangs for curly hair on a black girl can completely transform the finish, without creating the need for a high-maintenance style routine.

70s-Inspired Curly Curtain Bangs

Instagram @buzzkilllstudio

Nothing says funky like the 70s-inspired curly curtain bangs. No matter if you wear them feathered, round brushed, or in a natural curl pattern, ’70s curtain bangs for curly hair are all the rage. Consult with your stylist to find the perfect length curtain bang to highlight your best features.

Messy Mid-Length Shaggy Curls

Instagram @oh_mandy_jo

Go for a messy mid-length with shaggy curls if you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut to pair with your curtain bangs. A mid-length cut on women with curly hair is super versatile because it suits all face shapes and most curl patterns. Removing weight internally allows the top curls to flow freely without making them too short, thus creating harmonious bouncy ringlets.

Curly Shag with Soft Curtain Bangs

Instagram @hair_by_skylae

Try a curly shag with soft curtain bangs to play up the texture and movement in your short hair. This beauty of having shaggy layers and curtain bangs on semi-curly hair is that the cut helps define the curls. Perfectly-shaped curtain bangs for a curly haircut help to open your face and highlight cheekbones. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks are necessary to keep this layered hair looking fresh.

Tight Curls with Short Curtain Bangs

Instagram @beautyxsyd

If you’re a curly-haired girl and have been thinking of going short, but aren’t ready to commit, then keep the length and go for tight curls with short curtain bangs. Trimmed up tresses with shorter bangs is the perfect cut if you’re looking for a change but want to play it safe. Enhance this haircut with subtle sun-kissed balayage to play up the rich brunette tones.

Curly Waves with Straight Bangs

Instagram @hairbyrachael.xoxo

Try enhancing limp waves with collarbone grazing curly waves with straight bangs. Sometimes the fringe area can be straighter than the rest of the curled hair, no worries, just blow dry with a round brush to give your curtain bang a smooth yet voluminous shape. Add a copper gloss for maximum shine and vibrancy.

Flipped Out Loose Curls

Instagram @madison.n.williams

If you’re looking to shake things up, try a fun vintage-inspired look with flipped-out loose curls and curtain bangs. This shoulder-length curly hair with bangs can easily be achieved with the right layered cut.

Try styling with a thin flat iron and turning the iron as you reach the ends of each section. Always remember to use a heat protectant, like the shield anti-humidity spray by Amika, which has heat protection as well as anti-humidity benefits.

Medium-Length Curly Cut

Instagram @thenicoapproach

A medium-length curly cut with long shaggy layers is a versatile style that looks amazing with long curtain bangs. The uniformity of the medium-length balanced with curly bangs is the perfect everyday hairstyle.

Depending on your hair texture, there are different pre-styling and styling products to keep your curls on point. With such layers and curtain bangs for curly hair, you must consult with your stylist to find a styling routine customized to the cut and your natural curl pattern.

Long Layers with Loose Curls

Instagram @madison.n.williams

Try some long layers with loose curls if you’re looking to keep your length but want to incorporate some movement. The Brigitte Bardot bangs or curtain bangs for wavy curly hair are a great way to frame your face and add symmetry to your chop. Some favorite styling products for looser curls are Cult + King Set Spray, and Cult + King Style.

Elongated Curls for Thick Hair

Instagram @jayne_edosalon

Opt for a razor cut on elongated curls for thick hair types to reduce bulk while maintaining flow throughout the cut. Use a razor to carve out extra bulk on top and to create the ideal curtain bangs for thick curly hair. This will expose the beautiful curls that live in the interior. Consult with your stylist on the best length of a curly fringe hairstyle to suit your face shape.

Short Coiled Curls

Instagram @tiffmccoll

What better time than now to try short coiled curls. Layers and curtain bangs for short curly hair create an amazing rounded shape of cut to tie the look together. Make sure your stylist has experience cutting short curly hair with bangs, and keep in mind that hydration is key when styling curly hair coils.

Curly Long Bob

Instagram @alchemyxhair

Try a curly long bob if you have finer hair and want to bring some bounce back to your curls. Natural texture can take on a new life by giving it the right shape and styling products. Add textured curtain bangs to create a face frame around the cheekbones and add a seamless curl flow around the head.

Curly Shag with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @hair.by.trianna

Transform a long boring cut to a curly shag with curtain bangs. A razored curly haircut adds the perfect amount of volume while still maintaining length. Ask your stylist for the ideal length of long layers with curtain bangs for curly hair to pull the cut together.

When styling and want a quick way to tie your locks, a low ponytail looks great!

Curly Updo with Curtain Bangs

Instagram @oliviacalabio

Whether it’s a casual night on the town or a glam event, a curly updo with bangs is a go-to style. A pinned-up curly hairstyle adds height for drama and edge while the cascading tendrils add softness around the face. Seek out a stylist who specializes in styling and updos to achieve this ever-so-perfect look.

To flaunt your hair length in an updo, try a half-up half-down style.

Very Long Curly Hair

Instagram @aysel_curly

Enhance very long curly hair with the magical touch of a razor cut and curtain bangs that graze the eyebrows. A razor method creates softer ends therefore, the hair becomes more diffused, going hand and hand with the ideal look of a shag. Ask your stylist if your naturally curly hair is a match for a shag razor cut with wispy bangs.

Shoulder-Length Wavy Curls for a Round Face

Instagram @aoki_hair

You can never go wrong with shoulder-length wavy curls for a round face. This universally flattering length when paired with a curtain bang is a lovely cut that creates a volume as well as a balanced shape. Longer curtain bangs for curly hair and a round face open the forehead and soften the cheekbones. Consult with your stylist for tips and tricks on how best to style this shape based on your curl pattern.

Shag on Long Curly Hair

Instagram @davidwbullen

Try a shag on long curly hair with bangs if you’re looking for maximum movement throughout your hair. Shorter pieces around the face add delicate movement circling the cheekbones. Ask your stylist if they recommend a razor technique to give an all-around wispier look to your natural curls.

Razor Cut for Women Over 40 with Glasses

Instagram @seventh.house.studio

A razor cut for women over 40 with glasses is a stunning haircut that adds softness to the jawline, while accentuating your eyes. Short curtain bangs for blonde curly hair bring the cut together while showing off everyone’s favorite pair of tortoiseshell glasses. Razor cuts make a big impact for somebody with subtle curls who is looking to keep a lot of lengths.

Curly Waves with Long Curtain Bangs

Instagram @kindredhairspace

If you’re looking to create more bounce with your curls, then a razor cut is a go-to haircut. The razor technique adds that perfect 70s-inspired fluff. Curtain bangs for long curly hair that gently grazes the eye add a width, which is incredibly flattering for longer face shapes.

It’s not a wash-and-go type of cut, so style your long hair with Cult + King Tonic Jelly or Bumble Curl Light Defining Cream for a perfect finish.

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