17 Stunning Ways to Get a Purple Balayage

Purple balayage is a highlighting technique that creates soft, painted purple streaks on your hair. It’s meant to show a unique vividness, perfect for bolder women!

First things first, do your research and find a stylist who’s skilled in doing vivid colors. Consult with them and be open-minded.

Hair artist Lauren Eliana of Cranston, RI suggests being patient with the journey.

“There’s a lot of chemistry and tedious steps involved to create colors like this. It can take multiple sessions, depending on your existing canvas,” Eliana explains.

Vivid colors require higher maintenance than sun-kissed balayage. So, be sure you stick to the aftercare recommendations that your stylist provided.

“Come back to the salon every six weeks to refresh the purple, then every 12+ weeks to refresh the balayage,” Eliana suggests.

Otherwise, you can choose a more vibrant purple shade to enjoy the fade-out process.

And these are additional maintenance tips from Eliana:

(1) Wash hair in very cold water. Warm or hot water will fade the color instantly.

(2) Styling tools shouldn’t be hotter than 315 degrees.

(3) Avoid salt water, chlorine, and too much sun exposure.

Eliana recommends shampoos from Aluram Daily and Oligo product lines. These are lightweight, hydrating, and healthy for color-treated hair.

Take a leap and opt for vivid color. These images of radiant purple balayage ideas will inspire you to try something new.

Melted Violet Balayage

Melted Purple Violet Balayage

Instagram @thedestubio

The perfect addition to longer, darker hair is with violet tones melting from dark to light. Violet is a spectral color. It has many monochromatic hues which make the possibilities endless. Ask your hair colorist to blend her favorite indigo tone into a lighter, richer lilac.

Purple Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Purple Balayage Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Instagram @cosmohaleigh

If you want ideas on how to change up your light brown hair, talk to your stylist about purple highlights. Purple balayage on light brown hair will make your hair bright and dimensional. You can refresh your color between visits with Viral depositing shampoo in lavender.

Short-Dimensional Purple Balayage Hair

Short Dimensional Purple Balayage Hair

Instagram @auramaehair

Short, dimensional purple balayage hair is a great way to show your creative side! If you want your color to last, one of the most beneficial things you can do is use sulfate-free shampoo. Limiting your washing can also help.

Dark Purple Highlights on Balayage Hair

Dark Purple Highlights on Balayage Hair

Instagram @stefanishaircreations

Balayaged hair looks extra rich with dark purple highlights. Try a deep purple against the dark in your hair to create an edgy yet subtle purple balayage.

Smoky Purple Highlights

Purple Balayage with Smoky Purple Highlights

Instagram @strandsbykamzz

Accent your hair with highlights in a smoky purple hue if you have medium to dark hair. Purple balayage on dark brown hair looks great on anyone as long as you have confidence. The smoky shades work with any skin tone. You will not want to go back once you try purple hair!

Vivid Purple Tones on Blonde Hair

Vivid Purple Balayage Tones on Blonde Hair

Instagram @salonelements314

If you have been wanting to change your blonde but aren’t ready to commit, consider vivid purple tones. Purple balayage on blonde hair can fade quickly so it’s the perfect temporary choice. I like to paint vivid hair color in upward brush strokes for that luscious blended melt.

Pastel Purple Highlights on Brunette Hair

Pastel Purple Balayage Highlights on Brunette Hair

Instagram @behindbschair

Accent your brunette hair with pastel purple highlights if you fancy a bright color. A lavender shade would compliment an ash brown base beautifully. Stylists should apply lightener to a teased and foiled section of hair in a V pattern. This will give you a beautiful pastel purple balayage.

Lavender Highlights with Dark Roots

Lavender Purple Balayage Highlights with Dark Roots

Instagram @sammi_situ

Have some fun with lavender highlights with dark roots. Keeping your natural hair color at the root will keep your maintenance down. It will also provide a softer grow out. You will have to lift your hair to a lighter blonde to achieve a beautiful cool-toned purple. A lavender balayage is a great way to experiment with fashion colors and step out of the box.

Bright Plum Purple Hair

Bright Plum Purple Balayage Hair

Instagram @beckydidthat_

Plum purple hair can add a lot of brightness to your locks. Warmer shades of violet reflect the light and produce a brilliant, glossy shine. For a hue of violet that is a bit cool, your stylist should add a few drops of blue to their formula. They should do this until they reach their desired tone.

Midnight Purple Balayage Hair Color

Midnight Purple Balayage Hair Color


If you have brunette hair and balayage highlights, consider a dark purple balayage. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a low-maintenance color that really pops. The natural root creates depth and grows out seamlessly. While the perfect shade of violet depends on your skin tone, it always fades beautifully.

Dimensional Deep Purple Tones

Dimensional Deep Purple Balayage Tones

Instagram @_off_with_her_hair

Try a purple balayage on black hair with deep purple tones for a dimensional and bold style. I like to create a rich dark-to-light gradient with melted violet hues. To really show off the look, crimp your hair with the Ion adjustable triple barrel waver.

Purple Ombre Foilayage

Purple Ombre Balayage Foilayage

Instagram @hairsuccesslund

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance fashion color a purple ombré is perfect. A violet ombre is great for your cool skin tone and will be less maintenance than an all-over color. Keeping your natural root will provide a subtle grow-out that will not need much to maintain. The violet hue will fade so getting toners done frequently will help keep the color vibrant.

Purplish Blue Balayage Highlights

Purplish Blue Balayage Highlights

Instagram @dayna_did_my_hair

If you have dark hair and are looking for the perfect fashion color try purple-blue balayage. Blue and purple will be easier to achieve on your darker locks because you do not need to lift to a pale blonde. For example, if you only lift to a dark blonde you will still be able to achieve beautiful hues of blue and purple. Balayage is the best technique to get your desired look without the upkeep of highlights.

Ash Purple Balayage Hair

Ash Purple Balayage Hair


Try this ash-purple balayage hair if you’re looking for a change from your blonde balayage. You will love the subtle dimension of the free-form painting technique. The purple highlights will complement this base color perfectly!

Dark Violet Highlights on Black Hair

Dark Violet Purple Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram @hairby_lexxie

Women with black hair needing an update should try dark violet accents. Your stylist will want to foilyage, or a balayage in a foil. Doing this instead of hair painting will really get the lift needed for purple balayage on dark hair. I recommend glazing your hair dry for an extra shiny result.

Dark Hair with Vibrant Purple Balayage

Dark Hair with Vibrant Purple Balayage

Instagram @tenzin_hair_colour

Try the newest trend for your dark hair with vibrant purple balayage. Purple balayage hair blends seamlessly and has zero harsh lines. Even the most vibrant tones can be less maintenance when blended properly with your natural color. Purple is easily achieved on dark hair and will make your locks pop with dimension. Show an inspirational picture to your stylist and plan out your next color.

Dusty Magenta Purple Hair

Dusty Magenta Purple Balayage Hair

Instagram @lay______van

Go for the coolest new trend with dark magenta purple hair. A light purple balayage will give you vibes of the most beautiful mermaid hair. Make sure you lift to a medium or light blonde first and then neutralize to get the perfect ash-purple hue.

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