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20 Undercut Pixie Bob Haircuts To Consider for a Short & Easy Cut to Style

An undercut pixie bob haircut is a short haircut that’s length is between a pixie and a bob and where the hair is shaved around the sides and back.

“Getting a pixie bob cut is all about owning the look,” says hairstylist Thomas Sumarto from Melbourne, AU. This means knowing how to style your locks in an effective and efficient way. You can still pull off a haircut that stands out despite being busy with your daily activities.

Though this cropped hair seems like an easy, wash-and-go type of cut, it may not suit every lady. “Not being realistic about your hair type results in what could go wrong with this look,” warns Sumarto.

Choosing the right pixie bob would depend on your hair texture and face shape. This is apart from what lifestyle and preference you have.

Ask your hairdresser for suggestions, including ways to style and maintain your locks. Know the ideal interims between salon visits to get trims that keep the cut’s fullness.

Wear this edgy style à la Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Check out these images of the most popular and stunning undercut pixie bob haircuts!

Modern, Messy Shaved Undercut Bob

Modern Messy Shaved Undercut Bob

Instagram @nivura_highlights

A modern, messy shaved undercut bob is not only an edgy and super fun haircut, but it cuts your blow-dry and styling time on thick hair virtually in half. For an extra wow factor, go for a platinum blonde color to fully embrace the life this pixie bobbed hair was meant to live. With such an edgy pixie cut, make sure to schedule regular maintenance trims every 4-6 weeks to keep the sides cropped tight.

Undercut Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Undercut Blonde Pixie Bob Hair with Dark Roots

Instagram @pamela_cabelos

Try an undercut with blonde hair and dark roots to add depth and texture to your haircut. When you wear your hair this length I suggest going with a dark root. This will allow your undercut to stand out and will blend nicely when your hair starts to grow out.

The Hidden Undercut

Pixie Bob with Hidden Undercut

Instagram @cesarvargaslb

Ah! The joys of having a pixie bob with a hidden undercut! The freedom of being able to flip your long pixie bob and show it off when you want is liberating. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! You can hide your sides whenever you need with this disconnected pixie cut bob.

Asymmetrical with a Buzzcut Underneath

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob with a Buzzcut Underneath

Instagram @idadamyan

If your hair is very dense try something asymmetrical with a buzzcut underneath. The asymmetrical pixie bob is currently trending for those with thick hair. The pixie undercut allows for a shorter length without having the cut appear bulky or boxy. Style smooth for something chic or add some waves for a lived-in modern look.

Disconnected with a Deep Side-part

Disconnected Pixie Bob Undercut with a Deep Side-part

Instagram @davidroverihair

Can’t decide between a pixie or a bob hairstyle? Get the best of both worlds with a deep, disconnected side part! Creating a disconnection on one side of your part line is one of the best pixie bob hairstyles you’ll find. This length in such short hairstyles offers versatility, so you can style it with waves for the added body and texture.

Chin-Length Blonde Pixie Bob

Chin-Length Blonde Pixie Bob Undercut

Instagram @theo__hair

A chin-length blonde pixie bob is a sharp cut for fashion-forward women. Natural dark roots create a depth that brings out a contrast in the style. Jazzing up your short hair with an undercut is a great way to stay on-trend. It works great with thicker locks as the buzzed area removes excess bulk.

Subtle Undercut for Women over 40

Subtle Pixie Bob Undercut for Women over 40

Instagram @nv_for_hair_golden_bay

A subtle undercut is a great way for women over 40 to get trendy with their short hairstyle. This particular pixie bob with an undercut and long bangs showcases how flattering this chin-grazing look can be. If your hair has a dark blonde balayage, the texture in the style is vital to show off a beautiful dimension.

Two-Toned Graduated Pixie Bob

Two-Toned Graduated Pixie Bob with an undercut

Instagram @hairgod_zito

Don’t be afraid to play with color! A two-toned graduated pixie bob is a sure fire way to show off your artistic side. Try toning the undercut on your pixie bob to shine a light on the sharp angles of this crop. This cut and style would work for ladies with a fine hair type but thicker density.

Grey Pixie Bob Crop

Grey Pixie Bob Undercut Crop

Instagram @haarstudiowaltraud

Go for grey with this modern take on the classic pixie bob crop. Short haircuts have been all the rage since actors like Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg first donned the look. Pairing this undercut bob with a fringe and the now-popular silver-grey hue keeps your hairstyle fashionable and current.

Asymmetrical with an Undercut Design

Asymmetrical pixie bob with an Undercut Design

Instagram @sabrayna_

If you are looking for a bold style choice to amp up your hair, consider something asymmetrical with an undercut design. An asymmetrical pixie bob suits a variety of face shapes and hair textures. Talk to your stylist about which version and shape of asymmetrical undercut would work for you.

Purple Roots on a Stepped Undercut

Purple Roots on a Stepped Undercut Pixie Bob

Instagram @kadindediginkisasacliolur

If you are interested in a fashion forward cut and color, consider purple roots on a stepped undercut. An undercut pixie bob makes a statement on its own, but you can take that to another level by adding a shadowy purple root on platinum hair. FYI, this style and color require a lot of maintenance.

Angled Pixie Bob for Women Over 60

Angled Pixie Bob Undercut for Women Over 60

Instagram @detailshairstudio

An angled pixie bob is an excellent short haircut for women over 60. As your hair thins and changes texture with age, a tapered pixie with an undercut offers easy styling and the illusion of volume. Leaving the front a bit longer around the face keeps the style modern and gives the wearer some versatility. Keep the hairline and around the ears tight for a chic and edgy style or leave them soft and natural for something more feminine and whimsical.

Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Undercut Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Instagram @kurzehaare

Try a pixie bob with long side bangs for straight hair. Pixie stacked bob haircuts keep hair styling manageable and effortless for those that have difficult textures. Keeping the front longer gives the cut a modern and versatile look. It can also help tame any cowlicks otherwise exposed by a shorter cut. A fringe length can be customized to you, so ask your stylist what suits your face shape best.

Simple Undercut for Women Over 30

Simple Pixie Bob Undercut for Women Over 30

Instagram @purejoy_hairlounge

If you’re a woman over 30, try a simple undercut at your next hair appointment. A shaved pixie bob cut is a fun way to change up short hair and create a whole new you. A versatile length like this creates stunning styles with waves or curls.

Pixie Bob with a Nape Undercut

Pixie Bob with a Nape Undercut

Instagram @chelsea_b_artistry

Women with dense hair should consider a pixie bob with a nape undercut. Crown layers in this textured hair are shorter to emphasize the movement. A messy pixie with a nape undercut is already statement making. Adding a disconnection to the nape area takes out some of the weight. This cut needs regular clean-ups so factor that in if time and budget are issues.

Edgy Emerald Green for Older Woman

Edgy Emerald Green pixie bob with an undercut for Older Woman

Instagram @annie_la_coiffeuse

If you are looking for something alternative, try this emerald green on a pixie bob undercut that’s for edgy older women. Combine this color with a pixie bob haircut for a youthful and punk rock look. Remember that fashion colors require a lot of maintenance to remain vibrant so talk to your stylist to see if this would be a good option for you.

French Pixie Bob with an Undercut

French Pixie Bob with an Undercut

Instagram @masonjameshair

Adding an undercut to your jaw-length French pixie bob will serve major “Amélie” vibes, but with an edge. Though it may look high maintenance, asking for a layered pixie bob that’s shaved will actually create longevity for your cut. Having a pixie bob with shaved sides and an undercut at the nape will allow you to wear this short hair longer as it won’t “bell out” as fast.

Pixie Bob with a Side-Part

Pixie Bob Undercut with a Side-Part

Instagram @jordi_renee

For an edgy version of a classic shape, try a pixie bob with a side part. If you prefer a more textured look, opt for added choppy layers. A choppy pixie bob hairstyle is always fashionable, but it can be customized, depending on hair types, textured, and face shapes. Talk to your stylist about which style would best suit your facial features.

Blonde Pixie Bowl Cut

Blonde Pixie Bowl Cut with an undercut

Instagram @melli.livelaughlove

If you have fine, dense hair, try a blonde pixie bowl cut with an undercut and side-swept bangs. Undercut with bangs on pixie cut styles prevent shapes on thick-haired women from looking too bulky. This is ideal for someone with a lot of hair that wants to wear a shorter shape. Air dry or blow dry with a texturizing paste for an effortless styling routine.

Textured Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

Textured Pixie Bob Undercut for Women Over 50

Instagram @christina_style

A textured pixie bob for women over 50 is an ideal choice. A pixie bob undercut pixie for over 50 can work on a variety of hair textures. It can remove weight for dense hair, but also create the illusion of volume for thin hair. Remember that shorter lengths require more in salon maintenance, so keep that in mind if time and budget are concerns.

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