18 Stunning Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Platinum blonde balayage creates a natural-looking creaminess and vividness to your hair. The free-form painting makes it easier to maintain with a gorgeous grow-out in the long run.

When you have naturally warm hair, platinum can be your go-to blonde color. Like what UK-based stylist and salon owner April Yardley says, “Work with your natural tones, not against them. Otherwise, you’ll have to top your hair with a toner every couple of weeks just to refresh it.”

This blonde hue will suit most skin tones perfectly by adding face-framing highlights. Go with some honey tones, which will flatter the complexion, too.

Two things to ask your hair colorist: Will it suit my features and lifestyle? Can I afford it?

Reaching the platinum level of shade may take time and money, depending on your natural color.

You’ll love it when it’s done at the salon. But when you go home and wash it, it’ll look totally different.

“You need to spend time doing your hair at home. You must have the correct products to protect your mane and make it healthier,” Yardley states.

Purple shampoo removes warmth from your hair, so stay away from it if you opt to keep the warm tones. Exposure to direct sunlight is also a no-no as it adds unwarranted false warmth to your tresses.

Find your perfect match here. Flip through these inspiring photos to see the most popular platinum blonde balayage ideas you can try.

Pearl Blonde Balayage

Platinum Pearl Blonde Balayage

Instagram @maunisexhairdresser

Try a pearl blonde balayage if you’re looking for a light, dimensional hair color. A balayage is a color technique that is a mix between your traditional highlights and an ombre, visually a seamless melt between your natural color as it grows out and a beautiful pearly hue. This pearl tone is one that you will have to upkeep but is fairly easy to maintain with just a purple shampoo at home or a short trip to the salon for just a quick toning session.

Light Brown to Platinum Blonde Balayage

Light Brown to Platinum Blonde Balayage

Instagram @leshinehairextensions__

Pair your light brown hair with a platinum balayage for a sun-kissed look this season. Platinum blonde balayage on brown hair is a popular and low-maintenance look that you can easily maintain as long as you’re using the right products. Talk to your stylist about whether this style can work for you and your hair.

Fluffy Platinum Silver Balayage

Fluffy Platinum Blonde Silver Balayage

Instagram @jackmartincolorist

A fluffy platinum silver balayage is a highly sought-after color that you will fall in love with. I suggest lifting it to a very light blonde so it will be easy to tone. The best tones to achieve this look will be ashy and cooler silver tones.

Icy White Blonde Balayage

Icy White Blonde Balayage

Instagram @tressesbytress

An icy white balayage is a great option for women looking for a trendy change. Keep in mind that this whitish-blonde color can be more high maintenance. Try a purple shampoo to lighten the blonde, as over time it may start to become dull.

Icy Platinum Balayage with Shadow Roots

Icy Platinum Balayage with Shadow Roots

Instagram @hairbyme_corinna

An icy balayage with darker shadow roots is a great alternative option for women who have been doing platinum hair color touch-ups. This alternative is a little less maintenance since you have your natural root shadowed back in while keeping the ends brighter. Maintenance is every 8-12 weeks rather than 4 weeks for a platinum allover color.

Pale Blonde Balayage with a Root Melt

Pale Blonde Balayage with a Root Melt

Instagram @vidogisalon

A pale blonde balayage with a root melt is trending for blondes. Your stylist can create big panels of bright blonde hair color, but keep your root seamless by melting a dark root color in with your color glaze. Keep the root melt lighter or close to your natural color to keep this look low-maintenance. Always be sure to ask for stylist hair care recommendations to keep your blonde healthy at home.

Platinum Icy Blonde Hair with Beachy Waves

Platinum Icy Blonde Hair with Beachy Waves Balayage

Instagram @tressesbytress

Platinum icy blonde hair with waves is a trending style! Hair painting may seem like the new thing to do, but it has been around for a long time. Hair painting or balayage creates a natural blonding effect with no harsh lines that typical highlighting techniques do. To achieve balayage hair with platinum blonde be sure to have a thorough consultation with your colorist and let them know your hair coloring history.

Platinum Grey Balayage

Platinum Grey-Blonde Balayage

Instagram @flthygorgus_

A platinum grey balayage is a great option for a young girl that wants to try the new trend, but especially for ladies who are starting to grey and want to blend it out. The tone of the highlights can be done more grey/ashy to blend away natural greys into the blonde. This is a subtle way of hiding the signs of aging hair. Your stylist may suggest adding some brighter pieces around your face where we tend to grey first.

Platinum Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Platinum Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Instagram @sabithantal

When pairing a platinum blonde hair color and dark hair, remember that it requires patience and multiple sessions of lifting. To get to a platinum color, you’ll have to lift through the natural pigments of red, orange, and yellow that live in your dark brown hair. The first few sessions will be a warm highlight, this is necessary to keep your hair healthy enough to reach platinum. Take extra good care of your hair along the journey with regular deep conditioning treatments.

Dimensional Cool-Toned Platinum Highlights

Dimensional Cool-Toned Platinum Highlights


Dimensional platinum highlights can be achieved with free-form painting encapsulated with foils for more lift or open-air when less lift is needed. To get to a cool blonde, you will need your hair to lift to a pale yellow before toning. Your stylist will be able to guide you during the consultation on whether this can be done in one or multiple sessions to keep the integrity of your hair. Dimension can be created using your natural color as a lowlight or adding a semi-permanent lowlight to darken some of your hair.

Caramel and Platinum Balayage

Caramel and Platinum Blonde Balayage

Instagram @hairbyshaylin

A platinum balayage with caramel tones is a great option for adding dimension without becoming too dark. If you’re going from full platinum, you’ll want your stylist to add a caramel lowlight. If you’re going from dark blonde, you’ll want your stylist to add two different color highlights. Platinum balayage hair can be low-maintenance if you keep it more rooted, the upkeep will then be color glazes and care at home.

Platinum Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

Platinum Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

Instagram @hair_by_jojo44

For a low-maintenance blonde, platinum balayage with dark roots is a good option. Keeping the root dark or natural will grow out easily. Your stylist will get you to platinum in one or more sessions depending on how dark and healthy your hair is. Upkeep on a platinum balayage will be using professional hair care products at home and regular appointments for a color glaze in the salon.

Violet Pastel and Titanium Blonde Balayage

Violet Pastel and Titanium Blonde Balayage

Instagram @swankysalonnsb

Combining a violet pastel with a titanium blonde balayage is an exciting look! If you’re considering trying a vivid color on your blonde hair, the soft violet and titanium are a great choice since they will fade out over a couple of weeks to a platinum blonde color. It’s a great way to test out fun colors without a long commitment.

Platinum Balayage Ombre on Brown Hair

Platinum Balayage Blonde Ombre on Brown Hair

Instagram @amichellehair

A popular look for girls is a platinum balayage ombre on brunette hair. If you’re wanting to add some spice to your brown hair, but keep it low-maintenance, ask about an ombre look. For a more fiery ombre, ask for a money piece or face-framing highlights. The balayage ombre is painted on for a rooty look that grows out seamlessly.

Platinum Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Platinum Highlights on Dirty Blonde Omber Hair

Instagram @linhhairartist

Adding platinum highlights will give a shimmering brightness to your hair and prevent it from looking muddy or a dish-water blonde color. Upkeep will be regular highlight appointments every six to eight weeks with a color glaze to keep hairstyles with platinum blonde balayage from looking brassy. The highlights can actually help add some volume to limp, fine hair as well. Style using low heat along with a heat protectant to keep your hair healthy.

Creamy Vanilla Blonde Foilayage

Creamy Vanilla Platinum Blonde Foilayage

Instagram @sabithantal

A creamy vanilla foilayage is a beautiful and seamless blonde. A foilayage will be a better technique than a balayage if more lifting is required. A foilayage is the same as a balayage but insulated in foils to create more heat and more lift. In a consultation, your stylist will find the right shade. A faded root will be created by the technique of the painting or with a shadow root that is done during the color glaze.

Ash Platinum with Money Pieces

Ash Platinum Blonde Balayage with Money Pieces

Instagram @slayejae

A fresh, ashy, platinum with blonde money pieces is definitely trending. The dark ash of the natural color vs the bright ash platinum creates a high contrast, bold hair color. There are so many different styles with platinum blonde balayage that look great. Whether you choose to style your hair with a big, bouncy blowout or with subtle beach waves, this look is always a hit.

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Platinum Silver Balayage on Dark Hair

Platinum Silver-Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

Instagram @indratanudarma

A platinum and silver balayage on darker hair takes patience and time. To create a true platinum blonde balayage on dark hair it will require a few to several lightening sessions to achieve. Natural dark hair will have to lift through red, orange, and to a pale yellow before being able to tone to platinum or silver-blonde.

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