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Short Hairstyles

16 Spiky Pixie Cuts for a Bold, Yet Super Cute Look

A spiky pixie is a very short haircut with an edgy, piece-y texture. The sides and back are cut shorter with longer layers on the top or crown area.

Hairstylist Schyler Janner of Kansas City, MO loves how this cut is easy and fast to style. “It requires less product and keeps you feeling cute and modern.”

One tip that Janner would like to share is to guarantee that the pixie cut is feasible for your hair type. It must be ideal for your face shape and structure, as well.

“When browsing hair ideas and inspiration photos, put your finger over the model’s face. See if you still like the haircut,” Janner suggests.

Find a stylist who can help you make this decision. They must also be enjoying doing short cuts. “Some stylists shy away as they aren’t comfortable creating the shape,” says Janner.

One drawback to spiky edgy pixie cuts is the maintenance. The recommended interval between salon appointments is every 3-5 weeks. This still depends on how fast your tresses grow.

Some people think that short hair makes you appear masculine. What they don’t know is it’s only as bold as your character. Come and see these images of the trendiest and boldest spiky pixie cuts!


Spiky pixie with an undercut

Instagram @short_n_sweet823

An undercut can work for almost anyone, accentuating your best features like eyes and cheekbones. Having an undercut with long hair makes styling time much shorter and easier. Trying a spiky undercut pixie gives you an edgy, unique look that can’t be matched!

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Cute & Spiky Androgynous Cut

Cute & Spiky Androgynous Pixie Cut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Consider a cute and spiky androgynous cut if you have thick hair. Be sure to ask for some texture to give support to the longer top portion while removing bulk. I would recommend using the R&Co Rodeo Star mousse on your damp hair to style. You can blow dry it in or just let your hair dry while manipulating it with your fingers to shape it.

Textured for Fine Hair

Textured spiky pixie for fine hair

Instagram @shorthairforlife

Spiky, textured pixies also do wonders for fine hair. If you struggle with a softer, less dense hair type, opting for a shorter length will help. Keep in mind that such a spiky pixie cut for fine hair requires daily styling.

Flattering Cut for Thick Hair

Spiky pixie cut for thick hair

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

This short undercut pixie is extremely flattering for women with black, thick hair. Styling thicker locks when it’s long can seem like a daunting task because it’s so time-consuming. Trying something short and sweet, like this textured pixie cut, lessens your styling time, giving you more time to have fun.

Very Short and Spiky

Very short spiky pixie cut

Instagram @shorthairforlife

Try something very short and spiky for something new this season. This spiky short pixie cut is extremely easy to style. There are many ways to keep a pixie with a spiky texture looking feminine yet also edgy.

Messy and Spiky

Messy and spiky pixie hairstyle

Instagram @angela_lewis_hair

A messy pixie could be the perfect thing for you to try out a spiky pixie hairstyle that’s super low-maintenance when it comes to styling. This tousled pixie hairdo looks effortless yet put together, which makes for the perfect look. Shorter, crown layers in this spiky pixie hair are added to create extra height and volume to the style.

Shaggy and Spiky

Shaggy and spiky pixie haircut

Instagram @kokokut

A shaggy and spiky pixie is fun, funky, and best at expressing personal style. This spiky pixie with shagged, wispy layers is one part cut another part style and highly customizable. Seek a stylist that has this work in their portfolio or request a razor cut upon booking to achieve this cut.

Upon styling short spiky shaggy haircuts, texture paste can help to last longer. Depending on your hair texture, blow dry or air dry can set the style in place.

Spiky Pixie with Bangs

Spiky pixie with bangs

Instagram @uskova.tatiana.official

A spiky pixie cut with bangs is gorgeous. This spiky pixie is shorter in the back with various layers in the front and around the crown. A fringe is a great option when wanting to conceal a big forehead. To achieve the spiky look, ask your stylist the best way to add strength and volume to your hair to stand on its own.

Asymmetrical Spiky Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical spiky pixie

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

Take your short straight hair to the next level with this asymmetrical spiky pixie, a look for the bold and daring. A texturizing clay is a styling must-have for maximum definition in this asymmetrical pixie. Expect a salon visit every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

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Edgy for Women Over 60

Edgy spiky pixie cut for women over 60

Instagram @myarootedculture

If you’re a woman over 60 with fine hair, then here’s a pixie for you! This style for middle-aged women is super fun and feminine but will make you feel young when you need a pick-me-up. Make sure to ask your stylist about the upkeep of this cut before getting it.

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Sassy and Spiky for 50 Year Olds

Sassy and spiky pixie for women over 50

Instagram @crownandcarving

50-year-olds can do any crop, but a sassy and spiky pixie with long choppy layers is the perfect cut for this age group. Messy short spiky pixie cuts tend to pair well with aging hair as they create a youthful appearance while allowing for less maintenance. Pairing this cut with blonde highlights will create a flattering dimension and edge.

The Choppy Pixie

Spiky and choppy pixie cut

Instagram @moon_hair_bygaby

A choppy pixie can also make thick hair, or even curls, more manageable. Shorter sides help keep the heat off your neck, while a choppy texture at the top allows unruly tresses to lay where you want, when you want. To achieve choppy messy short spiky hairstyles, reach for a medium-hold wax to help control texture and create shine. EuforaStyle’s Fixation wax is a good choice for such a piece-y blonde pixie.

Funky Spiky Pixie

Funky spiky pixie cut

Instagram @hairmakesupbee

This funky pixie cut with upright spikes would be the perfect thing to try this month. Wanna wow the crowd and stop the room when you walk in? Try out this cropped pixie and hair color. Ask our stylist about the maintenance and process before taking the plunge and trying out spiky pixie hairstyles.

Spiked Pixie

The spiked pixie

Instagram @moon_hair_bygaby

A spiked pixie is great for ladies with more fine hair as it gives the illusion of more full, voluminous hair. Tapered pixie cut that gives extra body for thin hair is shorter on the sides and longer on top, bringing out punky style. This can be styled in many ways!

Layered and Spiky

Layered and spiky pixie

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

Pixies have many options for styles. A layered and spiky pixie can have a gorgeous undercut with a beautiful design with many soft pieces on top to create a voluminous style with extra movement and body. Such spiky hairstyles for ladies over 50 work well for straight to wavy hair types.

Spiky with Long Bangs

Spiky pixie with long bangs

Instagram @roshan_hairlove

Spiky pixies have many options. Adding a longer fringe can be perfect for ladies with oval-shaped faces. This spiky pixie cut with long bangs can help shorten the face while achieving a spiky, voluminous look.

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