17 Short, Stacked Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Cute and Sassy Look

17 Short, Stacked Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Cute and Sassy Look

17 Short, Stacked Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Cute and Sassy Look

A pixie short stacked bob is a modern haircut between a very short crop and a neck-length bob. Layers are cut short in the back to bring out a fuller and voluminous effect. If you love versatile chop that’s easy maintenance, read on!

Stylist Chloe Anan of Saint Augustine, FL reveals the perks of this short-length cut. “The hair amount is drastically reduced, and the cut shows an integral lived-in look,” says Anan.

It’s a plus that there are countless ways to wear a pixie bob that’s stacked. You can go for bangs, face frame, undercut, asymmetrical ends, and a lot more options.

“Wear what makes you feel good regardless of your age. Match it with your energy and personality,” says Anan.

Ensure that your cut also complements your hair texture, density, and bone structure. Some pixies that hug closely to the head may be hard to replicate. Pick what’s conducive to your locks.

Anan warns other stylists not to leave extra bulk around the parietal ridge. “A heavier weight removal in that area can contribute to a more seamless grow-out.”

Another factor is the type of upkeep required for this stacked bob cut. Salon visits every 4-6 weeks is typical, based on how fast your tresses grow.

An edgy chop as this one is worth trying. Here are pictures of the trendiest short, stacked pixie bob haircuts for your inspiration!

Stacked and Angled Pixie Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram @lavrenova_olya

A stacked pixie bob with an angle is perfect for thin hair that needs a major lift. Ask your stylist for stacked layers that begin between the occipital bone and the crown, with an inverted angle that will begin at the baseline of the layers in the back. With short cuts for thin hair, an angle gives a lot of shape and helps to keep some length for those who still want some versatility when styling. The stacked layers add a huge amount of lift and volume at the crown.

Short Tapered Pixie Bob

Instagram @alisonallvess

Enjoy the cute style of a short tapered pixie bob. This hybrid of a bob and a pixie is one of the easiest styles to wear. The layers in this shape enable you to tousle, tuck behind the ear, blow smooth, or even curl. Your best bet is to blow dry straight with a metal barrel round brush and then decide what you want to add from there. This cute cut works well on most face shapes and hair textures, so don’t hesitate.

Stacked Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Instagram @hairpin_me_down85

Shorter layers in a stacked asymmetrical pixie bob create height and volume in the crown. Keeping those short layers light and textured gives short-stacked pixie bob styles that classic feminine look.

Feathered Stacked Pixie Bob

Instagram @friseur_salon_kirsch

A feathered pixie bob might be just the change you need. If you need volume, the stacked back and layers will lighten up the weight of your hair. Have your stylist cut into your layers in case you need an extra boost. Especially on a heavy hair texture. Try blow drying with a medium round brush for a soft wavy finish.

Short Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers

Instagram @dudkazhenya

A mature and sophisticated haircut is a short pixie bob with stacked layers. This style is timeless and perfect for any hair texture or age. Adding short layers gives height while a long bang frames the face. Short stacked pixie bob haircuts are customizable to compliment your hair texture, face shape, and even hair color.

Pixie Bob Haircut with Stacked Layers

Instagram @b.smith273

A short style that shows off dimensional color, artificial or natural, is a pixie bob haircut with stacked layers. The difference of length and weight in the crown of a stacked hairstyle accentuates highlights and lowlights.

Androgynous Pixie Bob That’s Stacked

Instagram @boisebalayagegirl

The neckline of short hairstyles can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the haircut. With an androgynous pixie bob that’s stacked, a sharper and heavier weight line at the nape can give a more “masculine” look rather than a softer line that is associated with a feminine cut.

Stacked Pixie Bobbed Hair

Instagram @educadorjonysouza

The longer version of stacked pixie bobbed hair keeps the same classic shape but the difference is in the layering. Longer layers all around will leave more length in the crown and nape. This haircut also has a less dramatic stacked style.

Pixie + Short Stacked Bob

Instagram @yusufgunawanirwanteam

An extreme diagonal angle with a sharp weight line makes for a dramatic pixie + short stacked bob. Such a precision cut makes for a high fashion style while maintaining the classic short stacked pixie bobs vibe.

Stacked Shaggy Pixie Bob

Instagram @hairbyjordanpursel

A haircut that is great for fine hair is a stacked shaggy pixie bob. Short stacked pixie bob cuts are, in general, great for finer hair textures, but adding in the additional shagginess and heavy texture gives the movement and height needed to complete this look.

Short Edgy Pixie Bob

Instagram @antoninahairstudio

An easy and low-maintenance way to add texture to your short edgy pixie bob is by adding a wave with a small curling iron or flat iron. Use heat protection to keep your hair healthy and help lock in your style. A texture hairspray will add the messy edge and ensure a stronghold that lasts all day.

See more edgy pixie cuts

Very Short Stacked Pixie Bob

Instagram @envyhairco.bali

Having a very short stacked pixie bob with a faded perimeter will help make salon visits less frequent. The neckline of the haircut is very important, fading or tapering will make the grow out so much easier. With all short haircuts, the back always seems to grow faster and can because of an unwanted mullet or “ducktail” look, adding this detail will help with that.

Stacked and Inverted Pixie Bob

Instagram @hairpin_me_down85

A stacked and inverted pixie bob is a soft a-line pixie cut. To get this hairstyle, ask your hair stylist for an asymmetrical short style.

Stacked Pixie Bob for Short Hair

Instagram @therealdanitza

A stacked pixie bob for short hair gives a feminine finish to this short hairstyle. To get this haircut, ask your hairstylist for a pixie with a heavy side fringe.

Short Stacked Bob + Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram @boisebalayagegirl

A short stacked bob + pixie hairstyle is the perfect layered pixie. Stacked cuts create softness and texture in the layers.

Extra Short Pixie Bob with Bangs

Instagram @accomando

An extra short pixie bob with bangs is a great short haircut if you want to try a pixie. Short stacked pixie bob hairstyles give a soft and stylish finish.

Stacked Layered Pixie Bob Cut

Instagram @new_rock_star

A stacked layered pixie bob cut works great for women who have straight hair. Stacked haircuts give texture and movement to the style. To get this hairstyle, ask your hair stylist for short asymmetrical pixie cut.

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