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14 Best Red Box Braids for 2023 Are Here

Red box braids are a type of braiding style that divides the hair into “boxy” or square-shaped divisions. These hairstyles are to protect natural hair from the harsh sun and, of course – make its wearer look fiery glamorous and attention-grabbing!

A vibrant hairstyle for the energetic and confident women, red box braids have been worn by trendsetting celebs such as Keke Palmer and Rihanna to destroy stereotypes and inspire women all over.

We all know the countless, diverse world of red. From burgundy to copper to a fire engine red – it’s up to your skin tone to decide which shade you should choose. Bright coppers pair stunningly with deep tans while vivid reds and cool burgundy look amazing on darker complexions.

Talking about upkeep, box braids are relatively easy and can last up to three months if maintained well. What’s crucial is the process of braiding itself because you’ll need a trusted braid expert to create these pieces without being too tight and according to your style preference.

With a powerful hairstyle like this, you’re sure to go places! Keep reading for the trendiest red box braids this year!

Burgundy Red

burgundy red box braids

Instagram @beauty_and_beats_by_ash

Big box braids in burgundy red. What a mouthful but a sure win in all angles!

Long Braids

Long red box braids

Instagram @bbadjuda

When you’ve got hair this magnificent, growing it out to make these gorgeous red box braids is the way to go!

Red Bob

Red box braids bob

Instagram @styledbyavii

Yep. All the goodness of a sleek bob but with red hair in box braids. How much cooler can you get?

Red Crochet Braids

Red crochet box braids

Instagram @crownedbyrm

From the braid styles to the cut to the color, this whole red box braid bun is a work of art.

Dark to Light Red Ombre

Dark to light red ombre box braids

Instagram @t_layshair

Like a fire slowly creeping up a canvas of deep, dark night. The whole box braid red hue look deserves a second look.

Copper Red Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo red box braids

Instagram @ellihairbraiding

Protectively stylish, these ones keep the color and moisture in. In this manner, the color lasts longer because of added protection. See our latest pictures of jumbo box braids here.

Bright Red

Bright red box braids

Instagram @styles_by_tashi

Scarlet red box braids is a powerful statement piece that you can wear. Show them who’s the boss!

Black and Red Braids

Black and red box braids

Instagram @cotyplecieszrybnik

The level of effort you give to styling your hair does not go unnoticed. Black to red ombre on long box braids is seriously giving life!

Maroon Red

Maroon red box braids

Instagram @stylesby.tee

Get creative while preserving your hair’s health! A rusty red color on box braids is definitely a shade that you must try on.

Auburn Red Medium Length Braids

Auburn Medium red box braids

Instagram @devinerootz

The right amount of auburn red with box braids helps bring out a glowing flush especially for maidens rich in melanin.

Blonde and Red

Red and blonde box braids

Instagram @cardinalsi_hair

A great conversation starter or a neat closing statement, this kind of box braid with red hair can be all sorts of things. Perk up any room and carry that friendly vibe anywhere you go.

Hot and spicy! This is for blondes who love a little pop of color. With this, you can still have blonde with a little bit more fun. The box braids are very trendy, and adding the red makes it so much hotter.

I think any one looking for a little adventure should definitely give the box braids a try. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to a person with fine baby hair as it would pull a lot. I highly recommend it to the ladies living on the edge full of raw wildness. This is definitely a style that you can wear many times and could last 3-6 months. Washing and maintenance are very easy.

Red and Brown

Red and Brown

Instagram @copana_braider

This box braid hairstyle is not considered to be elegant. I would say, it has rather an ethnic touch and fits an energetic personality with the soul of a wild girl. I personally like the small wooden beads which accentuate the overall impression and create an original wild style.

Lifestyle, as well as the fashion style, is crucial. Hair color is actually not very important. The ethnic effect may be conjured on any head when using the natural shades of Kanekalon Hair.

Big Box Braids

Big Box Braids


These red big box braids are a protective style that would be great for a woman who is going on vacation. It is easy maintenance and gives you a goddess causal look with the pop of color and curls.

What I like about this style is its versatility. You can wear it all down, up into a bun with a few curls hanging, or pull a few braids up into a ponytail with the back down and it would go with any attire!

This style normally lasts about 3 months without the curly hair, but with the curly hair, it would last about 1-2 months. Use Kanekalon braiding hair to braid the the hair and Free Tress crochet hair for the curls, so you can cut the curls out if need be. The triangle parts are very hot and unique therefore edge control is used to define the parting. This is the most popular style for this upcoming summer!

Dark Red Braids

Dark Red Braids

Instagram @queen_dynat

It’s a side part triangle box braid perfectly tucked to give the full burgundy effects. The triangle part is perfectly parted and neatly and tightly braid to keep the tucked hair to make the style last longer. It’s a protective hairstyle for all women to prevent their hair from being exposed to harsh weather and prevent damage to the hair. The style lasts for at least 1-2 months depending on how the hair is managed.

Before going to a stylist, it is preferable to have your hair washed and dried without any oil/cream in it. Also, it’s important to ensure the stylist you are going to won’t pull too tightly and won’t use a lot of hair extensions, so it doesn’t put too much strain on your scalp or pull out your edges. Overall it is a very good box braid hairstyle – less painful and beautiful if done the right way.

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